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This story here is the sequel to my debut fanfic 'Forced to Choose and the Desire to Die'. I strongly suggest that you read it first before continuing to read this fic, as some parts may come as a bit of a shock to some of you (hint hint!)…

I've finally managed to complete the first chapter of the sequel after a hectic week – hope you like it!


She dreamed of a child with brown hair and blue-green eyes. For someone so young, he was so intelligent and lively. His green robes had a striking contrast to the breathtaking red field he was playing in. She watched him with a smile on her face – children, they all grow up so fast.

But they were all dreams – memories, to be precise.

This young lad has grown up to be a great man, a hero to many. He has saved others from the clutches of death countless times in his blue box. Shame, they never met in the right order in the timeline. She watched him grow up into this strong warrior who is now, sadly, the last of his kind.

He was the very last of the Time Lords of Gallifrey, or so he thinks.

She was jolted awake by an unmistakable rasping, grating sound. She opened her eyes in ecstasy – he was finally here to rescue her, late as always.


Amy Pond bounded to the TARDIS doors excitedly while the Doctor followed her with a hint of reluctance written all over his young face. He was certain this isn't such a good idea – in fact, he isn't even sure he is ready to face his past again at all. With a sigh, he marched after Amy, who has opened the TARDIS doors already. He didn't bother to check the readings – he grew up in this place after all, he's pretty much used to the Gallifreyan climate.

He was stopped in his tracks by a very confused Amy, who was peering outside the door.

"You said Gallifrey is pretty much Earth but coated with red, right?" she demanded.

The Doctor nodded, rolling his eyes. "Yes, of course, Amelia. How many times have I mentioned that?" He smiled at the memory – it took a while for him to come up with an analogy for Gallifrey but then he settled with the Red Earth one.

His companion spun around. "Take a look, 'cause this place looks nothing like Red Earth."

He peered outside, expecting to see the red hills he used to play in as a child, but then he felt his hearts stop once he took in his surroundings.

The TARDIS has landed outside the Stormcage Containment Facility.

He groaned internally. What have you done? I was sure I set the coordinates to Gallifrey the year I was born! Why did you land in Stormcage, of all places?

Amy poked him in the arm. "Oi, wake up, sleepyhead. This doesn't look a thing like Gallifrey. Where have you landed us this time?"

The Doctor snapped out of his momentary trance. "Sorry – got a little carried away in my thoughts. It appears we have landed in the lovely prison-planet of Stormcage. To be precise, this is where…"

"…River Song is held prisoner." Amy finished for him before he started with his sarcastic ramblings.

The Doctor slapped himself in the head. "I was going to say this is where the famous Queen Ethelia, saviour of the planet Skaleen was born. I have forgotten this is where River's been kept prisoner – I didn't think you'd know that, Pond."

Amy rolled her eyes. "Just because I look like I don't pay attention doesn't necessarily mean I don't listen."

He grinned. "That's my girl."

They stared deeply into each other's eyes before Amy broke the awkward silence. "Shouldn't we be looking for River now?"

The Doctor cleared his throat. "Yes, we should."

Before long, the pair's awkward conversation was interrupted by a man's loud yells directed right at them.

"You there! Stop right where you are!"

"And that would be the guard," the Doctor said, spinning around and grabbing Amy's hand. "We better get moving before Mr Stop-right-where-you-are shoots us."


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