OMGF I JUST REALIZED HOW MUCH I LOVED THIS PAIRING. SORRY. I was rewriting the ending twenty bazillion times when I was like, "This couple is truly going to last forever. THEY HAVE TO!"

So yeah…. READ ON. Enjoy Degrassi! 'Cause it's awesome! OH and if you haven't skipped this mega long description I thank you!

"They hated me." Eli groaned, falling in the seat next to Clare on the bench.

"They did not!" Clare explained, lying through her teeth. This would almost be as awkward as the conversation her parents and her had about Eli… And how much her parents hated him.

"Clare, you suck at lying." She just glared at the clearly bothered Eli. She had no clue he cared this much about what her parents thought, because truly, she didn't even care.

"Really, it doesn't matter." Clare reasoned, trying to show that what her parents thought was what they thought, no one else. Clare doubted he heard her since he was banging his head against the wall over and over again. Attempting to grab his attention, she took his hand, and pulled on it a little. He turned to face her, his head resting on the wall.

"It honestly doesn't matter what they think. If I thought it mattered, would I be here?" Eli seemed to be taking it in, "I don't care what they think because it only matters what I think. And I think you're amazing." Clare told him, smiling like crazy.

"But I want your parents to give you away and actually mean it." Eli accidentally slipped out, and Clare flushed the lightest bit of pink.

In that second, Eli knew that they were going to last forever.