A/N: Hey peoples... I well... I recently found out that a friend of mine of Mabinogi... well, she's no longer of this Earth. She was a very good friend to both myself and the same friend whose lover had miscarried. This poem is for the dear friend who we both lost, the friend to who we were never able to say goodbye. I hope she's not going to hate me for this, but I'm just refer to her by her nickname: Kitty. Kitty was a
VERY good friend to both me and my other friend; he actually knew her outside the game, as did his lover.

This poem is for and is dedicated to Kitty.

Wherever you are, I hope you're happy and I hope that I'll meet you one day in Heaven, my friend...

I'm sorry I never got to say goodbye...

And when you (my friends from Mabinogi) read this, I just want you to know that although you knew her better than I did, my heart is still hurting all the same; the two of you are not mourning alone.

P.S.: Kitty liked dogs a lot, but I'm not the biggest fan of domestic dogs, so I used a fox in the poem.

Mimi the Fox

By: Crescent Yuna (a.k.a Shihna, on the Mari server in Mabinogi)

I was walking in the forest one day
and a little fox came trotting my way.

So pretty.
She was covered in white and reddish-orange fuzz.
"A pup", I assumed.
I named her "Mimi" just because.

So I continued my walks into the woods,
I did it as often as I could.

And every time I came around,
Mimi came to me,
excited, like she had seen a clown.

We played, we had fun,
Over the years, I watched her grow.
In the Winter, I loved to watch her bounce around in the snow.

Years passed,
I still went.
The time was always well-spent.

One day, I went to the forest—as I usually did.
"Mimi!" I called.
All I heard was the wind.

"Maybe she has a family now." I chuckled to myself.
After all, I hadn't come here in a while;
of course Mimi would be doing something else.

I never saw Mimi again,
the once-little fox I met that fateful day;
Two days later, I found out that she had passed away.

I really, really tried not to cry,
But it's hard when you didn't even have a chance to say goodbye.