Hello, my friends! So, this will be the last chapter, I had originally intended to do a one-shot but thanks so much for all your reviews and stuff.

"Why don't you make yourself useful?"

"What do you want me do to, hold your nozzle?"

The heat in this desert didn't bother Ziva, but it was certainly getting to Tony's head. They had been driving around for hours, and the happiness of the previous afternoon had been forgotten completely and replaced with stress and suspense. Those feelings were maximised when they (finally) pulled up to a lone diner. An SUV was parked out the front, and it looked awfully familiar.

The car from the gas station.

They raced inside, guns at the ready. The room was a mess. Blood splashes and bodies everywhere, shell casings, a few weapons. Tony's brow furrowed. What was going on?

"Tony." Ziva called for him with a strange tone. It sounded like fear or sadness, two things that Ziva David was not known for.

And that's when he saw her. Their beloved Director lay limp and lifeless on the cold hard floor, blood pooling underneath her. Tony put an arm around her. She did not move away. She quite literally cried into his shoulder.

"That's good, Ziva," he said. She lifted her head and her brown eyes burned questioningly.

"What is good here, Tony? Jenny is dead, and it's our fault."

"It's not our fault. We did all we could. We followed orders and disobeyed them to make sure the Director was safe. No matter what we did, this was always gonna happen. I think it was beyond our power to stop it."

"And how is that 'good'?"

"What's good is that you're not trying to keep all this sadness inside of you. You're letting it out."

"It's weak."

"It's good for you. Being human is not weak. You are not weak. And I need you to stay that way, for me." He gripped her shoulders. "If you're not strong, I'm not strong either."

They both glanced at the body again. He kissed her hair, and she let him, not caring about anything but poor Jenny.

It was then that Ziva's cell phone rang. Abby was calling. Tony went to reject the call, but Ziva stopped him.

"She'll know something's up. She always does." She put the phone on speaker, not wanting to leave the warmth of Tony's arms around her. "Now is not a good time," she told the Goth.

"Nice to talk to you too," Abby replied, sounding a little discouraged. "So, how's LA? Is it hot?"

"Hot enough." It was only then that Ziva realised who she was really talking to and why Abby was really calling. The bathing suit!

"Abby, did you sneak that bathing suit into my bag?"

"Yep." It was odd; Ziva could picture Abby cringing on the phone back in her lab. This was another emotion to add to Ziva's feelings at that point in time.

"Goodbye, Abby. I will speak to you later." Ziva hung up the phone and reluctantly called Gibbs. He needed to know.

"Gibbs," he answered.

"Hi Gibbs."

"Ziva, what's up?"

She gulped. "It's Jenny."

"What about Jenny?"


"Spit it out, Ziva."

"She's dead."




"Gibbs, please answer me!"

"I'll be there soon. Stay where you are. Where are you?"

Ziva told him the location and Gibbs ended the call. He was incredibly good at hiding it, but she knew he was devastated and that he loved Jenny.

Later, back in DC...

"Paris. That's when it must have happened. It makes sense." Tony seemed sure that something had happened between Gibbs and Jenny.

Endless days, constantly putting your lives into each other's hands. Not to mention the long nights." Ziva definitely agreed with him.

"It was inevitable."

"Nothing is inevitable."

"Nothing, Ziva? You think everything is somehow avoidable?"

"If you are strong, if you can resist temptation."

"Does that make Gibbs and Jenny weak?"

"No, that makes them young at the time."

"Young like us?"

"Tony, don't do this. Not now."

"You say 'not now', but when, Ziva? This, us, is inevitable."

"You're only saying that because of what happened in LA, at the beach."

"I know that kiss was to keep Jeanne away, and I know you regret it, probably now more than ever, but I also know that you actually had a good time that afternoon we spent together."

"You're right. I had fun with you but that's all changed now."

"Ziva, we've lost Jenny but we haven't changed. We're still us, and right now we need each other more than ever."

"Inevitable," she whispered as Tony pulled her in for a kiss. The touch of his lips made her unable to pull away.

And from outside, Leroy Jethro Gibbs watched his two agents. He did nothing except smile. They were young. Different in many ways to him and Jenny, but similar too. In any event, even though he had Rule 12, he wished that their relationship didn't end the same way his and Jenny's did.