Meme: 10 Songs, 10 Drabbles

Theme: Memori & Yuuki

Source: Game X Rush

Genre: Gen/Multiple (Romantic, Platonic, A/U, ect)

01. Mandlebrot Set, Jonathan Coulton [School A/U]

"So, the Mandlebrot Set is actually..." Memori stopped mid-sentence, noting with irritation that Yuuki was completely failing to pay attention... again.

Doing his best not to scowl, Memori instead deliberately - but very calmly! - snapped his pencil in half. When Yuuki failed to respond to that, Memori flicked the eraser-having end at the center of Yuuki's forehead, where it impacted with accuracy and a fairly satisfying sound.

"OW! Memori-chan!"

"Don't 'Ow,' you idiot," retorted Memori; "Like you haven't been hurt worse than that."

"But, Memori-CHAN~"

"Stop whining, Yuuki." Massaging his temples, Memori closed his eyes and sighed. "You have to pass the exam or you're getting held back, right? That's what this whole mess is about, right? That's why I'm tutoring you, right?

"And if that's the case, don't you think it'd be a little productive if you, dunno, actually PAID ATTENTION to the material instead of zoning out like whatever you're doing?"

Yuuki blinked, then grinned.

"I have been paying attention! Like, that formula you've been describing is actually the Julia Set..."

"No, it's not."

A pause, and then a faint rippling noise as Memori hastily flipped back to his text book. The next few seconds was mostly Memori swearing, and Yuuki - chin propped up on one hand - choosing that time to pay attention.

02. Rebel Son, Survivor [Mafia A/U]

There were a lot of other things that Yuuki could be doing, besides killing people for a living.

He always thought he'd like to go into acting. He figured he'd gotten enough practice.

But what the hell? Might as well kill people who deserved it, right? That's almost like being a hero of justice, except maybe darker, and therefore more real. God knows no-one's getting anything done without a strong arm to back up their ideals.

So even Yuuki didn't think he was much of a good guy, hey, he could've been worse. Arguably, if he'd stayed with the old man's gang, he'd be doing the same thing- Just, you know, to people who didn't really need to be offed. Yuuki only accepted jobs that he wouldn't feel bad about in the morning, and honestly, that was a hell of a lot more than anyone in the old gang had ever bothered to do.

Plus, it pissed his old man off something crazy, which was another good reason for Yuuki to pursue the profession of vigilante.

No-one ever complained, either.

At least, none of the people who really counted.

People were actually starting to call him a Hero.

Tscha, yeah, right.

But they liked him way more than they did the government men, the guys who were supposed to keep law and order and fluffy bunnies for everyone, at least that's how it had been going until they'd picked up the new guy. Fujieda, right? Memori? What a stupid name. Way too fairy tale-ish for Yuuki's tastes.


Fairy tales always did piss Yuuki off.

03. Hol Om Mig, Nanette Grovall [Dark A/U]

There was a reason that he'd come tonight- Something besides what he'd read on the mission sheet.

Was he supposed to kill Yuuki?

... No, that didn't seem right. Kill Yuuki? Why? He wasn't a bad guy, after all; he didn't want to kill. Memori knew that now, although he had no way of convincing anyone else, but Memori knew. Wasn't that enough reason?

Yuuki had said it was, but Memori couldn't remember what that reason was supposed to be for.

... He was sure he was supposed to kill someone, though. The weight in his right hand said that much.

Like mist melting before the sun, Memori recalled his reason for following Yuuki, and for staking out the place until Yuuki left the next day; he hadn't come for Yuuki, he'd come for her. His mother, Memori supposed- His birth mother, at any rate, but not his mother in any other way. She was mad, insane, though he couldn't blame her for that; no more than Memori could forgive her for making Yuuki a murderer.

Yes, that was it. It was unforgivable.

Because Yuuki had followed her orders, and Ken was-

Ken was-

Yuuki. Even though there was so much blood on his hands, Memori could still have forgiven him. Had forgiven him, in fact, because even with the smoking gun still gripped in his hand Yuuki had been crying so terribly, like a frightened child.

Memori hadn't yet processed Ken's death, so at that time he'd just been scared for Yuuki's sake. He'd tried to get closer, but-

... What had happened, again?

Why was he carrying Yuuki's gun?

... Oh, of course: He had to find Miyuki and take care of her, one last time. She'd depended so much on Yuuki, had warped his life with her gentle poison, and the worst part was that she didn't even realize it, so she couldn't stop. For Yuuki's sake, Memori needed to stop Miyuki for good.

So many people would be dead by sunrise.

After Memori took care of Miyuki, he promised himself, the first thing he'd do was go see Yuuki again.

04. Motteke! Se-ra-fuku, Hirano Aya, Kato Emiri, Fukuhara Kaori, Endo Aya [Genderswap]


Mimori's immediate response - to dodge like mad, or flip the offender over her shoulder - was stymied; Yuuki was fast, and by now was used to Mimori's... less-than-thrilled reaction to unexpected welcomes. When Mimori spun on her heel and threw out a high kick, Yuuki dodged, blonde hair trailing behind her like a comet's tail, and threw herself at Mimori.

"Mimori-chan, you're so mean to me!" pouted Yuuki, clinging to Mimori's neck with a clearly falsified pout. "Kicking people in the head isn't very lady-like, you know!"

"G-Get off me!" ordered Mimori, tugging futilely at the short sleeves of Yuuki's modified uniform, aware of the flaming blush threatening to rise in her cheeks. "Don't jump all over me in the halls! Talk about unladylike... !"

"But Mimori-chan!" Yuuki pulled back, hazel eyes sparkly in a way that Memori knew belied her evil, evil... EVIL nature. "I had to run all the way across the campus to make it here in time!"

Snuggling up against the shorter girl's side, Yuuki held a hand delicately to her cheek as she said "But I couldn't miss your big performance! You'll make the best prince ever, since you already look like a boy~"

"I'm going to kill you, Shiina..." was all that Mimori could get out, still working vigorously to pry the underclassman off of her before the surrounding guys passed out from bloodloss via nosebleed.

05. Body Breakdown, Dragonforce [Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy]

On the horizon, the setting sun was dyed red with blood, and not in any metaphorical way- The sky-cities had taken the second-heaviest losses in the Fourteen-Day Battle, and they had fallen to Amaterasu's forces. Now the blood of millions was pouring from the cities in the sky, drenching the image of the falling star in crimson shades.

It was hard not to believe that this really would be the end of all things.

Memori stirred the embers of the fire, raising them to life again; the wind was cooling in anticipation of the night, and around the campground countless fires were being similarly prepared for the night. Since the siege at Yama-no-Higurashi, the stars had - one by one - flickered out like candles in the face of a storm-gale, and now there was no source of light visible at all after sunset.

The moon was gone too, and would be for the foreseeable future. Yami-Ou would make sure that it was gone forever, if something could not be done.

If tomorrow's assault failed.

Yuuki crested the hill, bandanna caught in the twisting breeze; keen eyes would note that the crimson color was not a trick of the light, or a chosen dye, but the color of rusting blood- His wound had bled heavily but it wasn't deep, and he smiled like a dragonfly as he met Memori's eyes.

"We'll be ready," he said, and it was enough to make even Memori believe him. "They'll be ready." And he nodded over his shoulder at the legions who followed them, at all of those who remained- They, the ground forces, had taken too many losses over the past months, but even so they outnumbered even the armies of the gods.

Who were whittling themselves down anyway, so with any luck perhaps humankind still stood some kind of chance.

Memori nodded, just a little introspective, but it was enough for Yuuki to cross the tamped-down dirt and settle himself next to Memori, draping an arms across drawn-up knees. Tilting his head, eyes warm in the dim light, Yuuki added quietly, "And if we die, that's better than waiting for death or living for nothing. Right?"

Memori nodded, and a small smile flickered over his face as he reached for Yuuki's hand - ice cold, from his walkabout - and gripped it in his own.

"If we die..."

And Yuuki's eyes were gentle.

"... There'll be two more stars in the sky."

The campfire flared, and lashes of light leap towards the dark.

06. Fairytale, Alexander Rybak

Seven years old... And man, what a cute kid he'd been! But even leaving aside all the extra problems in his life, the abandonment and the abuse and the insane-but-beautiful woman who cared for him, it wasn't like Yuuki'd meet The One then. First off, he was a kid. Secondly, he was already in love with Yuki-san.

Nothing weird about that.


And not even that cute kid who looked like Yuki-san could change that.

Eighteen wasn't exactly the time for love, either- School, work, assassinations. That kid was back, somewhat less cute (and more willing to smack Yuuki in the face) but that was probably okay; guys shouldn't look like girls anyway, and Memori still did. Look like a girl, or rather, THE girl, which made things awkward for Yuuki whenever they were hanging out, or fighting, or just being around each other.

Probably not normal to look at a guy friend and think of the woman you loved.


Twenty-one... Well, that wasn't too bad a time to get involved. You were older, by then; Yuuki, at least, was better able to think about his life without wanting to bolt for a psychologist. And Memori had cut his hair short, which helped a lot, because now Yuuki could look at him without seeing Yuki-san's ghost.


Now, Yuuki didn't see Miyuki-san any more.

When he looked at Memori, all Yuuki saw was the person he'd been searching for, whether he'd known it at the time or not.

07. Honto no Kimochi, yozuca*

Memori couldn't help but smile; after a rain, things always seemed different somehow. Fresher, cleaner... God knew that he could use some airing out about now.

Crazy things, all of it, but it was hard to remember this when everything was still sparkling with rain.

From behind him, he heard Ken arguing with 'Tousan about something or another, Himiko and 'Ka-san laughing at the foibles of 'the men.' Memori grinned to himself and shouted back into the house about going for a walk, grabbing an umbrella from the front shoe-shelf and heading out the door.

Outside, the ground was soft and living beneath his shoes; Memori could almost believe that this was how things had been in the beginning, as around him the countryside spread in all directions as a blanket of gently-rolling hills.

Shaking dark bangs form his eyes, Memori looked up at the stainless blue sky and wondered if Yuuki was seeing a sky like this right now. Of course, it might be night where Yuuki was; it might be sunset, or covered in storming clouds. A golden disk poured light onto the fallow soil, and Memori found himself hoping that, wherever he was, Yuuki could see the sun.

"Memori-chan, don't stare like that! You're gonna burn out your eyes or something!"

Memori's muscles froze up at the sound of That Voice, and he looked back down to earth too quickly; black shadows danced eerily across his field of sight, but his vision cleared in time to see a flash of blond hair and a white t-shirt pull him into a tight hug.

"Yuuki?" was all Memori managed, wondering if he'd really stared into the sun too long and somehow lost his mind. The arms felt real, though, clinging to him as though Memori had been the one to run off instead of Yuuki; the face buried in the crook of his neck - and dammit, Yuuki'd gotten even taller - was smiling.

"H-Hey," mumbled Memori, nudging halfheartedly at Yuuki's chest. "You're all wet."

Yuuki positively snuggled closer, and as if from a flipped switch Memori could feel his face suffused in a luminescent blush.

"... Idiot. Next time, use an umbrella."

08. A-I-TSU, dicot

Wake up in the morning: 'Hey, I wonder what Memori-chan's doing today.'

Eating breakfast with Yuki-san: 'Heh, I bet Memori-chan can't even make breakfast either.'

Schooltime, and heading out the door with a piece of toast as though he were some kind of character in a manga: 'Wait a second, isn't Memori-chan supposed to be the manga character here? Not that I wanna get that kind of-'

Losing his train of thought because, as if summoned straight to the scene, Memori is in just the right place to knock them both over when Yuuki turns the corner just a little too fast.

Yuuki picked himself up with a grin, not planning to grin but doing so anyway because hey... Memori-chan was here. That grumpy guy probably needed to see as many smiles as he could.

One day, Yuuki vowed, he'd take a couple of days off and go somewhere; they'd loved in him Kyoto, after all. There were a lot of pretty girls waiting for Yuuki Shin to come back for a week or so. Memori-chan would be fine on his own; he was a bodyguard, after all.

Somehow, Yuuki never got around to taking that 'time for himself', although he did eventually go to visit Kyoto, after coaxing Memori to go along for the ride.

09. Otoko no Ko [heart] Onna no Ko, Ogura Yuuko

'Oh god, he's at it again.'

On the one hand, Memori was relieved to see Yuuki again; he'd worried, more than once, that the idiot had gotten himself killed, or pissed off the wrong person, or gotten lost in the desert, or something equally as improbable. But as soon as Yuuki'd gotten a look at Sayako, he'd decided that she'd grown up into "a totally beautiful princess" and had commenced to hit on her in his own inimitable way.

Which, Memori was discovering, was really starting to piss him off, although he couldn't figure out WHY. Sayako, for her part, was fielding Yuuki's advances with the cool deadpan standard that was hers; Yuuki, grinning, was undeterred. After a few hours of this back-and-forth verbal duel, Memori abruptly stood and stormed out the door as though he were walking out on a divorce proceeding.

Behind him he could hear Sayako scolding Yuuki for something, but the words were already indistinct; he must have been more pissed off than he'd thought, because he was making pretty good time and was already on the last step before he heard Yuuki's footsteps behind him.

"Hey, Memori-chan! Don't lose your temper over something so small!"

"Who's losing their temper?" demanded Memori heatedly, before remembering that he was older, wiser, and not personally involved at all. Nope, it was none of his business if the first thing Yuuki wanted to do after his three-year absence was hit on their friend-slash-employer who was, it should be added, still a little too young.

Nope, Memori wasn't bothered at all.

Clearing his throat, he asked "Did Sayako finally shoot you down for good?"

Yuuki laughed, and Memori could almost see the shrug. "Kinda, but eh... My heart wasn't in it."

Yuuki's hands caught Memori's shoulders, and before Memori could throw him onto the concrete Yuuki had leaned down and pressed a teasing kiss to the curve of Memori's neck.

"Sayako-chan told me to go see the person I came back for, before he took it out on some poor innocent bystander."

10. Sadistic Vampire, ver. Usa [Um... Vampire A/U?]

'There's no such thing as vampires.'

'There's no such thing as vampires.'

'There's no such thing as vampires.'

Memori had been telling himself this for what seemed like forever, but which in reality had only been a few weeks. Since then - Since that Yuuki Shin had shown up in town, with his excessive charm and casual attitude and those eyes that seemed to haunt Memori's dreams...

Since then, Memori had found himself doubting what should have been common sense, had been forcing himself not to jump at every shadow and every breath of wind.

When there really was a breath at his cheek, as cool as the winter wind, Memori would have started out of reflex had it not been for the ungloved hand running fondly through his hair.

"Memori-chan, what are you doing out of doors so late?" And Memori could almost see Yuuki's eyes, an amber almost gold and almost glowing in the darkness.

"It's not safe out here, you know."

"Not safe, huh?" And Memori put as much scoff into those words as he could muster, though there was a strange and not entirely unpleasant numbness spreading through his body, as though caused by Yuuki's simple presence. "Not safe how?"

"Mm..." And to Memori's abject shock, he felt Yuuki's mouth lower to the exposed skin where shoulder met neck, with a little nip that would have sent Memori running had he not been caught in a grip more powerful than the one he'd thought Yuuki's lanky frame could muster.

"There are dangerous people out here, Memori-chan; dangerous people like me."

And before Memori could react to that bizarre statement, to wonder if he'd wind up dead after all, something sharp punctured the flesh at the base of his neck with choking force, sparking a flash of pain that was quickly eclipsed by a rush of pleasure that spun Memori out into the darkness.

Yuuki caught Memori's limp form in a single smooth motion, arms encircling Memori's body in a tender embrace made both much less and much more as sharp teeth drew red from pale skin.

The next evening, Yuuki awoke first; Memori, still exhausted from the Embrace, slept on beside his creator, and Yuuki smiled sweetly in the half-light, golden eyes picking out the dark wreath of Memori's hair, the line of Memori's body beneath the heavy covers. If one had seen his expression, they might have even believed that what he'd done had been an act of love.

Author's Notes: Incidentally, at some point I may or may not be elaborating on some of those story-seeds, so... Yeah.