A/N This story will be ending within possibly two more chapters, there may be a sequel if you guys want one. No there will not be some type of spontaneous foursome with Eric/Sookie/Godric/Donnie. This is a Eric/Sookie story and that's who will remain together until the end. Thank you for staying this long for my story, I appreciate it very much. Have a Happy Halloween.

"Sookie, why are yo-oh shit. I wasn't..oh no." Jessica blurted as soon as she answered the phone confusing me just a bit.

"How did you know it was me, Jessica?" I asked quietly, not wanting to be loud enough for Eric or anyone else to overhear.

Jessica was silent on the other end, and then I heard the dead of night. Crickets and rustling tree's kept me company as she kept her silence. "This is betrayal, I'm betraying my Maker by telling you this Sookie. He's coming after you. He doesn't know that I know but I do. He's not the same, he drank some type of fluid the Queen gave him and he's gone mental. He kept talking about some ancient vampire in that castle you're in. He said she's been reincarnated and if she gets her powers she'll be more powerfu-"

I heard the sounds of choking and violent gurgling. Jessica began screaming at the top of her lungs then the phone went dead.

"Sookie!" Eric called from behind me.

I swung around with the phone in my hand, my chest heaving with stolen breaths. "Eric, we need to talk."

"About what?" Eric asked suspicious of my behavior I bet.

"Look." I said inhaling and exhaling slowly, trying to calm my heart. "I know about Sanatha, I know her coffin is upstairs. Also, I'm aware that I'm her. That I had been a faery back then too and you Turned me into a Vampire. That when you did Donovan and Godric felt it too and I came between you all. That's why Godric drained me, then you put me upstairs because you guys couldn't bear to see me in the ground."

"Sookie! Wha...who you told you that? Tell me who told you that!" Eric demanded stepping towards me as I took a step back.

"My faerie Godmother." I half-lied. "Don't tell me it's a lie, because I know it isn't. I just want to know, when you see me do you love me? Sookie Stackhouse the waitress or do you love who I used to be?"

Eric flitted over to me and embraced me, "I love you, Sookie. That was centuries ago. When I look at you I don't see her."

"Then why do you keep her in your home?" I asked.

"I don't...Godric does. He refused to bury you, and he never has." Eric responded hesitantly. So Eric loved who I was today, and Godric loved who I was practically a millenia ago.

I pulled away from him, we weren't finished talking. "You're going to be mad at me, but I called Jessica. She told me that Bill is out of his mind, he drunk some sort of liquid that the Queen gave him and that he knows we're in this castle. Also...he knows I'm the reincarnated Sanatha. He believes if I'm Turned I'll have powers...I think he's-"

"You should think that he's right...because he is." Donovan said, appearing in the bedroom's doorway. He had on a three-piece black suit with his hair in casual dissry. He looked handsome and mischievous. Two awful concoctions at this given time.

Eric turned towards Donovan calmly, like he knew was here and wasn't surprised. "You couldn't stay away not even for a minute could you?"

"I can, but why would I want to." Donovan grinned, "So you know you're Sanatha...our lost love."

"I'm Sookie Stackhouse, I'm not anyone's lost love." I answered adamantly.

He blatantly looked me up and down, gazing intensely at my breasts and crotch before shrugging. "Whatever you say, love."

Eric snarled, "you're crossing lines that you don't want to cross brother."

Donovan ignored his seething brother and looked over his shoulder and into the hallway. "Godric wants us all in the living quarters." With a wink directed my way, he disappeared from the doorway.

We met Godric in the 'living' quarters as they liked to call it. Godric sat very still and quiet in front of the fireplace. His arm outstretched, palm down as if he wanted to play with fire. "She knows who is upstairs."

"As she should, it is her former self." Godric replied softly.

Eric moved forward. "She talked to Jessica, Bill's prodigy. She says that Bill has been possibly poisoned by the Queen given some type of liquid that has him wired. She must be scared because she betrayed her Maker and told Sookie he's on his way here."

"Did she describe what the liquid looked like?" Godric asked us, still looking at the fire. His hand back in his folded lap.

Eric looked at me, but my eyes stayed on Godric's form. He was scaring me more than he usually did. "No, she didn't. I think he knew she was talking to me, attacked her even. She started screaming as if she were in pain when we were on the phone. Then she wasn't there anymore. The phone went dead."

"If I were to guess she gave him a vial of the Soul of Lilith. Powerful blood from a vampire who lived in a time before mine." Godric said.

"And if that were true?" Donovan pressed on.

"Then we have a big problem."

Supposedly Lilith was a powerful vampire who had many powers and influence on her kind. She was a wicked woman with evil plans for the race of mankind and her own species. She was ruthless and out of her damn mind and but somehow was staked through the heart when she least expected it. They had hidden her blood, and her gooed up body in fear that she would come back and wreck havoc on Earth. Some people looked up to her as a God and other's believed she was a demon before she was Turned. Now her blood was in Bill's body. Just our luck.

"Bill won't come here alone, he'll bring an army." Eric stated.

"Then we'll just have to make one of our own." Donovan replied to him determinedly. "Where the hell is Pam, anyway?"

Eric's head snapped towards Donovan for the first time since we entered the room. His blue eyes widened and then they closed. "She's still here. I don't know why I didn't feel her distress, I thought she was still doing-"

"Eric where!?" I cried, scared for my new friend.

The three vampires in the room disappeared in the next second. This was the first time in my life that I wished I could sense vampire's minds. All I got from them were blissful silence. The whole house felt empty except for a few human guards. Where was Aggie?

I searched for her mind as I ran frantically around the house. Looking in every room, scared that whoever had took Pam had taken her too.

"PAM!" Eric yelled loudly, his voice echoing eerily in the castle's ancient walls.

They'll never find me here, those sick suckheads will never find me. By the hand of Danu I-"

Not needing to hear anymore of her ramblings I burst through the door and there she was. In her very naked glory Aggie stood in the middle the empty room. Empty except for a gigantic ass pentagram in the middle of the floor drawn in white chalk. She stood in the middle with an urn of some sort. It was filled with so much ashes that it spilled out on the floor around her.

Her eyes glowed as if a light was beaming from them, her veins in her face more pronounced. She looked at me and scowled. "Get out." She whispered.

She'll ruin it, she'll ruin everything. She must never regain her true self. Never!

Her thoughts were frantic now and full of fear. I didn't know what else to do but to call for Eric, and so I did. I screamed his name as loud as I could.

"Where is Pam, Aggie. Where did you put her, how are you blocking her from communicating with Eric. How, Aggie?" I demanded to know.

Back of the castle. Tied up you'll never know you can't read my mind you bitch you can't-

"Sookie what the fuck is going on?" Instead of Eric, Donovan was at my side. Staring into the room at the witch with menace gleaming in his eyes.

I still didn't know where Pam was so I asked Aggie again, hoping she'll slip up and think about the exact location. "Where is Pam, you psycho!"

She laughed hysterically, "I'll tell you nothing you weakling, quite a disappointing reincarnation of the goddess that you were." They'll never find her underneath...the boards so loose but stable. Ha! She'll thirst for years and years-

"Can you think of a room in the castle that has a loose floor? Most of the castle is stone so I can't think of where that could be. Do you know?" I asked Donovan.

I could almost see the light bulb switch on in his head. "Eric's coming, I'll get Pam." Then he was gone from my sight, I hated it when he did that.

"You weakling!" She screamed at me, letting the ashes fall from the urn in her hand purposely. She spread them around herself in a circle and I didn't know what to do. I didn't dare walk into a witch made pentagram especially a demonic looking witch as this. Aggie had tricked us all.

I lifted my hand and blasted her with fiery light. She went flying out of the circle. Landing hard against the back wall, I heard something crack and then her body relaxed. As soon the light had hit her the circle had lit up, the ashes lifted from the ground and out of the urn. Coming together to form a body.

Where the hell was Eric, and why was I still standing here? I ran from the room, rushing down the hall on my very human feet. I felt like I was running in slow motion. I screamed for Eric. I screamed for Godric. No one came. Blood filled the hallways and screams that I hadn't heard before echoed in the hallway. I found an empty room and locked myself into it.

I walked away from the door and searched for a weapon. That's when I heard myself through the door. "Sookie, open the door."

My breath caught in my throat as I held an antique lamp with both hands. I shook my head but I knew the voice couldn't see that. Words wouldn't even come out of my mouth. I couldn't form any.

"Sookie, I'm very sorry but remember I had to do this." The door flew open and there she was. Sanatha was taller, with a thin face and darker hair than mine. Those differences didn't matter though. I felt like I was looking in the mirror after plastic surgery.

"What are you apologizing for, Sana?" I asked, thinking about possibly blasting her away.

She smiled sadly and then rushed towards me, her body turning from solid form to glistening smoke. A shriek scratched up my throat as I tried to run away but the smoke was faster.

"Sookie!" A familiar and welcome voice called out to me. "Sookie, answer me please. Sookie!"

It was Eric, my heart pounded with the knowledge that he was near. My eyes shot open to look into his and I saw the cold fear and relief in his. "Sookie, I thought...I didn't know what happened."

That was a very good question, what did happen? "I don't know, I wish you knew."

"What do you remember?" Eric asked me, his expression full of concern.

I thought back, and tried really hard to remember. "I remember knocking out the witch, and then being really scared. After that? Nothing." I told him honestly. It actually hurt my brain to even try to remember what happened.

He kissed my lips and lifted me up into his arms as he stood up. "You found Pam, well at least you told my brother where to find her. She's safe, the witch is dead and Bill has sent his minions to charge the castle." My head rose off of his chest and he shook his head at me. "They're all dead, don't you worry."

Once we made it back to our room I saw my packed suitcase on the bed. "Eric what's going on?"

"We're going back to Bon Temps. No more running away, we'll meet him head first even if we have to dangle his little prodigy in harms way to get him there."

Instead of shiver of fear I felt a shock of excitement. It was as if I were excited for the storm to come even if I didn't quite know it yet.