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As I am trapped in the darkness, I see the light. As I squint to simply glimpse through the light, I see you, my love and my salvation.


The Avilan Tribe leader stared at River, astonished. "You did not tell him?"

When the Doctor stared at Sensa and River in confusion and River didn't respond, Sensa chuckled and opened his mouth, attempting to phrase a coherent response, but before he said a word, an audible crack was heard. The whole tribe turned towards the source of the sound and saw – much to the Doctor's and River's dismay – a flash of bright auburn hair.

"Oi, you lot!" Amy yelled, drawing out a small clear flask filled with light blue liquid from her jacket pocket. "Want some real Time Lord essence? I've got a fair amount right here, but you have to work for it first by attempting to catch me." With that, she sprinted towards the woods.

"Amy!" the Doctor yelled, but his cries were drowned out by Sensa's cry of rage.

"Bartimus! Arkey!" Sensa roared. When the said guards saluted to their leader, he continued. "Stay with the prisoners and do not let them escape. The rest of you, follow me. We shall retrieve that essence from that girl, even if it means playing her silly game."

As the Tribe leader and his band of guards ran towards the direction Amy had taken, the Doctor thrashed against the tight ropes binding him and as a result, was struck several times by the nearest guard for attempting to loosen the bonds. River did the best she could to soothe him both mentally and vocally, and can only look on in horror as the guards battered him violently amidst his struggles. Eventually, he calmed down, his breathing ragged and labored with pain and tears running down his blood-stained cheeks. When his blue-green eyes met River's, he looked down in shame.

Sweetie, look at me.

When he obeyed her gentle command, he couldn't help but notice her eyes had a sense of familiarity to them. His brow furrowed – he was sure he'd seen those eyes before…

River seemed to hear his ponderings so she looked away, but continued.

You have to calm down. There's nothing we can do for Amy.

The Doctor shook his head firmly, refusing to believe her statement.

Amy's in danger, River. The Victus are known for their speed and brutal strength, and Amy is no match for them. When they finally manage to capture her, I shudder to think of the possibilities of what they might do to her.

River went silent, thinking about the truth in his words, but a thought struck her.

Did you not see the Vortex Manipulator on her wrist? Surely you didn't give that to her, because I certainly did not give her mine. Who else could've given her that?

The Doctor's head snapped up.

The TARDIS couldn't have…

Yes she could. How else could Amy have found the device?

When she finally looked at the Doctor, she continued.

The TARDIS isn't just a machine, Doctor. She can see courage and potential within Amy and because of this, she decided to help her. If the TARDIS didn't think Amy fit of saving us, she wouldn't have bothered at all.

The Doctor knew what she was implying was true – the TARDIS wouldn't have disobeyed his orders if she saw severe vulnerability within Amy, but still.

We have to trust her Doctor, just as the TARDIS herself has done. I know you are concerned, but please have faith.

I do trust her, River – I'm simply worried for her safety. I love her… she is the one I live for right now. She shouldn't have risked her life to save us.

She loves you too, sweetie. That's the reason behind her choice – wouldn't you risk anything to save your loved one?

As soon as she relayed this message, she immediately withdrew her mind from the Doctor's, settling herself amidst her silent musings. The Doctor persuaded himself to find solace in her words, and in the midst of his ponderings was a quiet prayer directed at Amy.

Be safe, my Amelia. Please be all right and come back to me alive and well, my love.


Amy raced in the forest, weaving in and out between the tall trees. Though the Avilans were fast runners, they were no match for her.

Thank god Aunt Sharon forced me to take cross-country running training when I was a kid, she thought in relief, but her victory was short-lived when she realised the Avilans resorted to firing their darts in her direction.

Amy dodged the darts efficiently, but even then, one dart managed to hit her on her left shoulder. She gasped in pain as the dart burned her skin and felt herself slowing down because of the throbbing. She heard the Avilans gaining on her and in her haste, she set the Manipulator directly towards Lake Juvlia – courtesy of the TARDIS – and was off.


When Amy landed heavily in front of the Lake, she doubled over while clutching her shoulder in pain. Sure, she's been burnt before, but this definitely was something! It was worse than getting a chemical burn from an acid in her Chemistry class five years ago. She grimaced at the memory when she noticed the lake – it sparkled faintly in the pale moonlight and the substance which she assumed was water looked so tempting she wanted to rinse her shoulder to ease the pain.

As she thought this through, she suddenly heard the Avilans' war cries piercing the still and silent air. It sent shivers down her spine as the natives came into view, their eyes glowing dangerously as they watched her in her vulnerable state. They remained wary of her at first, but when they realised she wouldn't move, they moved around her in a circular formation, thereby trapping Amy inside their makeshift cage.

"Volo Sensa!" one guard yelled. "We have captured the human girl!"

Right on cue, the Tribe leader stepped into view, sneering at Amy.

"Your game is over, human." he hissed. "Hand the essence over now; otherwise you shall suffer the consequences."

Amy decided to play dumb. "What consequences?"

"Death," Sensa stated simply. He expected the girl to look appalled, or at least terrified out of her wits, but she merely smiled.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," she murmured, and quick as a flash, she pushed a glowing blue button on the device on her wrist and vanished into thin air.

A moment of shocked silence filled the mob of guards, only to be broken by Sensa's cry of rage.


"I would pace right now…" an irritated Doctor grumbled.

River rolled her eyes. "Oh, calm down, would you?"

"…but I can't." he continued, pointedly ignoring her.

Leaning heavily against the wooden pole, River sighed in annoyance as she listened to the Doctor's persistent chattering.

"I've always wanted one of these," he rambled. "But it would be fantastic not to be tied to one. It would look great in the console room; don't you think so, River? I mean, sure, the console room's big and modern, but a little native prison pole stuck on a corner wouldn't hurt…"

He rattled on; barely noticing what he was saying when he heard a faint yet familiar crack in the distance.


Amy landed heavily on her face in the forest. She wasn't exactly sure if she'd landed in the right place to where the Avilans were keeping River and the Doctor prison, but when she heard his loud voice rambling about senseless things, she was grateful to whatever gods or goddesses that existed that she did.

She crept towards the source of the Doctor's voice silently, only vaguely aware of the throbbing pain on her shoulder. When she caught sight of his tweed jacket tied to a wooden pole, she crouched behind a tall tree, almost completely hidden by the thick shrubbery surrounding it. The Doctor was bound to a post, with River tied on another next to him. The guards were sitting cross-legged in front of the poles, creating patterns with small bejewelled pebbles on the ground, looking as though bored out of their brains. When she caught the Doctor's eye, she thought she saw a small spark of immense relief in his opal eyes.

And Amy was sure she saw something else besides relief in those sparkling depths.


The Doctor chattered on, barely noticing what he was saying when he saw her.

She was crouched behind a massive tree, mostly hidden by the trunk. He had to squint to see her properly as she was well-concealed by the bushes. He couldn't even begin to describe how he felt when her emerald eyes met his – a mixture of immeasurable relief that she was alive and an incalculable amount of love and adoration for her determination to save them.

He could vaguely see that she was mouthing something at him. He paused in between his ramblings only to mouth 'What?'

Amy repeated her statement, 'Distract them.' pointing to the guards, who was too entertained with their game to notice the Doctor's pause.

The Doctor winked and continued talking while sending a telepathic link to River about the situation. As an overjoyed River processed his information, she smugly responded.

I told you she'd come back, sweetie.

He rolled his eyes while diverting his attention to what he was saying. "Oi, you two over there!" he shouted at the guards, who briefly looked up. "Be good gentlemen – oh, sorry, shouldn't have said that, you're Victus, not humans, I forgot – and give us a drink? Sensa didn't mention anything about not honouring the guests, did he not?"

One of the guards stifled a snarl, while the other merely hissed. "You are not guests, Time Lord. You are prisoners – there is a difference between them, a very big one indeed."

"Pardon me," the Doctor replied sarcastically. "But you get the gist of it, don't you? My companion and I are quite thirsty and we would like a drink."

As he was speaking, Amy quietly crept out of her hiding place with a rock in one hand and the glass flask in the other. She was sure the TARDIS didn't give her your ordinary glass flask – she hoped it was something harder than the latter. As she crept closer, she heard the guard's gruff response.

"Prisoners do not ask for drinks." he growled. "And Volo Sensa did not permit us to provide refreshments for you, and that means…"

His sentence was cut off as a rock collided with the back of his head. The guard blacked out and before his other companion could react, a tiny flask smacked onto his left temple and he, just like his friend, passed out.

River gasped as a victorious Amy emerged from the thicket. "Amy!" she cried out in relief.

"Lovely aim you've got there, Pond!" the Doctor said in acknowledgement, barely concealing his delight at the sight of his Amy's smiling face.

Amy grinned. "Why thank you, Doctor." Whipping out her tiny red Wenger Swiss Army knife from her jacket pocket, she continued. "Let's get you out of here, shall we?"

She carefully freed River first, and as soon as she was unbound, she hugged Amy tightly. "It's good to see you safe." she whispered.

"I've only been away for a couple of minutes," the redhead responded with a grin, returning the hug and pulling back moments later to free the Doctor.

Before the ropes even reached the ground, Amy gasped as his lips hungrily met hers. She only had time to carelessly drop the knife to the ground and wrap her arms around his neck, returning the kiss. The pair vaguely noticed River roll her eyes but when it seemed like they were not going to break apart soon, she cleared her throat.

"Could you please not do that now?" she said, and both the Doctor and Amy broke apart, foreheads touching.

"Good to have you back unscathed, Pond." he murmured, touching her cheek. That was when he noticed the large burn mark on her shoulder – and he gasped.

"Well, not completely unscathed," she amended for him, taking his hand and River's in her other. She briefly looked at each of their eyes before pressing the blue button on her Vortex Manipulator. "Let's go home."



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