Okay my children, this is a drabble collection, which means there will just be short stories about Clare and Eli. Most of them wont relate to each other. If you want a certain type of drabble (angst, tragedy, etc.) I will probably do it fairly quick. Oh and I WILL have at least one drabble a week, and if not, you MAY attack me.

"Oh my god, Clare, when are you gonna admit you like Eli." Ali groaned, frustrated at her friend's shyness. "Seriously! I'm waiting to hear when you guys are getting married!" Ali laughed, especially seeing that Clare was blushing.

"Oh, October 15, and for a wedding gift, we like money" Eli announced, his face brighter then ever, with his smirk painted playfully on it. When did he get here? Clare thought, wondering how much he could've heard. Ali just shook her head and walked off to find Drew.

"So, you like me?" Eli said, assuming that Ali was correct. Clare had just blushed to a new level of red when she replied,

"Y-yeah." Eli just grinned.

"Great! Because I think we're going to be good friends." Clare let out a small sigh. Yeah, friends.