For Good

Disclaimer: I don't own anything related to Harry Potter. If I did, Harry's parents, Sirius, Dumbledore, Remus, Dobby and all the other good guys would still be alive. Oh, and Harry would have wound up with Draco, not Ginny.

Summary: A project in Muggle Studies has the eighth year students of Hogwarts performing Wicked as an end of term celebration. Harry, having gotten caught up in all the musical madness, finds himself spending an awful lot of time with Malfoy during and after practices. But what would his friends think if he wound up actually liking Malfoy? What will happen when they both realize they've changed each other, possibly for good?

Author's Note: This story is not compliant with the epilogue; otherwise it follows the series exactly! I am a huge Wicked fan, so I won't let this turn into a cheesy musical fan fic. I really wanted to write a Harry/Draco story and this plot came to mind!

"Where does the time go?" Harry Potter mumbled to himself.

June and July had flown by Harry much faster than any summer he could recall. Their 61 days felt only like 12 to Harry, who had spent most of his summer at the Burrow with Ron and Hermione. After the War, which Harry spent least of his time remembering, the trio had received owls from Professor McGonagall from Hogwarts. Like most students who had been in their year at Hogwarts, they were invited to return as eight year students in order to finish their educations properly.

Hermione was most adamant of the group that they return to Hogwarts, given that they had not gone the previous year. Harry knew she missed school more than anything while they'd been travelling, so he understood her quick acceptance to returning. Ron agreed quickly after Hermione, knowing it was best to just agree with his girlfriend. Hermione had made plenty of good reasons as to why they should return to school. One of them being, that if they had any intentions on working for the Ministry, they were required to finish their schoolings. Harry was not as easy to persuade.

They'd spent most of their summer at the Burrow arguing over the matter. This was half the reason summer had seemed to go by so quickly for Harry. That and the whole Ginny debacle, but he'd rather dwell on his Hogwarts issue than Ginny. Hermione, who had grown up so immersed in her education, could not grasp the idea that Harry had stopped caring about his own. It was an unheard of situation for Hermione. If you have the opportunity to go to school, at least according to Hermione, you are compelled to go. Harry's feelings didn't quite match these beliefs and with that, a new war had broken out between the trio.

Only a week or so prior had Harry finally caved. Ron had suckered him into talking about Hogwarts and how Harry had always considered it his home and it wouldn't be right not to return. Though the point had been brought out before, Harry just couldn't keep fighting with his friends. He wanted to say that they Hogwarts they would be going back to would be much different than the home he was used to. But he was too tired of fighting. If they honestly thought going back to Hogwarts was what they needed to do, then he'd have to trust their judgment and do so. With that in mind, Harry instructed Hermione on handling his schedule and getting his required items from Diagon Alley. So gleeful that Harry finally saw things her way, Hermione agreed happily and told Harry he'd made the right decision.

His birthday had only just passed and yet Harry was still receiving owls from fans, wishing him a belated birthday. Just that morning a tawny owl had flown through the window in the kitchen and dropped a package of toffees on his lap with a note from a total stranger, telling Harry they were 'so sorry they were late with their greeting.'

Hermione demanded to inspect each of the gifts Harry was given before he was allowed to use or eat them. When Ron had asked her what point there was to that, seeing as the majority of the people who wanted Harry dead were dead themselves or locked up in Azkaban. Hermione felt no need to in explaining herself to Ron and set about inspecting Harry's gifts in the room she shared with Ginny, leaving Ron and Harry to themselves.


Harry was laying flat on his back in the garden outside the burrow. After Hermione had gone upstairs, Ron began eating lunch while Harry went outside for some fresh air. He'd wound up on the ground, just letting his mind wander.

Ron plunked down next to him, "Anything you want to talk about? You've been pretty quiet these past few days."

Harry wasn't in the mood for talking. He just wanted some rest. He shook his head slowly, "I'm alright. Just a bit tired lately, you know?"

"Yeah, I'm feeling a bit off myself," Ron said while stretching his arms over his head. "Hopefully we can enjoy the rest of our summer before we're back to school."

He only nodded in agreement. He could only hope for a peaceful summer followed by an easy school year. Maybe this year would be his first ordinary year at Hogwarts.

It was on Harry's first day back at Hogwarts he found himself seated in the Great Hall for breakfast. Like always, Ron was seated at his side. However, Hermione was not occupying her spot beside Ron at the table. Instead, the pair happened to be accompanied by Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnegan. All four of them were eyeing their schedules with weariness. Ron and Harry in particular looked rather sour as they read their schedules further. He would never trust Hermione with the task of schedule making again. Double Potions with the Slytherins and Muggle Studies in the same day? She was out of her mind.

"I think 'Mione has it out for us," Ron said while eyeing Harry's schedule, his mouth full with bits of sausage. "Maybe since we didn't want to plan our own schedules?"

"If you two hadn't insisted on being so absolutely useless this past summer, I wouldn't have had to resort to sorting out your schedule. But of course, what was I expecting?" Hermione said from behind them, dressed in crisp, brand new dress robes, her usually untamed hair pulled back into a neat bun, reminiscent of Professor McGonagall's.

"We were recuperating for a war, school wasn't really the first thing on our minds," Ron explained while piling more eggs and bacon onto his plate. Hermione stood with her hands crossed over her chest, glowering at him.

"Really Ronald, what a tired excuse! Everyone went through trauma during the War, don't blame that for your lack of ambition to get a proper education," Hermione snapped, clearly annoyed with Ron's excuse of the War being why they spent the whole summer lounging around the Burrow. Without another word, Hermione turned on the spot and marched out of the Great Hall.

"Wonder what's got her knickers in a twist," Ron whispered to Harry while the brunette stared at the spot Hermione had been standing in. When Harry didn't respond, Ron dropped his fork, "You think I should go apologize?"

"If I were you, I would just make sure she's not upset about something else. You know girls, always upset about something," Harry muttered, his eyes flickering to Ginny who sat half way across the table, her eyes burning daggers into her plate.

Ron pushed his plate away from him, "You're probably right, thanks mate."

"Any time," Harry called after Ron's retreating form.

Harry looked at his untouched breakfast and shrugged to himself. He wasn't hungry, so there was no point in even trying to eat it. Without Ron or Hermione there, Harry had little reason to remain in the Great Hall. Classes didn't start for another two days, so Harry was now stuck with a lot of free time and nothing to do. With the hopes of a walk presenting him the opportunity to do something purposeful, Harry cleared his area and got up to leave the hall. He could feel nearly the entirety of the hall watching him as he left. He was growing used to everyone's eyes following him wherever he went, not that he enjoyed it. Rather than fighting it, he decided to embrace it and pray it would end soon enough.

Muttering to himself as he strode through the halls, Harry managed to collide with another person, which could only be expected with the lack of attention he was paying to where he was going. Harry began sputtering apologies while gathering the books he had knocked from the person's arms when a pale hand shot out to grab the same book. Harry recognized it instantly and drew his own hand back, his eyes drifting to look up into a pair of curious grey eyes.

"Potter," Malfoy said curtly, standing up straight, still looking Harry directly in the eye.

Harry wasn't used to the awkwardness that now lingered between the two of them. He was used to their animosity. No, he was comfortable with it. With that gone, he didn't know how to act around Malfoy. After their awkward meeting over the past summer, Harry felt weird around Malfoy now. They weren't friends, probably never would be. But they didn't hate each other. At least, that is what Harry had surmised since seeing Malfoy that past July. One could never know with Malfoy though.

Unsure of what to say, Harry looked at the book in his hands. He recognized it quickly, his anger with Hermione flaring once more. It was the textbook required for Muggle Studies, "You're taking Muggle Studies?" Harry asked, feeling as if his world had just done a 360 turn. Malfoy wanted to learn about muggles?

"Yes Potter, I am," Malfoy said, his lip curved upwards in a half sneer as he reached out for his textbook. Harry quickly hand it over. "I was under the impression almost all of the eighth years would be taking the class together. With my new found freedom, I chose to explore new subjects."

Harry once again didn't know how to respond. The fact that he was having a semi-civil conversation with Malfoy was just not normal. They cursed each other, argued, and physically fought one another. They basically did anything other than just talk.

"Not that it is any of your business Potter," Malfoy said after a long moment of silence, obviously feeling uneasy do to the weirdness of their situation.

Harry nodded his head; it wasn't his business what classes Malfoy took during his last year at Hogwarts. Feeling a little out of character, he graced Malfoy with a polite smile and began to walk away, not before shouting "Well, see you Thursday then Malfoy," over his shoulder.

Rather than adventuring the castle like he had planned, Harry headed back to the common room to wait for Ron and Hermione. His run in with Malfoy seemed like something worth telling them.

He slipped past the Fat Lady after greeting her and reciting the password of 'gum drop' to her. The common room was almost vacant, apart from a group of first years huddled in a corner, probably too afraid to leave the common room. It was possible some of the older students may have embellished the stories of house rivalries to the point that these kids were scared to go around anyone outside their own house. Harry wasn't going to be the one to tell them they had nothing to worry about. If they were foolish enough to fall for that joke, they'd have to figure it out on their own.

Harry settled in the same cushiony chair he was so used to that sat right before the fire and waited. Hopefully the couple wouldn't be too long. After a few minutes of waiting, Crookshanks hopped up into Harry's lap and nuzzled against Harry's chest. The warmth of the fire and Crookshank's rhythmic purring lulled Harry into a light sleep.

Sometime later, the banging of the common room door woke Harry. "Seriously Ronald, don't slam the door like that! You're going to really aggravate the Fat Lady one of these days and she will stop letting you in."

"She can't do that 'Mione, she'd get in trouble," Ron scoffed at her. His eyes then landed on Harry, who was now stretching in an attempt to wake up while rubbing at his eyes. "Harry, there you are!"

"I've been waiting here for you guys," Harry yawned out.

Ron plopped down on the sofa across from Harry with Hermione sitting down beside him with a little more grace than Ron. Crookshanks immediately jumped off Harry's lap and scuttled over to Hermione to nestle himself on top of her feet.

"We came right back into the Great Hall and you were gone Harry. Why'd you leave?" Hermione asked and then she bent over slightly to rub behind Crookshank's ear.

Harry shrugged, "I figured you two would take a while and I wasn't in the mood to talk with anyone else."

Hermione's eyes narrowed at him while Ron nodded his head in understanding. Ron knew that Harry preferred to keep to himself while Hermione was prodding for Harry to reach out. Though Harry could tell Hermione was itching to say something, she kept it to herself, which let Harry tell them about Malfoy. When he finished his recount of the story, Ron's mouth was hung wide open while Hermione didn't look at all surprised.

"If Malfoy told the Wizengamot the truth about his father forcing him to follow the same beliefs, who is to say Malfoy hasn't wanted to take the subject for years now?"

Both Ron and Harry stared at Hermione as if she just suggested they go for a swim in the lake with the giant squid. Of all the people with a reason to hate Malfoy, Hermione was close to the top of the list. Since their first year at Hogwarts Malfoy had constantly teased her and called her horrible names because of her parentage. Hermione wasn't one to hold grudges or be hateful, but Malfoy was an certainly exception.

"Don't look at me like that," Hermione said once she saw their expressions. "I'm not sitting here saying let's go walk to the Slytherin common room and ask Malfoy to be our new best friend. Things are different now, I've grown up. I'm not going to assume the worst of people anymore."

"How would you be assuming? You know Malfoy 'Mione. He's bloody awful," Ron nearly shouted with his hands up in the air in frustration. "He's treated you like filth on his shoe for seven years. He doesn't deserve to be in your good graces."

"I don't want to talk about Malfoy," Hermione said suddenly. "We don't know him, not at all. If what I heard is true—

"Yeah and who did you hear it from, Lavender Brown?" Ron quickly snapped. Harry shrunk in his chair because of the glare Hermione was giving Ron. Harry wasn't sure if it was because Ron had suggested that Hermione had been talking with Lavender or if it was because Ron had interrupted her. Whatever her reasons, Harry felt bad for Ron. But instead of looking afraid, Ron looked even more defiant.

"For your information, your father told me about the Malfoy family trial. So, I happen to believe what he said, which has left room for me to decide whether or not Malfoy is the bad guy in all of this. Now, if you're done harassing me for being a nice person, I think I'll be off to bed."

Ron sat in his seat, completely flabbergasted. Hermione huffed loudly before spinning on her heel and marching up the stairs to the girl's dormitory. Harry assumed Ron was fuming over the fact Hermione would ever consider giving Malfoy a second chance. Harry couldn't help but wonder about what she'd been saying. Was Malfoy a different person than he believed him to be?

"She's mental," was all Ron managed to get out before storming off to their dormitory.

Harry followed a few moments later and found Ron had already gotten into his bed and drawn the hangings around himself. Seeing as Ron was no longer in the mood to talk, Harry figured he might as well lie down. Harry found that letting Hermione pack his trunk that year had in fact been a good idea. His clothes were right on top, so he didn't need to search for something to sleep in. He'd have to remember to thank her later. Quickly he changed into a pair of shorts and a baggy shirt before slipping into his bed, drawing his own hangings around his bed.

Like most nights, Harry couldn't just fall asleep. His mind was full with different questions. Why did he care about Malfoy being in Muggle Studies? It's not like he wasn't used to taking classes with Malfoy. And yet, things were different now. There was the possibility that Malfoy wasn't a total bastard. Then again, he could have lied to save his arse on trial. The Malfoy Harry knew would have done that. The Malfoy Harry knew cared for no one but himself and would go to extreme lengths to get what he wanted. Harry should never have considered the idea that another Malfoy existed. Deciding that Ron was right, Harry flipped onto his stomach and fell asleep wondering how their first Muggle Studies lesson would go.

Potions with Slughorn and the Slytherins went surprisingly easy.

They were allowed to break off into pairs, Hermione working with Harry since she and Ron weren't on speaking terms. Neville wound up being Ron's partner, much to Ron's reluctance. He had been ready to apologize to Hermione and beg her to be his partner, but they didn't have much time. They were working of Veritaserum, which required quite a lot of time and attention.

With Hermione as his partner, Harry didn't even have to worry about their potion. Hermione, a top marks student, knew better than to let Harry, and ruddy potion's student, touch their potion. So Harry got to lean back and watch the others struggle with their brewing. The majority of the Gryffindors in their class were getting along well with their potions, though none of them looked as at ease as Hermione did. However, Professor Slughorn was stuck cleaning the mess that Neville and Ron had managed to make when their cauldron exploded.

Harry was rather shocked when not a single Slytherin laughed or made a crude remark about Neville's awful potion making abilities. It was incredibly out of character for them to just ignore it. Seeing as the potion did call for a great measure of attention, Harry figured they weren't going to let a Gryffindor distract them from the potion and possibly risk their results. Looking at it from that angle, it no longer felt strange.

However, when he arrived at Muggle Studies after lunch, his sense of unease returned.

The Muggle Studies classroom was set up much different than the majority of Harry's other classrooms. Instead of desks lined in rows facing the black board, there were cushiony chairs formed in a circle around a desk with a stack of papers on top it.

A young woman, who could only be two or three years older than him, sat beside the table with a wide grin on her face. She waited silently as students filed in and took various seats amongst the circle. While everyone settled in, Harry tried his hardest to recognize this woman. She had vivid blue eyes, which made Harry question if they had been magically tampered with. Her wild blond hair hung around her face in big curls, all beside the one strand of hair pulled back by a silver clip. Harry recognized her muggle clothing, having spent many years amongst muggles. She was in a black t-shirt with the words Legally Blonde across her chest in a bright pink color. Her pairing of this shirt with simple jeans made Harry question why McGonagall would pick such a person to teach at Hogwarts. She didn't seem very restricted like the Headmistress. Harry saw other students eyeing her as well, some of the guys giving her the once over. If Harry was looking at her in that sense, he would have to say she was a beautiful woman. Once every last seat had been filled, their professor rose from her seat and the door shut loudly behind them. Harry winced.

"Welcome everyone, I am Professor Flume," she said in a sweet tone as her named appeared on the chalk board. "But you may call be Gabrielle."

Hermione's hand shot into the air, "Your last name is Flume? Any relation to Ambrosius Flume, founder of Honeydukes?"

Professor Flume smiled, "Yes indeed, he is a great, very very great, Grandfather of mine on my father's side. My parents live above the shop currently."

Hermione nodded her head in understanding. The rest of the class rolled their eyes, not at all surprised by Hermione's knowledge of who their Professor's family was.

"As many of you know, I am new to Hogwarts and the subject of Muggle Studies, seeing as I have never taught anywhere else," Professor Flume began, waving her hand swiftly as she spoke, as if she conducting an orchestra. "I was informed of your previous teachings in this subject and I have to say I am sadly disappointed with where you are. I spent the past three years living amongst muggles, so my knowledge of them is now personal. I admit, most of you may have assumed, that I went into hiding when I heard of the Dark Lords rising. My husband," Harry noticed a few of the boys in the class drop their eyes and mutter at the mentioning of their professor having a husband, "is a mugleborn and we feared for his life. He insisted on me keeping my own last name while we lived here, fearing for my own safety. Though our time in hiding was full with fear, I did learn quite a lot on my travels."

Harry couldn't help but feel like Professor Flume's eyes kept landing on him. "I want you all to know that anything that had been taught last year in this class is meant to be disregarded, seeing as it was not ethical. So, to start anew, I have a brand new branch of Muggle Studies I would like to start with. Can any of you tell me what a musical is?"

Hermione's hand was first to reach the air, followed quickly by Malfoy's and Dean. Flume looked between the three and settled for choosing Malfoy. "Your name?"

"Draco Malfoy," he replied coolly, causing Harry to wonder if the only reason he raised his hand was to impress their new professor. "A musical is known in muggle theatre as a play in which the story line is portrayed through dance and song."

"But of course!" Professor Flume clapped her hands together in glee. The rest of the class looked at Malfoy in shock. How had he known that? "Thank you Mr. Malfoy for your textbook definition. Now, is it safe to say that none of you have actually seen a musical before?"

Everyone besides Hermione and Dean nodded. Professor Flume noticed, "What musicals have you been to?"

Hermione grinned before launching into detail of the numerous musicals she had attended in London with her parents. Harry didn't know what a sound of music or Othello was but it sounded a bit odd. Once Hermione had finished, Dean was allowed to say he'd seen something called equss or eqiss the past year. Everyone besides Dean, Hermione, Malfoy and Flume looked confused.

"Oh, don't look so baffled! I see only a select few students dared open their textbooks before coming to class. Well, I can't say I was much different when I was at Hogwarts. However, it is imperative, if you intend on passing this class, that you do your readings! We have an intense project we will be starting just next week. I need well informed students if this project is going to succeed. I suggest now, if you intended on taking my class in order to have an easy class, you may leave now. Muggle Studies is an important subject that has been disrespected for too long."

Ron looked as if he was ready to pick up his bag and leave but Hermione's severe glare kept him rooted to his seat. Everyone else looked around uneasily, scared to know they were already going to be thrown into an 'intense project' only in their second week of school.

"Good, I hope you're all as dedicated as you're making yourselves out to be," Flume said, flipping a strand of hair over her shoulder before continuing. "Today, we will discuss musicals in detail. I would like for everyone to pull out their texts and flip to page one hundred and twenty-nine."

Professor Flume's no nonsense attitude was all Harry needed to hear to know exactly why McGonagall had picked her as a professor. Everyone begrudgingly pulled out their books and found the page number. Most of the lesson went into detail of the history of musical theater and where it had come to since then. Professor Flume told them of the muggle shows she had seen while she was in America, which is where she had gotten her shirt from. At the end of the lesson, just before the bell rang, Professor Flume made an announcement that nearly stopped Harry's heart.

"Tonight, for homework I want you to research all the current musicals and pick one musical you think the class should put on. I want you to write eight inches on why you feel we should perform this musical and what character you would portray."

Hermione's hand went timidly into the air. "Yes Miss Granger?"

"When you say perform, you don't mean we're going to be in the musical, right?"

"But of course you are! At the end of this term, we will be performing a musical in front of the entire school."

Harry heard Neville faint behind him.

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