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Prologue-Jacob POV

No Parade – Jordin Sparks

The story was supposed to last
You were never supposed to be
Just somebody in the past
Somebody I used to see

Trouble crept up on us
The warning never came in time
Before I knew it we were dust
Just left behind, left behind

Changes come but where they go
You never know

Just another day like any other
Nothing in the sky said run for cover
Just another reason
Never thought it would end this way

There was no parade, no lights flashing
No song to sing along the way
There was no parade, no waves crashing
There was no one else around for days
There was no parade

Imprinting on someone is weird. I mean really, really weird. You feel and do things that are often completely involuntary. It's like someone else is controlling your emotions and thoughts and actions. You are so connected to the other person that it's hard to know where you stop and when they begin. It's confusing.

When I first looked at Denae Walters, I felt the shift in my world immediately. Suddenly, her clear blue eyes were all I could see. It's like there was a change in my consciousness. She was part of it, and there wasn't a thing I could do to alter it. I can't explain the feeling that I get when something happens to her. I can't read her mind, or know exactly what she's feeling at any given moment. No, that's vampire stuff. I just know in my heart when she needs me.

I've only questioned the feeling in my gut that I needed to get to Denae one time. And I will never do it again.

Fighting with an imprint is hard. Just like any relationship, there are bound to be arguments. Throw in mortal enemies, supernatural creatures, and two very stubborn personalities and it's going to get hard.

"I'm not going anywhere!" Denae said. Her arms were crossed and she had a defiant look in her eye. Fighting with Denae was always a challenge. She had a way of convincing anyone to get her way. It had come in handy in the past, but right now it was making my life much harder.

"It's for your safety!" I had argued back.

"You can't make me leave, Jacob. This is my home now."

We had been arguing for a while by this point. Our life had gotten very complicated. I wanted her to leave for awhile, until everything I felt like things were safe. But she was being stubborn.

I was frustrated. My hands were trembling slightly. I knew I was in control but I wanted to be safe. "I'm going for a run," I huffed. Denae and I both knew that meant I was going to phase into my wolf-form and blow of some steam. It seemed to be the only way I could deal with emotions.

"Fine," she said. She sat down, looking stressed. "The plumber will be here anytime now."

I just nodded. I really needed to get out then. The last thing I needed was for some plumber to see my phase into a wolf in Denae's backyard. "I'll be back at eight. I'm patrolling anyways." I walked to the front door, still agitated. Not at her, but at the seriously screwed up situation we were in. Sometimes I just got so frustrated that things just couldn't go the way I wanted them to. I didn't know why I couldn't just have peaceful existence with the love of my life.

"I love you," she had said quietly as I left. I was too focused on not phasing until I reached the woods to respond.

I should have said it back.

I could feel something was off as I ran. But I knew she was just agitated with our fight. She was worried and stressed about what was happening. Not to mention the Magic 8 Ball, Alice Cullen and her husband Jasper had run off the other day. Tensions were high. Everyone was afraid. I could tell she was thinking about everything and I could tell she was afraid. But I swore we needed some space. That's what normal couples needed after an argument, right? I didn't go back.

That was a mistake.

Leah's voice cut through my thoughts about an hour later You're in an awfully negative mood, She acted like she didn't care but I knew she did. She had become good friends with Denae. Consequently, she and I had grown closer as well, but she was still irritating. The girlfriend kicking your ass again? Her annoying voice distracted me for a moment.

Shut up, Leah. I growled. She was not helping me shake the uneasy feeling I always got when I fought with Denae. It was growing by the minute but I just figured it was just the imprint telling me to go back and make her happy. But making her happy would be putting her in danger, which the imprint wouldn't like either. It was so confusing. I didn't know what to do. I had a serious headache. I was so stressed lately.

Oh, I'm scared. Leah was intentionally pushing my buttons. She caught up to me and I watched as she pranced around in the shadows by the trees. It hid her grey fur but I still knew it was her.

Leave me alone, Leah. I said again as I ran off, trying to put some distance in between us. Harpy and bitter, Leah seemed to live by the saying 'misery loves company'. She had gotten better since she and Denae had become friends, but she was still indignant.

Of course, she followed me which only further angered me. Aw, come on Jake. Her thoughts were sarcastic. Use an injunction like a real Alpha.

I turned and snapped my teeth at her. She knew how I felt about the Alpha command. Knock it off!

She growled and snapped back, catching some skin and fur on my shoulder.

Damn it, Leah! I snarled. For several moments we just stood there and snarled at each other. But then I felt it. Something was really wrong. Denae was hurt. Panic gripped at my heart as I tried to focus on the feeling.

What is it? Leah stopped snarling instantly. She cared deeply about Denae and became serious as soon as she could tell something was wrong.

I don't know. I've got to get to her, though. I took off through the forest with Leah by my side. We were both fast, and she had no trouble keeping up.

It felt like an eternity but it was only ten minutes and I was at her house. I cursed myself for straying so far from her. Usually I stayed within twenty miles so I could be back quick.

The feeling increased as I phased back and walked up her steps. Usually I could feel her presence and hear her heartbeat by now. But it was silent and all I felt was dread.

I opened the door. "Denae?" I called with a slight panic to my voice. She wasn't there. Her scent seemed to be at least twenty minutes old. I smelt an unfamiliar scent and freaked out for a moment, but remembered that the plumber had come. I walked into the kitchen. There was a piece of paper on the table. I picked it up and that's when my heart shattered.

Dear Jacob,

I am so sorry I'm not brave enough to say this to your face. I had to write it down. I'm leaving, just like you asked. Don't come and find me please, I'm begging you. Don't call anyone in Denton or my brother. I don't want them to know anything is wrong. They don't need to be involved.

I can't do this anymore. I'm just a human, and I can't keep up with all of this. I HAVE to leave, I don't have another choice. Trust me when I say it is the best idea for everyone involved. I can't pinpoint when everything went wrong, but I think my past has finally caught up with me and it's making it impossible for me to stay here. The intensity of our relationship has finally become too much for me. I had to leave, or else things would be much worse.

Please, please, please DO NOT come after me. You won't like what you find.


I barely made it to the woods before I phased and howled with anger and sorrow and hurt and pain. Rejection and sadness were mixing in with the fear I felt from Denae and it was staggering. I didn't know what to do. I could feel that she was hurt and that something was wrong with her. Normally I could follow the imprint to where she was but that wasn't happening this time.

She didn't want to be found.

I couldn't survive without her. It was just that simple. I had no idea how to go on. I was physically hurting and having trouble breathing. My thoughts and feelings were just a jumbled mess. Imprints don't just leave their wolves. That doesn't happen.

All I could think about is how we fought and how I left. I left without even telling her I loved her. And now, I had nothing to live for. This was ten times worse than what I felt when she first freaked out when she found out about imprinting. I completely lost sense of anything. Time, where I was, and who was around me. That was not good for the Alpha of a pack, but I couldn't bring myself to care. Not when Denae had left me.

I didn't even notice Edward until he had me pinned to the ground.

"Jacob! You need to listen to me!" Edward growled.

I snapped and snarled and tried to get away from him. But it was only a half-hearted attempt. I was too crushed by what had happened to really fight.

He's right, listen! Leah's voice said. Calm down for just a few seconds, long enough to listen.

I wanted to snap at Leah for giving me an order but I didn't. I went limp. There wasn't a point. Why fight? Why do anything anymore? Denae was gone, my life was over.

"Jacob, pay close attention to what I am about to say, okay? I need you to focus and listen. After I say it, you need to try to get yourself under control so you can phase back and we can figure out what to do."

I didn't make any effort to respond.

"We have reason to believe that Denae was kidnapped."

That got a response.