I made it to Z! Finally XD Anyway, I wanted something cute and funny to end this nice little collection. And with the only word I could think of being 'zone' (I couldn't think how to fit a zebra in there XD), this is what popped up. I know, hardly related to the word, but it's still there and most of the fic just came to me after I wrote the first few paragraphs. Just a cute, funny team fic, I hope you like it!

Thank you to everyone who's reviewed, I aprpeciate every single one of your comments and I love all of you! Hugs to everyone :D

"Becker! Get to the safe zone!"

The captain was running as hard as he could. He could hear someone chasing him, footsteps heavy as they ran. He smirked, panting hard as he dived for the area Abby had yelled out to him – the safe zone. As he rolled onto his back and stared up at the bright blue sky with a grin, sweating in the heat, he heard Danny start to complain.

"That's not fair! Safe zones are for people who can't run, and can't hide."

Becker scrambled to his feet, glaring at the team leader as he let his gun fall to his side.

"I seem to remember you've been hiding in the safe zone at least three times so far," Becker shot back. Danny gave him a dirty look.

Abby and Connor were laughing at the pair arguing. Behind them, Jenny was sneaking up. She jumped out from behind a bush and fired her pistol. Water splattered all over Abby and Connor. The latter jumped a mile, both turning to face their attacker.

"Come on boys," Jenny said as she ducked a blast of water from Connor's water pistol, grinning "It's just for fun. Give it a rest."

"Hey, anyone seen Sarah?" Abby asked. No one had seen the Egyptologist since they'd started, although Becker was sure he'd been attacked by her at least twice. She was very good at water fights, it seemed.

As Abby spoke, a blur shot out from hiding and vanished again just as quickly. The only difference now that it was gone was that Danny was now completely soaked. A giggled floated on the wind as the rest of the team burst into laughter.

"Come on boys, let's get dirty," Jenny grinned, almost evilly, and the everyone looked at her strangely.

"Don't you mean..." Danny started, but didn't get the chance to finish before Jenny knocked him into the mud created by the water fight. He landed heavily on his butt and Jenny was gone before anyone could blink.

Two seconds later, Becker stepped out of the safe zone – the area fenced off with buckets full of water for refuelling – and landed a shot to Danny. The already-soaked man glared angrily through wet hair as the captain vanished. Connor and Abby shared a smirk.

"He's actually quite fun when he loosens up," Abby laughed as Danny hauled himself to his feet.

"You better watch out!" he yelled as he raced after the captain.

Abby and Connor looked at each other for a moment. Then they raised their weapons and started to dodge attacks from each other, and all sides. Sarah was like a bullet, shooting in and out. She must have had a bucket, Connor thought as he was drenched thoroughly by the elusive woman. Then he shook the water out of his eyes and hair, and ran after Abby as he tried to target her.

A shout erupted, unmistakable as Danny's. It was followed by the man's gleeful taunts directed at one Captain Becker. Abby and Connor exchanged glances and ran to find them. Nobody wanted anyone dead today.

They found the pair a little way off, Becker flat on his back with Danny standing over him, water gun aimed directly at the man's face. Becker was glaring angrily, whilst Danny laughed his victory.

"I told you I was gonna get you."

Becker didn't say anything, and neither noticed Abby and Connor watching them. Danny grinned far too evilly for anyone's liking, and emptied the contents of his weapon into Becker's face. The captain spluttered under the deluge of water, and the two hidden fighters had a hard time not laughing as Becker's usually-neat self was completely ruined by mud and water. He was so absorbed in his own victory that he didn't see Becker scramble to his feet. The soldier launched himself at Danny and tackled him to the ground. The pair fell into the mud, fighting. Connor and Abby backed away as the two men (or boys, as they were acting now) growled and fought like wild animals. Or children, Abby thought.

They backed into something – someone. They turned to see Sarah standing there. She looked like a soldier trying to camouflage themselves – mud was streaked across her face, and twigs and leaves were stuck in her wild, wet hair. She held a bucket over her head, grinning like a madman as she dumped the contents over Connor and Abby. She left them spluttering and coughing as they were almost drowned in the downpour of water. When they'd recovered, the pair looked at each other with determination.

"Team?" Connor asked.

"Oh yeah. Let's get her."