Ichigo collapsed against the wall, his hand reaching up and touching the tip of his nose, which was still wet. His heart was thundering in his chest as moved his hand to rub the back of his head.

He could hear Urahara speaking with a client in another room. The shopkeeper's baritone voice enveloped him and he noted that he'd never noticed what a sexy voice the older man had.

Sighing quietly, Ichigo gathered his papers and shoved them in his school bag before stalking from the room and letting himself out of the shoten.

The cool evening air wrapped around him, making him shiver due to his heated skin. He hefted his bag over one shoulder and turned towards his house. He vaguely hoped that his father wouldn't ask how the tutoring went, because he didn't think he could keep a straight face.

His mind was consumed with thoughts of the shopkeeper. The touches...the kisses... he wasn't sure what to think about it. Sure, he had enjoyed it immensely; he was still fully hard. He could still feel Urahara's hands on him...his skin still tingled from being touched...his lips still raw from being kissed... He wondered what would happen tomorrow.

Ichigo groaned and walked quickly, hoping that his badge wouldn't go off as he was in no condition to perform his job. When his house came into view, he jogged up to the door and flew inside, yelling something about going to bed. He took the stairs two at a time and slammed his door shut behind him, making sure to lock it. The redhead took long strides across his room to shut his drapes and then flopped into bed, immediately pulling his pants down to his knees and grasping his raging hard-on.

"Uhh," he groaned as his cool hand wrapped around his heated flesh.

Ichigo screwed his eyes shut as he began pumping himself, while imagining that it was Urahara doing it. He bit his bottom lip between his teeth and his heels dug into the bed, effectively arching his back as he fisted himself faster.

He wanted Urahara's hands on him. His mouth on him. Anything on him.

He fingered the small mark left behind on his neck with his free hand as remembered what it felt like while Urahara's lips were on him. Moving his hand, he let go of his lip and covered his mouth to stifle a groan as his head flew back into his pillow. He stroked fast and hard, the strokes growing erratic when his stomach tightened in warning.

"Shit," Ichigo groaned, the word muffled by his hand.

He cried out into his hand as he came, his release spilling down over his hand, and some of it spraying his stomach as he continued to stroke. Sighing contentedly, he fell back against the bed and laid there for a few moments to catch his breath, his erection still twitching in small aftershocks. He reluctantly slipped from his bed and changed into pyjama's before pulling his blanket over him and falling asleep.


Ichigo spent the entire next day in school fantasizing about Urahara to the point that his friends and teachers kept asking him what was wrong. He was adamant, telling them that nothing, in fact, was wrong, but they didn't seem to buy it.

By the time the end of the school day came around, Ichigo was extremely anxious. He stashed his homework in his bag and immediately left his friends behind as he made his way to the Urahara shoten. He let himself inside the shop again and slipped his shoes off as he waited impatiently for the shopkeeper.

Urahara heard the door open and someone come inside the shop. He knew immediately who it was. Ichigo's excited reiatsu flooded the whole shop as soon as he stepped in the door. The blond grinned but straightened his features as he went to greet the young shinigami.

"Ahh, Ichigo," Urahara smiled, flipping his fan up to conceal his face. "You're on time today."

Ichigo nodded and went straight to the room they had used the previous night. He flopped down on his cushion, noting that the other's was right beside his.

Urahara took his time. He went to boil some water for tea and fetched a few snacks before coming back. He filled the pot and added tea before seating himself next to the redhead.

"My my," Urahara murmured. "You certainly seem to be in a good mood today, Ichigo."

"I guess," Ichigo shrugged, his normal scowl falling back into place when Urahara made no move to touch him.

"Let's get down to work, shall we?"

Ichigo's frown continued to deepen as he pulled out his homework and they set to work on it. He grew increasingly frustrated as the minutes began to tick by. After only half an hour, he threw his pencil down on the table and leaned back, bracing his hands on the floor behind him.

"What's wrong, Ichigo?" Urahara purred.

"Nothing," Ichigo shrugged.

"That's not entirely true, something is obviously bothering you."

"Why aren't you trying to touch me?" Ichigo exploded, his face immediately flushing afterwards.

Urahara held back his chuckle, but couldn't manage to hide his smile. He concealed it behind his fan and sighed. "I thought we should at least attempt to finish some work before we get too distracted."

"Oh..." Ichigo trailed off, lowering his head in embarrassment.

Urahara set his fan down and grasped Ichigo's chin gently, turning his face towards him. He leaned forward and kissed him softly."I'm afraid that I won't be able to keep my hands from you once we start."

Ichigo flushed deeper and met the shopkeeper's gaze. He found himself getting lost in the stormy grey eyes so he dropped his gaze down to the blonds' lips.

Urahara groaned softly and leaned forward, connecting their lips once more. He grasped the redhead's hips and dragged him closer, pressing their chests together. He smiled when Ichigo's hands wound around his neck, and he slowly deepened the kiss, his tongue sneaking into the wet heat of the younger man's mouth.

Ichigo moaned against the older man's lips and clutched his shoulders tightly as he moved his tongue against Urahara's. His fingers grasped the material of the shopkeeper's coat, gripping it tightly.

Urahara reluctantly pulled away from Ichigo to trail his lips down his hard jaw and neck, where he sucked and nipped his pulse point, intent on darkening the mark from the previous night. His hands slipped underneath the redhead's shirt to feel his toned stomach, but after a few moments, that wasn't enough; he wanted to see it as well. Holding onto the younger man tightly, he lowered him to the floor before crawling in between his legs. Grabbing the hem of the redhead's shirt, he slid it up his chest before pulling it from his body and tossing it aside. Urahara purred as his gaze travelled over the toned chest of the younger man and his straining erection twitched in anticipation.

Ichigo's breaths were coming in short pants as he watched Urahara's hungry gaze rake over him. He frowned as he reached up to pluck the shopkeeper's hat from his head and threw it aside.

"Sorry," Urahara smiled gently. "I forgot."

"I thought you didn't forget anything?" Ichigo grinned.

"I don't normally have a sexy redhead pinned beneath me," Urahara pointed out.

Ichigo blushed and leaned upwards to tentatively grasp the blonds' coat. He pushed it down the older man's arms, leaving him in his dark green top.

Urahara grinned and caught Ichigo's lips in a hard kiss before pushing him back down. He kissed and licked at the younger man's neck before moving downwards and flicking a nipple with his tongue.

"Ahh," Ichigo moaned, his hand reaching up to tangle in blond hair.

Urahara nipped the bud gently and used his free hand to tease the other one. He groaned around the nipple as Ichigo began to writhe under his touch. He licked down Ichigo's chest, down his stomach and in his belly button as he reached for his shirt and slipped it off. Crawling back up Ichigo, he lowered himself until his chest rubbed against the others.

Ichigo moaned softly, his back arching and pushing his body against the shopkeeper's. His hands reached up to grasp the others bare shoulders, his nails digging in hard.

"My, my, Ichigo," Urahara purred. "You don't need to hold on so hard; I'm not going anywhere."

Ichigo blushed and lessened his hold, but didn't let go entirely.

Urahara nipped and sucked at Ichigo's neck as one of his hands trailed lower. He smiled when his hands met a light trail of red hair that travelled downward and under the other's pants. His hands lightly followed the trail, his fingers dipping slightly below the redhead's waistband before stopping. He glanced up at Ichigo to read his expression.

Ichigo leaned up on his elbows, watching intently as the older blonds' hand moved lower. The muscles in his stomach rippled as Urahara's warm hand travelled over it and he bit his lip between his teeth as the other's hand slipped underneath his waistband.

Urahara could tell that the young redhead was enjoying his attention; mostly due to the bulge in his pants. He slipped his hand lower until he felt coarse red hair with his fingertips. He paused for a moment before moving his hand down further and grasping Ichigo's firm erection.

"Ahh," Ichigo gasped.

Urahara chuckled lightly and used his other hand to flick open the fastenings on Ichigo's pants before pulling them down with his free hand. He pulled the younger man's erection out and almost groaned at the first glimpse. He thumbed the head, spreading precum around before giving it a firm stroke.

Ichigo gasped loudly as his eyes fluttered closed and his head fell back.

Urahara began to stroke the redhead's member softly, his eyes locked on it. He groaned as a bead of clear liquid seeped from the slit and dripped down the side of the shaft. He wanted so badly to lean forward and lick it, but wanted to take his time and draw the experience out as much as possible. He caught Ichigo's lips with his own and kissed him deeply, pushing his tongue into the wet heat of the redhead's mouth as he began to stroke him faster.

Ichigo struggled to concentrate on the kiss as he was fisted faster. He kept gasping into the other's mouth as he fumbled against Urahara's lips. Spittle dripped down from their intertwined tongues and dripped from his chin as his hands moved up to thread in blond hair, grasping tightly.

Urahara growled in approval as he picked up his pace. His hand was a blur as it moved over the younger man's erection. His own erection was straining against the material of his pants, practically begging to be let out; and he wanted to, but he wasn't sure if Ichigo would be ready for that yet. He sucked on the redhead's tongue as his speed peaked.

Ichigo moaned softly as his tongue was sucked into the wet heat of Urahara's mouth. He pulled on the blond hair wrapped between his fingers as his body began to tremble with his approaching release.

Urahara felt the other tense as he approached the end. He gripped the shaft firmly and let go of Ichigo's tongue, moving his head down to bite his neck hard.

Ichigo began to thrust instinctively into Urahara's hand to create more friction between them. He cried out as he came hard, his release spilling over the older blonds' hand, and some of it splashing across his stomach.

Urahara purred as Ichigo came over his hand and continued to stroke him until he was completely finished. When he pulled his hand away and saw that it was covered in Ichigo's hot, sticky mess, he lifted it up to his mouth and caught the redhead's gaze as he licked his fingers clean. Once sufficiently clean, he leaned forward to press his lips against the other's lips before falling back on the floor and stretching out contentedly.

Ichigo fell back beside him as he attempted to catch his breath. His chest was heaving and he was sweating profusely, his orange hair matted against his forehead. He closed his eyes as he relaxed against the floor before he glanced over at Urahara and noticed the prominent bulge in his pants.

"What about you?" Ichigo panted as he sat up and looked down at the older blond.

"It's fine, Ichigo. I can take care of it later," Urahara smiled softly up at the redhead.

"No...you shouldn't have to. Can't I help you with it?" Ichigo murmured as he blushed.

"If you want to," Urahara chuckled. "But you certainly don't have to."

Ichigo bit his lip between his teeth as he haltingly reached for the older man's pants. He fumbled with the fastenings for a moment before he got them open and with the help of Urahara, he managed to pull them, and his underwear, down to bunch around his knees. He gasped as the older blonds' massive erection sprang free and bit his lip harder as he reached forward to grasp it, wrapping his hand around it.

Urahara smiled at Ichigo's innocent actions; he was extremely glad that he would be Ichigo's first, but he couldn't help feeling that he wanted to be the redhead's only. He moaned softly as the other's hand wrapped around his heated flesh. He barely held back the urge to thrust into his hand; he wanted Ichigo to take his time and explore.

Ichigo gave an experimental stroke and smiled when that caused the older blond to moan softly. He mimicked what had been done to him, stroking the hard member slowly but firmly. He looked back at Urahara, his gaze raking over the other's lips as he continued to stroke.

Urahara was in heaven. He had been fantasizing about this for so long; he didn't know how long he would be able to hold on. He watched in amusement as Ichigo looked at his lips, obviously wanting to kiss him. Leaning up, he grasped the other's chin and pressed his lips to the redhead's.

Ichigo sighed happily against Urahara's lips as he grasped the shaft tighter and stroked faster. His other hand moved to thread through blond hair, holding on tightly as the kiss deepened and the other's tongue pushed inside his mouth again. He copied what the other had done and used his thumb to clumsily brush against the head before thumbing the slit experimentally.

Urahara groaned and without realizing it, his hips began to thrust upwards into Ichigo's hand. He bit the other's lip hard, pulling it with his teeth as he began to lose control.

Ichigo could tell the other was close so he picked up his pace, fisting the other as quickly as possible. He reluctantly pulled away from Urahara's lips, his gaze raking over his toned body. His other hand moved down to gently brush his stomach, watching as the muscles rippled and flexed under his touch. He squeezed the shaft as his fingers ghosted across firm flesh

Urahara purred as Ichigo touched him. He mentally cursed himself as he came to the edge, his body tensing before he came. He groaned and his head flew back as he came hotly over Ichigo's hand.

Ichigo pulled his hand away when he was sure Urahara was finished and looked at the mess on his hand. He briefly wondered how it tasted, but he wasn't ready for that yet. He sat awkwardly beside Urahara, unsure what to do with the mess.

"Here," Urahara chuckled and handed his coat to Ichigo.

Ichigo smiled gratefully and wiped his hand on the coat before dropping it to the floor. He gasped when the other grasped his waist and pulled him until he was straddling the other's lap.

Urahara glanced up at Ichigo, his stormy eyes full of adoration. His hand cupped the back of the other's head and brought their lips together softly.

"If you thought that was good, wait until tomorrow," he purred as he plucked his hat off the table and sat it atop his head, hiding his wicked grin.