The setting sun cast an orange tint onto the flowing waters of the sea, it's bright gaze overlooking the whole coast and beyond. The tides lapped at the sandy beach as gulls cawed softly and glided through the breeze. All seemed calm and peaceful and Shadowmaru found the perfect picture that the world gave him something to look forward to at the end of the day. Especially this one when he had almost died while out on the field. It had been a very odd and stressful day but looking out at the sea and it's gentle rhythm could make him fall into recharge just by being there.

A growling sound crashed the gentle lull of his systems and he looked down onto the beach where a dog was chewing on a wayward fish, the poor creature still flopping around and trying to find its way back to the water in the canine's jaws. Shadowmaru looked on in mild curiosity as the dog ran around with it and threw it up in the air a couple times just for fun.

The ninja watched as the dog threw the fish down in the sand and playfully lowered it's front in readiness, as if the fish was going to flop in challenge for the dog to snatch up again. When it didn't, the dog barked at it and rolled around in the sand. The fish had given up life now and had just sat there, jagged scars lining its body from where the dog's teeth had cut into it's form.

Shadowmaru decided to give the poor fish a relief and carefully walked over, shooing the dog away. The dog beat a hasty retreat at the sight of the large mech but Shadowmaru ignored that when something golden and technological shined from inside the fish's internals. His optics widened in recognition and his lips parted in a small gasp.

Carefully extracting the device from the fish, Shadowmaru dropped down his eyepiece and scanned it, sighing regretfully when the scans came back negative. The chip was too waterlogged and had short circuited long ago…all the informations lost.

"Oh Kagerou…I always wish you never left…" He whispered.

The roar of an engine caught his attention and he stood up, looking towards the sky. An orange shape circled around before changing and landing in the land, green optics shimmering at him with mirth.

"Hey Shadowmaru!" Drill Boy grinned, "What are you doing out here? It's getting really dark out and we need to head back to the station." It was then he noticed the fish at the mech's feet and he laughed, pointing to it. "Shadowmaru if you just wanted to express your dog form you could've just visited boss' sisters! They have lots of fish!"

Shadowmaru frowned and hid away the chip into a storage compartment before folding his arms across his chest. "First off Drill Boy I am a wolf and second of all I was not eating that fish…some other dog was."

Drill Boy nodded, "Ah I see. And where is this other dog?"

"He ran off."

"Mmhm. Well let's head back so that 'other dog'" Here he quoted the air dramatically making the purple mech scowl, "Can finish his meal. I'm sure you'd like to refuel with something more fulfilling like gas?"

"I'd like for you to stop hounding me, Drill Boy. I can find my own way back when I feel like it." Shadowmaru then jumped up and changed into his jet form before rocketing off."

"Hey!" Drill Boy ran a few steps before shaking his fist at the retreating mech, "You can't run forever!"

When Shadowmaru was out of sight, Drill Boy scoffed and looked to the now slowly rising moon. Sighing, he looked down at the fish and angrily kicked it back into the water, "Keh!"

Shadowmaru flew until he couldn't see the city anymore, moving down and changing into his canine form to land in a collection of trees in a rural area, looking around carefully before laying down tiredly. As much as he hated to admit it, Drill Boy was right. His tanks were getting low and he could feel it- the sluggish movements and the slower processing of his super A.I.

He perked up when something caught his olfactory sensors, getting to his feet and slowly moving towards the smell. Teasing his muzzle through some bushes, he took a deeper whiff and his tanks churned when he smelled gas.

Peering through the bushes he spotted a small building with some gas cans stacked along it's side near a beat down truck. Optics glazing over in hunger, he moved forward to snag a can when he froze, whistling filling his audios.

An old man came out from the building, a small towel thrown over his shoulder as he walked over to his truck and clicked the door open, rummaging through for something before slamming the door shut and heading back inside his abode. The ninja had dimmed his optics to prevent from being seen in the darkness of the night and once the man had gone away, he slunk forward and carefully padded up to the stack of fuel and snagged a can in between his jaws before darting away. He wouldn't think the man would mind contributing a bit to the Brave Police force.

As Shadowmaru refueled himself while sitting on a stump, he thought over what he could do. He could have Toudou look over the chip and maybe, just maybe, be able to get the information off it or he could do it himself. He shook his head; there was no traces left of the mech he once knew on that chip and he knew it. It would be a waste of time to do either of those and it would made him look like a fool.

The gas can emptied out and he shut his tank, bringing the little can up to his face for an inspection. He knew he could do something, but what? What could he do? The chip was useless to him- packed full of useless information of some human- what a minute…

He sat up and brightened his optics, ideas striking him. Of course! Looking up as his optics dimmed, information scrolled by them as he hacked into the satellites, Excellent Company's welcome screen flashing across his vision before he bypassed their securities easily and moved into the more restricted files.

If Shinjo was as smart of a man as he displayed himself to be then he should have a back up copy of Kagerou's entire line of data buried deep into his file still based off the Submarine Abyss Project. It was only a matter of time before he found the man's file and then it was searching through the multitude of files upon folders until he finally found what he was looking for.

Then he paused. He had to be very careful with this file. If something were to happen to it then Kagerou would be truly gone forever. And he couldn't live through losing the mech again. Creating a copy of the file he attempted to hack into it but he was restricted and no amount of his hacking skills would allow him passed. He growled as he cut himself out of the system.

There was only one thing left to do then…

Throwing the gas can to the ground he stomped on it angrily as he got to his feet before jumping up and taking off in his jet form.