So I got some reviews that said they wanted more to my story Angel Blood. That was a one shot but I was playing around and thought I would try again for a longer story with a similar plot. The only thing that's really the same is that Castiel is injured and Xander brings him back to get him some help. Lets also say that I am going to change what happens at the end of Supernatural Season 5 so that Castiel was never blown up by Lucifer and is still human and now a hunter as well. And I'm gonna say also that Gabriel never died because he was cool and he is gonna be all big brother in this Fic. Also, none of Buffy Season 8 is going to be used in this Fic because I haven't read it yet. After the fall of Sunnydale they moved to Cleveland. That's about all I have to say so lets get started.

Xander was walking home from his job as a carpenter. He had his own store since no place would hire him because of his lack of an eye. He did repairs and made pieces on request as well as the front room being filled with things he had made himself. It was surprising what one could do when the monsters were slow around town. It had been about 3 years since Sunnydale and he had sort of found his notch in life.

The only big thing that had happened since then were these weird occurrences all around the country about a year ago. And then as mysteriously as they had started they had stopped. None of Giles contacts could tell them what had happened but it was clear that it had been a big deal. Thankfully someone else had taken care of it. And while this didn't happen very often, no one really complained when it did. Just as long as it was over.

Xander was just walking by the graveyard when he heard a strange sound. Out of instinct he took a stake out of his jacket and followed it. What he found made him a little confused. A man was digging up a grave all by himself. Every now and then he would look around as if he expected something to jump out at him. When Xander heard the sound of a coffin being broken open Xander figured he had better investigate. He put the stake back in his jacket and walked over just as the man was climbing out.

He caught his first real look at the man and held back a laugh. He was dressed in a pair of ripped black jeans that almost fell off his hips. They would have if not for the brown belt holding them up. He wore a pair of white sneakers, which were now covered in mud. He had on a dark green button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up past his elbows. His hair was a black and short, and sticking up at odd angles from the sweat of digging up the grave. He didn't see the man's face but he would have to wait for that.

Xander snuck up behind the man as he bent over to put the shovel he had been using back into his bag and said, "Hey buddy, what you doing?"

Xander's eyes widened and his hands automatically went up as the man turned around as quick as lightning, a sawed off shotgun in his hands that pointed right at Xander's head. The man had wide blue eyes and a bit of a 5o'clock shadow. His eyes held no fear or panic, just a sort of determination not to be stopped in whatever he was doing.

But it seemed the man did not intend to shoot him because upon seeing Xander he lowered the gun, sighed, and rolled his eyes, "Oh great, just what I need right now." the man said in a voice so low and gravely Xander wondered if it was natural or the man was just ill, "Look, you might want to get out of here. What I'm doing is a bit dangerous." the man said as he put the gun down and took up a back of salt.

Xander became a bit confused when the man began to pour the salt into the open coffin. He was taken out of his confusion when the man started to pour lighter fluid down after the salt, "Um, what are you doing?"

The man sighed as he began to dig into his pockets looking for something, "I'm burning a body." he then came out with a box of matches and lit one.

Xander knocked the match and box out of the man's hands and asked in outrage, "What the hell is wrong with you? Why would you do something like that?"

Then the air filled with a loud scream and the man in front of Xander suddenly flew backward and into the wall of a near by crypt with a painful sounding crack. Xander stared in shock as a small girl in a ripped sun dress appeared before the man as he tried to sit up and began to choke him. Xander didn't know what to do but saw the man pointing at something. He was pointing to the matches he had knocked to the ground and understood. He had to burn the body or this guy was going to die.

Xander lit the match in his hand and looked back at the man to see the girl was now standing in front of him. Out of instinct he threw the match into the grave and as the body burst into flames so did the little girl before disappearing. Xander just stood there stunned before remembering the other man. He ran over to the unmoving figure slumped against the crypt.

The man was bleeding from a large gash on his forehead. Xander tried to talk to the man but he was dead to the world. Xander knew that moving the man might make things worse so he took out his cell phone and called Willow, "Willow, it's Xander. No, I'm fine, but the guy next to me isn't. I'll tell you what happened when we get there but I can tell you that this guy knows about supernatural stuff since he seemed to be getting rid of a ghost. It kicked his ass bad Wills, and it was kinda my fault. I just need to transport us to the house. I'm afraid that if I move him I'll make him worse. Also, I'm gonna bring his bag." Xander put his hand on the man's shoulder after grabbing the bag from next to the grave, "Yeah, I'm holding him. Transport us so that he lands on a bed. He's on my left." Xander shut his phone and held on as tight as he thought was healthy for the guy

A few seconds later Xander found himself standing next to a bed that now held the muddy and bloody man. In Xander's hand was the man's bag. Also in the room was Ander, Giles, and Willow. He figured Buffy and Faith were out patrolling.

At seeing the man now on the bed Andrew went into action of checking him over. Giles watched on as Willow started taking bandages and alcohol out of the near by cabinet. In the light the man looked even worse. He was muddy and bloody, this was true. But he also looked very tired and a bit underfed. He was distracted from looking at the man's face when Andrew removed the man's shirt to check for more injuries. His body was covered in bruises and several scars. All of the scars looked to have been gotten over the last few years. If nothing else this showed he was a bit new to the supernatural game. As they turned him over to help get his pants off Xander noticed the man had a large pair of detailed black Angel wings tattooed on his back as well as a date. On his chest, over his heart, was another tattoo of a cross with the words, "I love my Father" in a circle around it. The last tattoo was some sort of symbol on the right side of his chest. It looked a bit ritualistic to Xander and when he asked Giles he said he would look for it.

After they had stripped the man to his boxer and bandaged him up Xander was left alone in the room with the man. Xander was looking at the bag at his side and decided it wasn't really snooping, just looking for a way to identify the man before him if he looked through the bag. Xander was not surprised to see a few other weapons in the man's bag. He had the sawed off shotgun from earlier and if the extra ammo was any indication it was filled with rock salt. He also found some knives made of different substances, a stake with blood on the end of it, and a few charm bags. Then he found something he hadn't expected. Instead of one ID he found 5 different ones. Each had a different name on it. 4 of the 5 were badges to identify him as a member of some authority. So he went off the one that was just a drivers license. It said he was from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It said his name was Castiel Singer.

Xander showed the Ids to Andrew when he had come in to check on the man and Andrew had started off on some geek rant about spy films. He had told Andrew to take them to Willow to see what she made of them and knew about Castiel Singer of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

It wasn't until the next morning when the man made a single sound. Xander had fallen asleep but was woken by the sound of whimpers and muffled yells. He turned to the bed to see the man squirming in his sleep with a look of distress on his face. Xander reached out and gently shook the man, "Hey, wake up. Can you hear me?"

The man sat straight up with a look of fear and confusion on his face. He turned to take in the unfamiliar room and when he saw Xander he jumped out of the bed and shifted into a fighting stance. Xander could tell it made the man dizzy and sore from the way he swayed slightly and winced.

Xander got to his feet and held up his hands in a peaceful gesture, "Hey, clam down, your safe. Do you remember what happened last night?"

The man didn't drop the stance but seemed to think about it. Then he glared at Xander, "I remember you distracted me and that's why I'm sore and almost got strangled."

Xander winced and looked at him sheepishly, "Look, I'm sorry about that. I didn't know you were working. I mean, you didn't check in with us before coming into our town."

He looked at Xander hard, "What do you mean check in?"

"This is the town of the Slayer. You do know who the Slayer is right? I mean, you do hunt the supernatural don't you?" Xander asked

"Yes, I'm a Hunter. But no, I have never heard of this Slayer. Are you the Slayer?"

Xander burst out laughing at that and had to put one hand on the bed for support, "Me, a Slayer. Oh man is that a good one. No, I'm not a Slayer. Slayers are all girls. I just sort of help her and the others out every now and then." Xander saw the man was still in his fighting stance, "Look dude, you can drop the fighting stance, no one here is going to hurt you. If we wanted to do that I would have killed you back in the graveyard."

The man seemed to think this over in his mind and then came to a conclusion. He relaxed slightly, but still looked ready to fight at a moment's notice. It was then he looked down and flushed bright red seeing he was only in his light blue boxers. He grabbed the blanket off the bed and covered himself, "Um, I seem to be missing my attire. Would you know where it might have gone?"

Xander smiled and chuckled, "Yeah. We took it off of you to check you over. Andrew, the guy who patched you up, couldn't stand how dirty they were so he took them to get cleaned. I'm sure they would be done by now. Let me check."

Xander went over to a phone that hung on the wall and dialed Andrews extension. When Andrew said he would bring the clothes up as well as breakfast Xander hung up, "I hope you like bacon, eggs, and toast. Andrew said he was going to bring us up some breakfast." Xander sat far away enough so that the man would feel less threatened, "Look, I hate to bring this up, but you had so many different Ids on you that I don't know your real name. but I guess, you being a Hunter, that would explain the Ids. I should tell Andrew to stop looking. But I'm gonna guess your name is Castiel Singer. Did I get the right one?"

The man nodded, "Yes, I'm Castiel."

"Isn't that the Angel of Thursday?" Xander asked, just making conversation

Castiel looked at like a knife had just been plunged into his gut, "There is no such Angel anymore."

Before Xander could comment on this Andrew came in with food and clothes. He also came in with information about the tattoo on Castiel's chest, "It's something called a Devil's Trap. It only works on hell demon's though. It keeps your body from being possessed."

Castiel looked at his clothes and then smiled kindly at Andrew, "You did a very nice job Andrew. Thank you so much for your kindness." Andrew blushed and quickly left the room. Castiel turned to Xander in confusion and asked, "I don't understand, did I say something wrong?"

Xander chuckled. The way this guy talked and acted, it was like he didn't know how to be human but was working on it as hard as he could, "No, Andrew just has a bit of a crush on you, that's all."

Castiel's confusion didn't go away and he asked, "What is a crush?"

Xander just stared, was this guy serious, "Um, well, it means that he is attracted to you."

Castiel seemed to think about this for a moment before nodding, "I see. Well, it will not come to anything. I do not find him attractive."

Xander just stared as Castiel ate his breakfast before asking, "May I ask you your name? you have yet to tell me."

Xander hit is forehead with his hand, "Oh, man do I feel dumb. My name is Xander Harris."

Castiel held out his hand stiffly, as if not used to doing so, "It is very nice to meet you?" after a few moments he asked, "Am I allowed to leave this room and learn more of this Slayer?"

Xander smiled, "Sure, just follow me."

Alright, so there is the first chapter. In the next one we get to learn about the Slayer and what Hunters think of witches and we also get to see Gabriel. Please Read and Review.