My heels made a familiar click-clack as I walked down the hallway. I desperately needed to talk to Eric. About his brother and whatever whore he walked away from me with. I walked, turned, walked back, turned...wait a minute. Oh damnit, I was lost.

"Going somewhere, lover?" Eric asked from behind me.

I turned around to face him, my hair whipping around my face just to settle back on my shoulders. I knew my eyes were shooting sparks at him. "Who was that?" I knew I didn't have to have to elaborate who "that" was.

He rolled his eyes and pulled me to him, his arms slid down my spine to my ass. Kneading my barely covered cheeks. I felt anxiety and lust roll over him. I focused on the lust and guessed he pulled me to him because someone else was near us. I looked for another active brain on the floor we were on and found one. It was empty, devoid of any thoughts. A vampire was spying on the two of us.

Eric dipped his head to my neck, brushing the hair away. His lips kissed, and nipped the length of my neck while his hands did other delicious things. One dipped into my panties. Touching the tiny little patch of blonde hair left over from my Brazilian down to the little delicate nub. He circled it with his thumb, while two of his fingers dipped into the depths of me. I was wet for him, ready for him. At that moment I didn't care that we were in the hallway of a sex club.

"More." I moaned into his hair.

He looked up at me sharply and his fingers left my panties and squeezed my waist. "You aren't aloud to demand anything of me, lover." Eric said firmly. He took my hand and pulled us into a room. Shutting it behind himself.

"Get on the bed." He ordered me, and I didn't dare hesitate. I pulled myself onto of the bed and didn't know what to do with myself. Eric knew exactly what he wanted. "Lay down, and look towards the ceiling."

I did as I was told, concealing a smile. I'd never thought I would like being dominated by Eric Northman so much. I heard a ruffle of his clothes...and a chain? The bed moved as Eric moved on to it and then he was on me, and hovering above me with a pair of handcuffs. He put the handcuffs beside me and took me in. His eyes heatedly looking over my body in lustful satisfaction. He lowered himself on the bed and his hands ran down the course of my legs, his fingers fit into the waistband of my panties and began sliding them down my legs until they were tossed over his shoulder.

His lips kissed me between my legs, sucking lightly on my clit. I gasped and jutted against his tongue which was licking me rapidly. His fingers glided into me easily, and my walls closed around him as he pulled them in and out. I felt myself building up, up, and up. Until I came thundering down, crying out Eric's name and moving my hands into his hair.

Eric began kissing and sucking his way up to my tummy. His fingers pulling out of me, leaving me throbbing and wanting. "Eric." I whimpered.

He kissed me again and then his eyes narrowed in on mine. "My brother was with you?"

I didn't know who he was talking about at first. At this particular moment I felt like him and I was the only ones in existence. Oh. "Yeah, I was in the bathroom-"

"WHAT?" Eric snarled possessively.

I rolled my eyes, it was hard to have a serious conversation when he was naked and on top of me. I'd only orgasmed two minutes ago. Give me a break. "He caught me as I was in the bathroom, he didn't see anything." Although he did smack my ass. "He told me-" I looked behind Eric at the door and tried to find any empty vampire heads around. It was hard to tell, I wasn't exactly in my right mind.

"These rooms are built to be sound proof from any kind of species." Eric said, knowing what I was thinking. This blood Bond had all types of perks...

"He told me that the Queen of Louisiana is behind all of this."

I didn't think Eric's eyes could get any smaller, he was now looking at me with slits of blue. "The Queen?"

I nodded, and tried to remember what Donovan had said exactly. "The Queen is going after me because she knows you'll try to avenge me if I die. And then you'll fail, get the true death and she'll be able to promote Bill as the King."

He shook his head, "None of that makes any sense. Why would the Queen want me dead, out of all the Sheriff's I'm considered her best."

I didn't know what to say. "I don't know, baby."

"It has to be more to this." He said thoughtfully to himself.

"Donovan loves you Eric." I said softly, willing him to hear me out.

He snorted, "Donovan loves himself Sookie, believe me when I tell you this." And then he rolled off of me to lay beside me.

"He told me the reason why he's helping is because...I'm his way back into your life. Eric I think he misses you." I saw the look in Donovan's eyes and I truly believed him.

Eric had that same look before it was blackened out by suspicion. "I need to look more into this." He said, getting up from the bed and putting his clothes back on in record time. "Come, Sookie, we have to leave."

I sighed and slid my underwear back on that Eric threw to me. I hadn't even noticed I never took my heels off. I started towards the door and then remembered something that Eric had distracted me from. "Who was that tramp downstairs?"

Eric gave me a look of exasperation. "An informant."

"Oh, sure." Sarcasm was practically written all over my lips.

"I'll tell you what she told me later." He promised, "I want to leave this place."

I was angry enough to spit but I followed him out into the hallway and back to the others. Godric was reclined in a chair on the far wall feeding from a small woman, and looked up at us as he felt Eric enter the room. Something I noticed since I Bonded with Eric was that I also felt Godric too. He was Eric's Maker so I thought it had something to do with that. He met my eyes briefly and then released his fangs from the woman's neck and licked it clean. Neat, vampire.

I heard the crack of a whip and looked behind me. Pam sauntered over to us grinning as a woman on her hands and knees crawling faster than a baby followed behind her. "Can I keep her?" Pam asked hopefully.

Eric looked down at the woman disdainfully. "We have to leave, and she isn't coming."

Pam sulked. "Ugh, fine."

Godric appeared next to Eric, and then we were off. The car ride was a bit awkward. Pam was sulking because she couldn't keep her pet. Godric was quiet, staring, and glowing from being fed. And Eric was in a mind of his own. No music played, and I got stuck looking down at my pink heels. This was going to be a long night.

We were hit by two cars ten minutes later. We were five minutes away from home when two sedans slammed into us on either side of the car. Eric covered me with his body and Pam and Godric held on to their seats as we skid across the road.

I was horrified, I gripped Eric like he was my life force. I heard the sound of what could only be metal being ripped apart and the moonlight shined in on top of us. Godric grabbed my hand. "Give her to me, I can run faster."

Eric hesitated, holding me in his arms and then released me. "You'll be safe, and I'll be home soon." He whispered to me before he handed me off to Godric.

In a blink of an eye Godric and I were off into the night as Pam and Eric fought off whoever was in those cars that hit us. The wind whipped relentlessly at my hair and I buried my face in Godrics chest. He smelt like soap and Vampire, and I was comforted. It seemed like I was always calm in Godric's presence. Again I wondered if my bond with Eric was extended to his Maker. I needed to talk to Eric about this.

When we arrived home Godric set me down on my feet but I stumbled backwards and he had to steady me. His hands on my hips made the muscles between my legs clench. The feeling didn't quite leave even after he let me go. He left to see what guards were here and which once had been called out by Eric. I retreated to my room, I needed to shower, and put on new clothes.

I came out of the shower, feelings an ounce better. I felt Eric's neutral confident and calm demeanor even though we aren't together and I knew I didn't have to worry. He was fine, which meant Pam was fine too. Pam and I weren't close but I counted her as a friend. And although I wasn't going to tell her this, I cared about her.

I got dressed and padded to the living room (ha ha) with my hair comb. I wanted to sit near the fireplace while I combed through my hair. When I got there Godric was sitting in a chair he pulled up to the fireplace. He stared into the flames, still as a statue. I stopped, maybe I should just go back to my room.

He turned towards me just as the thought crossed my mind and smiled. "Come here, I'll comb your hair for you." Before I could refuse he tossed a pillow on the floor for my butt and looked over to me again...waiting.

I sat, and handed him the comb. And he became combing from ends to roots, the right way. His hands moved surely, and he made sure that he got the tangles out without hurting my scalp. "Something is worrying you."

Oh, damnit. "I was just wondering about something."

He remained quiet, not needing to speak. Damn, him. "I was..." I lost my will to ask about the Bonding. "Do you have someone?"

I could feel him smiling behind me, all of a sudden his sullen attitude was gone. I could feel it somehow. "No, Sookie, I don't have someone."

"Aren't you lonely?"

"When I am lonely, I" He said simply, but I knew it wasn't so.

"You don't want more? I know Vampires don't usually pair up has to get lonesome to not have someone you love-"

"I don't love anyone Sookie. No one. Love gets you hurt, it gets you killed. It breaks you, weakens you. And I will not be weakened." He snarled, leaving my heart racing and my muscles tense.

But my fear had to battle the confidence that Eric's Bond gave me, and it lost. I pulled away from Godric and stood up. "Love doesn't weaken you, Godric. It makes you stronger. It gives you courage, purpose, and happiness. It empowers you. I'm sorry you don't see that." And then I turned on my heel and then marched back up to my room leaving a shocked Godric behind me. I should have stayed in my room.

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