Ichigo sighed in irritation as he approached the Urahara shoten. He clutched his school bag tightly as a frown marred his normally handsome face.

The previous day when he'd come home from school, he'd been attacked by his father; which wasn't really anything new, but the reason was. Apparently the school had called to alert his father that his grades were falling. So, his retarded father had jumped all over him, spewing garbage about how his little boy was failing and his mother would be disappointed.

Before he'd left for school the next day, his father had showed his rare serious side and informed him that he had found a tutor for him. And who was it? Of course, it was none other than the genius Urahara.


Without knocking, Ichigo let himself into the shop and stood awkwardly in the doorway, rubbing the back of his head with a hand as he waited.

"My my, Kurosaki," Urahara sing-songed as he breezed into the room, his trademark fan hiding the lower half of his face. "You're late."

"Yeah, I had some...stuff to do," Ichigo shrugged, his scowl deepening. "Let's just get this over with."

Urahara nodded mutely and lifted his arm to point a finger at a room off to the side. He waited for Ichigo to enter and then followed him, trying unsuccessfully not to watch the young boy's pert ass as he walked.

The older shopkeeper had had his eye on the young shinigami since practically the day they had met, but he had managed to keep his hands off him so far.

A small floor table had been placed in the centre of the room with a plush cushion on either side. A tea set sat on the far side, plumes of steam wafting from the spout. Different writing tools and paper had been placed on the table as well.

Ichigo stalked across the room and plopped down onto a cushion. Pulling his bag close, he pulled out dishevelled papers and notebooks and spread them across the table.

Urahara grinned and flicked the fan closed before following suit, but seating himself gently across the table from Ichigo, with his feet bent under him. His coat pooled fluidly around him as he set his cane on the floor beside him and fan on the table directly in front of him. He touched a hand to his green and white striped hat, making sure it was in place before glancing at the redhead.

"So, how can I help you, Kurosaki-kun?"

"If it were up to me, I wouldn't be here at all," Ichigo scowled as he wrestled with a paper, trying to straighten it out. "I need help with homework, I guess."

"My my," Urahara smiled softly. "You're very unorganized, Kurosaki-kun."

"Shut up," Ichigo growled, the sound turning into a cry of triumph when he managed to straighten the page. "Here," he handed the wrinkled paper across the table.

Urahara grasped it gently and let his eyes scan the page. He mentally answered each question as his gaze travelled downwards. It was all trivial to someone like him, but he could see how the young redhead would have trouble with it. He set the paper down for a moment to grasp the tea pot and two glasses and poured them each a cupful. He held the heating glass in his hand and breathed the smell in deep, letting the scent of his favourite tea soothe and relax him. He frowned slightly under the shadow of his hat as another scent invaded his space, a slightly citrus smell that was coming from...across the table... Urahara barely held back the groan that was threatening to escape.

The assignment was from Biology. It was a question sheet from a lesson that Ichigo obviously hadn't paid any attention to, or he would have known the answers. Some of the questions had nearly illegible scribbling in the provided space for answering, and it took the shopkeeper a few moments to decipher the answers, all of them incorrect.

"They are all wrong," Urahara murmured.

"It's not my fault," Ichigo scoffed. "The lessons are so boring, I can't pay any attention at all. My badge goes off so much that I'm always leaving anyway."

Urahara nodded and reached for a blank piece of paper and quickly wrote down the questions.

"Ah, this might be a little difficult if I'm over here, Kurosaki-kun," Urahara drawled and got fluidly to his feet, grasping his cushion and moving it to the other side. He sat down beside Ichigo, making sure to sit unnecessarily close.

"Don't call me that," Ichigo barked, blushing slightly when the shopkeeper brushed against his side.

"What would you like me to call you then?"

"I don't know. Just not that."

Urahara chucked deeply. "May I call you...Ichigo, then?"

"Whatever," Ichigo shrugged and picked up a pencil.

"Okay, Ichigo," Urahara grinned. "Let's get started."

The pair got down to work. Urahara did his best to explain in simpler terms, and had to struggle not to reach over and ruffle the young man's hair each time he exploded when he didn't understand something. After an hour, Urahara reluctantly leaned away from Ichigo and declared they needed a break.

"Finally," Ichigo breathed a sigh of relief.

"I'll fetch us some more tea."

Urahara got to his feet and went to the kitchen to boil more water. He leaned against the counter, lost in thought. Ever since he'd gotten the call from Isshin, he'd been wondering exactly what Ichigo had been doing in his free time to cause his grades to plummet. True, the young man was a shinigami and was out several times a day disposing of Hollows, but he still had plenty of free time. When the kettle boiled, he snatched it off the stove and made his way back to the study room, sliding the door quietly shut behind him. He poured the boiling water in the tea pot and added fresh tea, and then took his seat beside the redhead.

"Ichigo," Urahara murmured, turning slightly to face the younger man. "I've been wondering, what is it that you're doing in your free time if you're not studying?"

"Uh, I've been reading," Ichigo stated and lowered his head, avoiding the shopkeepers gaze.

"Reading?" Urahara pondered. "If you're reading so much, shouldn't your grades be going up instead of down?"

"I...I haven't been reading...educational books..." Ichigo stammered, his face flushing a pleasant shade of red.

"What kind of books, Ichigo?" Urahara's gaze travelled over the redhead, his eyes lingering on the younger man's reddened cheeks. He longed to reach out and brush his fingers against the soft flesh...

"Uh, well...a guy at school leant me a bunch of books."

"That doesn't answer the question, Ichigo," Urahara chuckled. He couldn't figure out why the younger man was so embarrassed by the question, unless... The shopkeepers eyes widened and he turned fully towards the redhead. "Unless they are...naughty books."

Ichigo turned his head away, but not before the shopkeeper saw his cheeks deepen in colour.

A huge grin stretched his face and he tentatively reached up to but a hand on the redheads shoulder, turning him back to face him. "So, this 'friend' gave you some...porn, and you've been reading it all the time?"

Ichigo nodded and hung his head.

"You're young, Ichigo. It's nothing to be ashamed of."

"Tch," Ichigo scoffed, his hands balling into fists.

"Can I ask you something, Ichigo?"

Ichigo shrugged.

"Have you ever...fooled around with anyone?"

"What?" Ichigo gasped, his head flying up and eyes seeking Urahara's. "You trying to make fun of me?"

"No, no," Urahara soothed, gently rubbing the redheads shoulder. "I am only curious."

"No," Ichigo whispered, shaking his head."I haven't."

Urahara nodded and picked up his cup, taking a big gulp of the hot liquid. He closed his eyes and focused on calming down. His heart was thundering in his chest and his breathing had picked up, and his pants had tightened slightly. He didn't want to scare the younger man off when he was so close to what he had wanted for ages.

"Don't you want to?"

"Of course," Ichigo snapped. "Who am I gonna fool around with? Chad? Ishida? Yeah, right."

Urahara chuckled and gripped Ichigo's shoulder firmly, spinning the younger man around until their faces were inches apart. He leaned forward until his lips brushed against the redhead's ear. "You forgot...about me," he breathed, smiling gently when Ichigo shivered.

"You..." Ichigo gasped. "Why would you want to...to fool around with me?"

"You may not have noticed, Ichigo," Urahara whispered, his tongue flicking out to touch the redheads ear. "But I've had my eyes on you for quite some time."

Ichigo gasped and shuddered, unconsciously leaning towards the older man. "You have?"


Urahara flicked his tongue again and then pulled Ichigo's earlobe with his lips, sucking gently on the flesh. He suppressed a smile when the younger man gasped again and nipped gently while moving his body closer to the others. The shopkeeper's tongue trailed upwards and then gently into the redhead's ear, teasing the inside.

Ichigo moaned softly and his hands moved up to grasp at Urahara's coat, his fingers gripping hard. His head instinctively leaned to the side as the shopkeepers lips trailed down from his ear to his neck, nipping and licking on the way.

Urahara chuckled softly and nipped at Ichigo's pulse point before pulling away and meeting the redheads gaze.

"Do you want this, Ichigo?" Urahara murmured, his eyes searching big brown orbs.

Ichigo paused for a moment before nodding. "On one condition."

"And what would that be?"

"You can't wear your stupid hat."

"I think I can manage that, Ichigo," Urahara chuckled deeply and plucked the hat off his head, setting it on the table along with the forgotten homework. Urahara placed a hand on Ichigo's chest and pushed him, forcing the redhead to scoot backwards until his back hit the wall.

Ichigo gasped when his back hit the wall. He was sitting with his back against it, his legs bent at the knee and spread slightly. He glanced up, watching the blond intensely as he moved to kneel in between his spread legs.

Urahara reached a hand out to grasp Ichigo's chin, tilting his head upwards. Leaning down, he placed a light kiss on the corner of his mouth. His hands moved to find purchase on the redhead's hips, squeezing gently as his lips moved fully over Ichigo's. Urahara kissed him softly, moving his lips slowly against the other's unresponsive, innocent ones.

Ichigo moaned softly as Urahara's lips closed over his. He had never kissed before and wasn't sure what to do, but it felt really good. He hesitantly moved his lips back against the shopkeepers as his hands moved up to wind around his neck, his fingers gripping the blond hair at his nape.

Urahara suppressed another grin at the feeling of Ichigo's innocent lips on his own. To think that he was the one stealing the redhead's first kiss sent tendrils of pleasure to his lower region, his erection twitching in anticipation. The blond was glad that his clothing was loose and would conceal his excitement, as it would probably scare the younger man. Urahara's nipped Ichigo's lip, pulling gently on it with his teeth as his hands began to slowly rub up and down the younger man's sides.

Ichigo moaned softly into Urahara's mouth and his fingers tightened in his blond hair, squeezing hard as he kissed the shopkeeper back. He shivered as the blonds' hands moved from his hips, travelling over his stomach and up his chest.

Urahara didn't give any warning before tweaking one of Ichigo's nipples. He used the redhead's surprised gasp to slide his tongue gently inside his mouth to explore. He nudged Ichigo's tongue with his own as he teased his nipples with his fingers.

"Uhh," Ichigo moaned, his hands sliding up to roughly thread through blond hair. He followed Urahara's lead and tentatively slid his tongue along the shopkeeper's.

Urahara groaned softly and moved his tongue more firmly, engaging Ichigo's, moving and twisting together. He slid his hands down the young man's firm chest and grasped the hem of his shirt, sliding it up so it rested just above his stomach. Urahara let his hands explore the soft, firm flesh as they continued to kiss.

Urahara felt like he was ready to explode. He'd been thinking about this for so long, and now that it was happening...it was a dream come true. He wanted to do so much to Ichigo that he didn't know where to start.

Urahara started to slide Ichigo's shirt up his chest when there was a loud knock at the front door of the shoten. "Shit," he groaned into Ichigo's mouth as he reluctantly pulled away. "I forgot that I had an appointment tonight."

Ichigo looked up at Urahara, disappointment shining in his eyes as he let his hands drop to rest on his stomach.

"We can continue tomorrow," Urahara grinned, leaning down to kiss Ichigo softly. His other hand reached out to grasp his hat and he placed it on his head before getting fluidly to his feet. He held his hand out to Ichigo and pulled him up when the younger man grasped it. "If you want."

"Yeah...I want to," Ichigo blushed.

"Good," Urahara smiled and placed a gentle kiss on the tip of the redhead's nose. "I'll see you tomorrow."