Nothing is worse than waking up from the sound of a dull vibration caused by an incoming call on the nightstand two feet away. Alexa groaned, pulling her pillow over her head to drown out the sound. But when it persisted, she gave up and sat up to answer it. She didn't bother checking the caller ID, she didn't really care to know who it was. She just wanted to go back to sleep.

"Do you have any idea what time it is? The sun isn't even out yet!" she exclaimed into the phone.

"Alexa." a relieved voice called her name form the other end of the line. "Oh, my god, Alexa...I have done everything to try to get in touch with you. I thought my lawyer was lying to me when he said this would defiantly be the number to catch you on."

And suddenly she wasn't drowsy anymore. Her eyes shot open and she sat up, her voice caught in her throat. She needed to take a few deep breaths before she could bring herself to say, "Who is this?" even thought she knew perfectly well who it was.

"Your father! I don't care what those idiots tell you, Alexa. I'm your father, I raised you. I took care of you." he persisted wither determination. "I knew that bitch would screw this up for us the second I saw her in the ER. I knew it. I shouldn't have left you alone with her, I shouldn't have trusted her with you. But I don't really wanna talk about them right now. I called to talk to you. How are you?"

"I'm fine." she said dully while putting serious consideration into hanging up the phone."I'm glad. That whole hospital situation really scared me, honey. I've been worried about you." George told her, his voicing sounding sweet and considerate as if he really had been an amazing father to the child he had abducted. "I know the trail is coming up...I just wanted to know if you were gonna be there. I haven't seen you in such a long time. I wanna see are going to make this right, they are not going to win this."

"I uh..." Originally she had intended on going, she wanted to see him and tell him off. She wanted to tell him that being about to get away from him was a blessing in disguise. But hearing his voice only reminded her of the creepy feeling she'd lived with for a majority of her life. "No, I won't be there. My Mom and I have plans to go on a New York shopping spree that week."

"Oh, come on!" he yelled. "That woman is not your mother! Don't you tell me that you let them convince you otherwise. And you're my girl! You don't like shopping. You hate the city."

"No, you hate the city. You hate shopping. You hate my parents. Don't tell me what I do and do not like. I'll be the one to determine that." she answered with equal resentment. "And I'm not your girl! Being someone's child has nothing to do with your likes and dislikes. Jane Goodhall's kid could hate every member of the primate family!"

"You are certainly a lot more aggressive and smart-mouthed. That's why I never took you to school."

Alexa scoffed. "I am gonna hang up right now and if you ever call me again I will file a restraining order that tops any restraining order to have ever been issued. Got me?" she stated strongly, hanging up before he even had a chance to answer her.

After the call, she got out of bed and drifted downstairs much like a zombie. She came to a halting stop when she saw the kitchen lights on and noticed her parents. Her father was leaning against the island, his concentration the newspaper lying on the granite counters. Her mother was leaning against a countertop with a mug of coffee in her hand and her cell phone in the other.

"Why are you guys up?" She asked in a very demure voice.

"Early shift." Derek explained.

"First day back." Addison contributed. "And I'm nervous so I couldn't sleep."

"Why are you up?" her father questioned, looking up from the paper with her brows quirk and a glance fixed in her direction.

"Phone woke me up." she answered simply.

"Did you accidentally set a reminder for yourself and put AM instead of PM?" Addison asked as she glared at Derek. He had done that on several occasions over the course of their marriage and woken her up at 4 am because of his mistake. "Because if you did, I'm gonna go ahead and assume that it's a genetic defect you Shepherds have."

Derek scoffed, although she could see the smile he was trying to hide. "Like the Montgomerys know everything about everything."

"We do, actually."

"Okay. Can we focus for like two seconds and not get into another pointless argument over the stupidest things." Alexa interrupted.

"Well you can't have make-up sex without arguing first." Derek mumbled under his breath. "And make-up sex is the best kinda sex. It's so much hotter than regular sex."

Alexa cleared her throat and suppressed a gag. "I am going to pretend I didn't hear that." she grimaced. "It wasn't an alarm on my phone that woke me up. It was a call."

"At 5:30 in the morning?" Addison asked with her one brow inclined slightly higher than the other. "Who would call you at this hour?"

"It was George..."

"The intern?" both parents asked at once.

"Walters. The psycho kidnapper." she corrected with a sarcastic tone. The next thing she heard was the sound of the mug in Addison's hand shattering on the ground. She unconsciencly jumped back and looked down at the dark beige liquid puddling the shards of broken ceramic. "Not the reaction I expected."

"Sorry." Addison sighed as she knelt down to clean the mess. "I forgot I had something in my hand."

Derek stopped her within the second, extending his arm out to her to help her up. "I will clean it up. I know you're cleared for surgery and you talked Richard into letting you go back to work but I'm not buying it. You still need to relax as much as possible. The surgery was only a few weeks ago."

Addison sighed, looking into his eyes as he spoke and nodding when he was done. "What is wrong with me? I swear, I heard her say his name and I don't know what hand gesture I was going for but I actually forget I was holding something."

"It's okay. It happens." Derek assured as he threw the larger pieces away and focus on cleaning the mess. "Continue."

"He said his lawyer got my number for him. He said that he wanted to see me, he wanted me to go to the trail with you guys. He told me that he would make everything alright and that he wasn't going to let you win this." she went on with her story. And when she glance at Addison during the final few words she saw the panic level go up just from the look in her eyes.

"What did you say?" Derek asked.

"I told him I'd be in New York that week. I said that my mom and I had already made plans and that I wasn't going to cancel them. I told him not to call again and I said that if he did I would file a restraining order against him." as she answered the question she noticed that her mother was no longer holding an anxious breath. "So I was hoping that offer still stand...I don't wanna be around during that trail, I really don't. I wanna be far far away from here."

"Honey, you're going to need to testify." Derek told her softly. "I'm sure your mother will take you to New York anytime you ask her to but that week does not work."

"Testify? What's there to testify, he kept him locked in a house that was barely standing. He withheld me from an eduction, he never bothered to feed me unless it was on his terms. And his terms were, no sexual stuff, no food. Well... he called it the 'Special Game' if we played than I wouldn't stave that day."

"I do not want to know how that game works." Addison grumbled.

"I'm not standing in front of a jury to say that a man who I thought was my father would basically rape me on a weekly basis. I am not telling them that the reason I met you guys was because he beat me and I needed medical care. I'll write it all down and sign it or whatever but I will not announce it to a group of people I do not know."

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to do." her mother assured her. "I'll book a flight to New York. We would stay at the Brownstone...but it doesn't have room service and hotels do."

Alexa smiled weakly. "Thank you." she said made her way out of the kitchen to try to go back to sleep.

Derek glared at his wife. "You can't promise her something like that without double checking with our lawyer or even a judge."

"Talk to the lawyer, find out who the judge is and talk to them. My child is not walking into the courtroom and that is final."

"Stop staring at my wife's breasts, Mark." Derek said dully.

Mark cleared his throat and looked away from Addison. "I can't help it. It's the most perfect reconstruction any one has ever done. It's perfect.. It's so amazing that it should be illegal for her to be dressed from the waist up."

"And I'm grateful for that." Derek responded. "But it's weird. Especially in public. We need to move on from everything that happened and I'm trying, I am. It's just so much more difficult with you constantly looking at her tits. I understand what happen between you, I know what you guys were thinking but it doesn't make this any less awkward."

"He's creepy. Are you sure he' to be around?" Alexa whispered to her mother, not realizing that she spoke loud enough for everyone else at the table to hear.

Addison laughed and looked at Derek to answer the question. "He's Mark." Derek explained, as if that was reason enough. "He would never hurt anyone on purpose, he's just...a little screwed up."

Mark nodded in agreement. "Besides, you used to love me when you where little. I would pull into the driveway and you would wake up and start screaming until someone came to get you to hang out with us." he told her. "I know you are just barely getting used to your parents, and they are still trying to adjust between work and family. We are still trying to restore our friendship and they are still working on their marriage. But eventually, I hope, we're gonna be that untouchable little posse again."

Addison quickly wiped a tear away before anyone else could notice it. Tears of happiness, something she had been missing for a lot time. She cleared her throat and looked between Mark and Derek. "How did things go while we were in New York?" she asked, knowing both men were at the trail.

"He's in prison for life." Derek answered.

"For breaking an entry, destruction of private property, kidnapped, child molestation, child neglect, and child abuse. And it turns he lashed out at one of the cops in jail so they have him a sentance for that too...and it amounted to 50 years in prison." Mark explained further.

"I thought you said life." Alexa commented, looking at her father.

"Well the guy is 47. Add 50 to that and it's 97. I doubt he would live that long. He's gonna be in prison for the rest of his life which means that you have got nothing to worry about. You will never have to see him. You are safe. No one is ever going to hurt you ever again." Derek reasoned.

"Yeah, and he can't get out on Parole and he's won't be eligible for early release." Mark added. "That's what happens when your lawyer charges 1,500 dollars an hour."

"And while we're on the subject," Derek paused and turned to Addison with a smug look on his face, a face that he obviously picked up from Mark. "I told you so."

Addison brows came together. "You told me so?" she questioned. "What did you tell me so?"

"A year affair the abduction I told you everything would eventually be okay. I told you that we'd have her back and I said it would all happen at the worst possible time for us but we would make it work. I was right." he grinned. "Our marriage was shot to hell, our lives were chaotic, we had no time for a child and that's when she chooses to show up. And it may have been the battle of a lifetime but we made it work. You asked me if we would be okay, and we are. Hence, the 'I told you so.'"

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