Loving You At Night...

"Little girl, little girl why are you out so late?" A man who looked like a poster Abercrombie model appeared before me, and I could tell right off the bat he was a vampire. Here in Bon Temps we didn't have vampires at all. We were a small non-tolerable town of the sort. I don't know how I knew exactly but he had a presence about him that was chilling. Hold on something wasn't quite right, I couldn't hear his thoughts I couldn't hear anything but the sound of the night. Only the soft, often unobtainable of silence came from him. "I am not a little girl" I resented that in fact, since my grandmother (bless her soul) died I'd been taking care of myself and the house nicely without any help from my brother or any other person for that matter.

His dull eyes lit up, "You are much of a child to me, as any other human on this planet..." His smile broadened "Little girl"

I chose to ignore his clear intentions to irk me, "What is a vampire doing in Bon Temps?"

"Who says I am a vampire?" Suddenly the air around me chilled, my skin crawled under his scrutiny , I couldn't describe how I knew if I wanted to. I just did, simple as that.

"I do" I told him, crossing my arms across my Merlottes t-shirt. "I hope you aren't here to create trouble, we don't need any of that"

"Very good at evading my question, little girl." He stepped forward, he almost intimidated me to move backward but I kept my ground. " Human can not sense Vampires, little girl. What are you?"

"Well I can, and I'm a human"

"You aren't human" He stated, looking me from the top of my blonde head down to my white shoes. "That's for sure, but what are you?"

"I just told you, now if you excuse me I think I'll head home" I walked pass him trembling down to my knees, he could kill me if he wanted to. Vampires became powerful with every passing year and this Vampire's power radiated off of him like cologne. He could probably crush every bone in my body with one hit.

"You have a long way to walk" He observed, walking lazily beside me. Vampires had the speed of light, so he could keep up with me no matter how fast I walked.

"That's fine by me, I'm used to it since my car broke down." It had broke down earlier in the week, it was a piece of junk but it was my car. I'd find someway to fix it, my brother Jason was supposed to check it out but he was too busy chasing tail.

"I could take you home" He suggested, like I was just begging him to take me.

"You don't have a car that I can see of, and I rather you not see my home to be honest" A vampire knowing where I lived wasn't something I wanted. Not that I had anything against vampires, I was fascinated by them actually.

"Vampires have amazing speed, little girl. We don't need cars, though they do help us blend in"

"Oh" I sighed, "You aren't going to leave me alone are you?"

He shook his blond head smiling down at me with the prettiest blue eyes "Nope"

"Fine" I gave up, my feet hurt and I didn't want to walk home on dead feet. "My house is just-" My scream was lost on the wind, he picked me up in his arms cradling me like a baby and then everything whizzed past us in a blur. When he stopped we were on my door step, when he let me go I let my fist fly into his jaw. It connected before he could even expect the move. "You bastard! You could've warned me that you were going to do that!"

His smile was like the devil, sweet but I knew that it was lethal underneath. "What would be the fun in that?" The vampire looked behind me at my door, "You don't have a man?"

"No, I'm single." I hadn't had a boyfriend or a date in ages.

"Hm, would you mind if I came in?" He asked me wistfully.

"Most certainly not!" I exclaimed, what kind of woman did he think I was?

"What is your name?"

"I am not telling you"

He came closer, his eyes matching mine. "Tell me your name"

"Are you trying to mesmerize me or something?" I asked confused why he was looking at me like that. His voice sounded seductive, but other than that I wasn't effected by whatever he was trying to do.

He stood straighter, "I must find out what you are, little one. It's called glamour and it will seem that you are immune to it"

It was my turn to smile, "I am?"

His face fell disappointingly, his luscious lips twisting in a scowl. "Yes, and I'm guessing that you're proud of yourself?"

"You'll be right, good night I'm going to bed" I stepped away, climbing the few stairs to my porch opening my front door. Without looking I knew he was still there, watching me intensely.

"This will not be the last time you see me, little girl"

"My name is Sookie!" I yelled at me, finally tired of him calling me 'little girl'.

"I'm Eric Northman. Sweet dreams...little one." Was his last words before going into the shadows, gone.

"That bloodsucker could have killed you Sookie, vampires only want to drain and leave you!" Tara tried to convince me, I was thinking more and more that it was a terrible idea to tell her about Eric. Who had been on my mind all night and day since I'd met him. Those eyes had left an impression.

"Well I'm still here." I snapped taking plates that Lafayette put on the counter to their proper tables. It was hard trying to block out every single thought, that got thrown at me for eight hours straight. And dealing with a best friend who was worrying about me for no darn reason since I wasn't going to see that vampire again. Never mind what he'd said I'm sure that he had better things to tend to than concentrating on a human.

"Sorry for giving a fuck, Sookie" Tara retorted angrily when I returned, I didn't let it bother me she was just upset over her mother who'd attacked her calling her a demon in disguise. The woman was nuts, but deep down she loved her daughter and just couldn't see what was right.

"Tara stop bitching and drink" Lafayette ordered, moving a shot of Tequila towards her on the bar counter. "When was the last time you had some dick? You too uptight."

"Eww, Lafayette"

"What you ain't interested in sex?" Lafayette asked, playing with one of the gold hoops that hung from his ears.

"No, I just don't like talking about it so crudely, it rubs me the wrong way it's gross"

"Um, I can find someone to rub it the right way for ya if you let me." He teased, Tara and him cracked up at me for being uncomfortable.

"Aren't you supposed to be in the kitchen?" Sam asked Lafayette, coming for my rescue.

Lafayette rolled his eyes, "I'm on break, you're free to take your ass back there and cook yourself"

"Shit." Sam cursed under his breath, moving towards the back. Probably to go to the kitchen. It was hard to make Lafayette do anything he didn't already want to do himself.

"Tara if you don't want to go home, you can come sleep at my place. I have some of your stuff there to change into." I offered, ignoring the calls I was getting from customers until she answered. Those bastards could wait, half of them didn't like me anyway. Called me a freak in whispers when I wasn't looking, but unfortunately I was always listening. Even when I didn't want to.

"Thank you, Sookie." She said.

"Tara you are always welcome at my home. Anytime, you know that" This wouldn't be the first time she slept over at my house because she and her mother couldn't get along.

"Yeah, I do. I just think it's fucked up that this is still going on and I'm grown as hell." Tara hadn't moved out of here mom's place because she'd feel guilty for leaving her mom to be homeless since she paid the rent from whatever job she didn't get fired from because of her attitude.

"Move the fuck out, shit I keep telling you that you can come stay with me" It was true, Lafayette had told her too many times to count that she should come stay with him. I'd offered her too but I knew she wasn't leaving her mom. She loved her, and she wouldn't be able to forgive herself for leaving her mom in that kind of condition.

"And I told you why I couldn't so I don't see any reason we need to keep bringing this up" Tara said crossly, taking the Tequila bottle out of Lafayette's hand and bringing it to her mouth for a swig.

"Excuse me, but I'm not the only waitress who needs to busing out there" Arlene complained, rushing over to pour a pint of beer. She was a sweetheart but lately Arlene's been acting a bit weird. Probably because her latest boyfriend was found dead. Funny because right after that there wasn't anymore dead girls. She refused to talk about it too.

Sam came back out and gave Lafayette an order sheet, "Break's over"

"Ain't that a bitch" Lafayette replied rolling his eyes. "Guess it's back to work ladies"

"Jason I really don't think going to a fang banging bar alone is a good idea" I don't know why Jason suddenly had the urge to go to the bar. He wouldn't really give me an answer, but I was pretty sure some girl was meeting him there. Jason wouldn't pass up any breathing, girl who had a working vagina. I mean he had standards, but not many.

At the door a blonde vampire carded us, "Aren't you just adorable, wanna be my pet?" She asked my brother who did nothing but practically drool over her. The woman was wearing a pink cat suit, and stiletto boots, very, um eccentric.

"Sorry ma'am but I'm meeting someone here" He replied, blushing boyishly at the attention he was receiving from the vamp.

"Did you really just call me 'ma'am'?" She asked disgusted, "Go in, Jason Stackhouse." She handed him his I.D back and her gaze fell on me. Her smile was ecstatic, "Oh, wow, I think I'll keep you."

"I'm not for sale" I replied.

"I never mentioned buying you my dear" She read my I.D, "Sookie, Sookie, Sookie, that's a nice name" Her grin was pearly whites, I wondered how her fangs came out.

I took my I.D out of her hand, "Can I go in, or not?"

"Yes, you may" She chuckled, waving me in dramatically.

The place looked amazing,it was everything I expected it to be it. Which was a big ass cliche. I couldn't find Jason so I seated myself at the bar and ordered a drink. I looked around the room, trying to scout for my brother when my eyes landed on someone I hadn't thought I'd see again. "Motherfucker!" I said, louder than I wanted to. I bowed my head, and sipped on my drink when a man sat next to me.

"What's wrong with you?" He asked, excitement and liquor rolling off his tongue. "Girly! I'm talking to you." He poked me in my hip and I giggled, sitting up in my seat.

"You see that blonde sitting in that chair over there?" I said not pointing but gesturing with a swerve of my head.

"Duh, he's like the only reason I came here. He's mostly why anyone come's here other than the possibility of fucking a vamp" The man talked flamboyantly but he dressed like a conservative. He looked like he'd just came out of the office.

"Well if I knew he'd be here I wouldn't have came at all." I admitted, moving one of my loosened curls behind my ear.

"You know him?" He shrieked, and scooted his seat closer to mine.

I nodded my head, "In a wa-" Before I could finish my sentence the man grabbed my hand and pulled me out of my seat, he was stronger than I would've guessed. It was too late anyway Eric saw me and stood up out of his seat with another dark haired man. Who looked at me in wonder.

Eric waved to his guards to leave me alone as we made our way up the stairs to stand infront of them. Eric waved the man who I had the urge to strangle away. "Go away" Without stalling the man did as he was told. "Sookie Stackhouse, instead of me coming to you, you came to me" Eric was pleased. "Missed me much?"

"Hell no, like I told him" Pointing behind myself at the guy who stared at us from afar "If I knew you were going to be here I wouldn't have bothered to come. Only reason I did is because of my brother was meeting some girl here and he didn't want to come alone" The dark haired man stared at me silently, oddly I didn't feel disturbed out by it. He wasn't gawking, like most who just saw my butt and my breasts.

"Meet my friend Bill Compton" Eric said, not taking his eyes away from me.

"A pleasure" Bill rasped, taking my hand and kissing the tender flesh above my knuckles. I bit my lip to stop from shivering.

"Nice to meet you Bill" I said pleasantly.

"Since you aren't going anywhere fast, how about we chat?" It was more a demand than a suggestion, "Chow, bring me a chair will you?"