Title: Attraction VS Compatibility
Author: Readingmama/Vampiremama
Beta: AcrossTheSkyInStars

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Continuity: AH/AU
Rating: M -This fic will contain talk of rape and abuse. It will discuss rape fantasies and other uncomfortable topics. If this offends you, please do not read. No actual rape will take place during this fic, but sexual assault may occur or be discussed.

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The trees were in full bloom as I strolled along the promenade. The campus was always so pretty in the summer time. I was both excited and petrified that I was finishing up my third year. Only one more to go, I kept telling myself.

I rounded onto the Quad. The area was mostly grassy with a few picnic tables spread around. With thousands of people attending classes here, it was amazing to me that they only supplied six tables. But no matter how busy it got, me and my friends always seemed to get one.

"Hey sexy beast!" Rosalie called from Emmett's lap.

"Hey bitch," I replied, "I see you're saving seats, how environmental of you."

"Oooh, someone is on their rag," she teased, dripping with sarcasm.

By the time she had finished her sentence, I had arrived at the table. Sitting on the opposite side of the table was my brother, Jasper, and his lifelong girlfriend, Alice. The feisty, little sprite had moved across the street from us when she was three. She saw us playing in the yard and came over, introducing herself as my new best friend and Jasper's future wife. Our parents laughed at the time but Alice was dead serious and obviously correct. She was truly the best friend a girl could have and I knew for a fact that Jasper had already bought the ring and was waiting for the right time.

Rosalie and Emmett were newer additions to our group. I had met Rose when I tried out for the cheer squad; we bonded at the auditions and became close friends when we both made it. She and Emmett had been dating a year but had been screwing like bunnies for three.

I sat down next to Emmett and Rose, throwing my backpack on top of the table. My eyes immediately flickered over to the single oak tree that stood tall in the center of the Quad. A small smile crept on my face when I noticed the green eyes staring at me.

I called him the emo boy in my head. I didn't know his name but I did know him. He sat under that tree every day with his small group of friends. They read books and chatted intensely. He was the kind of boy who had a tortured soul. He never smiled, but he did do this crazy half smirk thing that chicks go crazy for. In the two years I'd been watching him, I'd never seen him laugh, really laugh. A small chuckle here or there, but never that embarrassing, I'm-going-to-snort-milk-out-my-nose laugh.

So yes, I knew that boy in the corner, he was a serious student with a tragic past, and even though he had been watching me for as long as I watched him, we were just too different to mesh. The attraction was there, you could cut it with a knife, but we weren't compatible. He would want an equally tortured soul and I was a girl with a fortunate life. My parents were together, they supported me, and I'd never so much as lost a pet growing up.

"Just fuck him and get it out of your system already," Emmett said, breaking me off from emo boy's gaze.

"Dude, that's my sister," Jasper complained from behind me.

"Not that we need to go over this again, but I don't have sex with people I don't love. I know you sometimes forget that cheerleaders and whores aren't the same thing, but some of us have morals."

"Well shit," he replied, "I'm sure glad I got one that doesn't have any of those." He threw back his head and let out a loud guffaw. He continued laughing until Rosie slapped him upside that head.

"Why don't you just go ask him out?" Alice asked sympathetically.

"I just don't think it would work out. He's too serious for me and I'm not serious enough for him. It'd be doomed before we even started."

My friends left it at that and went to talk about something else. I wasn't paying attention because I focused myself back on the boy at the tree. He wasn't looking anymore; he was packing up his things and getting ready to leave. His shirt rode up on his back as he bent forward, showing me a sliver of his pale skin. Most of the guys in my social circle went to the tanning beds, and to see someone with such ivory skin was a turn on to me.

I watched his tall, lanky body move gracefully as he headed towards the Eastern building and away from me. He stopped suddenly as if he forgot something and he turned giving me one last look. I bit my lower lip as he produced that panty-dropping smirk before turning and leaving.

And that concluded another typical year on campus.


My messenger bag was slung across one shoulder as I entered the Quad area. The black canvas bag was decorated with some of my favorite patches that I had found over the years, my favorite saying: "God is dead: Nietzsche. Nietzsche is dead: God."

I was dressed all in black even though the weather was warm, the truth was, all I owned was black. When you are colorblind, it's easier to take the problem out of the equation. This way, I always matched.

My best friend in the world was at my side. Jane stood about five feet tall and looked about fourteen but that girl could debate anything. If you were a capitalist, she'd have you preaching Marxism by the time she was through, just because she could. If this girl ever decided to take over the world, I held no doubt that she could do it.

"I don't know how my professor even graduated elementary school; his view on environmental law is absurd. The money you make protecting the environment is peanuts compared to the money you make protecting criminals. Besides, where is the fun in defending a tree?"

Did I mention she was also a little bit evil?

We sat down at our usual spot. Kate and Garrett were already seated and talking heatedly about nuclear fusion. They were the smartest couple I knew and I rarely understood a word they said, but they knew where to get the best weed and that made them good in my books.

I was a philosophy major and just finishing my third year. I was going for my PhD so I wasn't even counting how much time I would have left. I was pretty sure I'd be done before I was thirty.

I felt her before I saw her; I turned to see her walking towards her picnic table, the one she and her friends always sat at. The way she moved could hypnotize a man. She was confident and sexy, always with a smile on her face.

Some days when she was wearing her cheerleading outfit, it was near impossible to stay away from her. It wasn't something I was ever attracted to before, cheerleaders, that is, but her in that tiny skirt was heaven. She was completely different from me, where I was more shy and withdrawn, she was bold and sassy.

I knew her name was Bella as I had heard her friends shout it enough times, but that was the extent that I knew about her, besides the fact that she was beautiful.

She met my eyes as she always did and I was speechless. Her eyes were always so kind and welcoming, even to me, someone she didn't know. I knew she felt the pull that I did, but the truth was, she was the kind of girl who could have anyone.

What would she do with me?

We were from two different worlds and those worlds didn't mesh. Her life would leave her with a successful businessman who would take care of her while she pursued her dreams, not a boy that went to school for a degree he'd never likely be able to even use.

I sighed and stood up before bending down again to grab my bag, slinging it over my shoulder.

"Hey Edward, are we going out to celebrate? End of classes!" Garrett exclaimed.

"Maybe later, I have a job interview."

"Oh, okay, good luck, man," he replied.

"Thanks," I said walking off.

I stopped, turning around to see her one more time. Goodbye, sweet Bella. See you next year.

Man, I hated the summers.

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