Here we go, the Winchesters. I have had so many questions about when the boys would show up. Well here they are, and what do they think of Castiel's situation? Once again this chapter will be from Castiel's side of the story. I've decided to switch views every once in a while but I will always say whose side is being written. Well, lets get this show on the road.

Castiel stood stiff as a board, blushing tomato red, and looking like a kid who got caught doing something wrong. He tried to get away from Faith's arms but she just repositioned herself so that her arms were wrapped around Castiel's waist and he was pulled right up against her side.

She smiled at the three new visitors and asked, "Can I help you with something? Cause I was a little busy doing something else."

Gabriel snorted, Sam looked away feeling a bit embarrassed, and Dean said, "I don't think you were doing anything yet but it looked like you were trying to get there." Dean had a big smile plastered on his face

Castiel Felt like he wanted a giant hole to come and swallow him into the ground, "Faith, please let go of me. I need to greet my friends."

Faith sighed dejectedly and leaned up to kiss Castiel lightly on the cheek, "See you later Angel boy. I'm going to alert the house to our visitors." on her way out she smacked Castiel on the ass

As soon as she left and the doors were closed the room was filled with laughter. Gabriel and Dean were leaning on each other for support while Sam was trying to hide his laughter behind his hands. Castiel sighed, "Yes, yes, all very funny. Now can someone tell me why your all here?"

Dean wiped a tear from his eye and took a deep breath before walking up to Castiel and hugging him, "It's good to see you in one piece Cas. Why didn't you call us when you headed up here? We would have told you this was Slayer territory. They don't need our help."

Castiel hugged him back before punching Dean in the shoulder, "You're a dick you know that. Why did you never tell me about the Slayer? I may remember most of the things I knew as an Angel but I don't remember everything."

Dean rubbed his shoulder to ease the pain as Sam came over and answered, "Castiel, we just forgot. It's not often any hunter even comes into contact with a Slayer cause by the time we hear about what's wrong they have already taken care of it. And for you to even find a job in this town, those are some phenomenal odds. I'm surprised they weren't aware of it."

The door to the room opened and in walked Xander and Willow. Xander smiled and said, "Well, looks like the candy loving Angel is back. And look, he brought more mysterious strangers."

Willow sighed, "Are they going to try to kill me to cause I'm a Witch?" at the word witch both boys drew guns from their jackets, "I'll take that as a yes."

Castiel moved as fast as he could and stood between the two groups, "Boy's it's alright. She's not that kind of Witch. She is one of the few who hold the power of my Father. He gives it to them through the Earth. Lucifer has nothing to do with it."

The boys lowered their guns, "Cas, are you saying this is an Earth Witch?" Sam asked in awe

"Yeah, that's me. One with the Earth and filled with enough mojo to kick some serious ass when needed." Willow said as she walked around Castiel and held out her hand, "Also know as the White Witch."

Sam's jaw dropped as he took her hand, "Oh, no way, really? This is such an honor"

Willow smiled, "Well it's an honor to meet you to Sam Winchester. You and your brother, some of the best hunters we've heard about. But I think we should talk about how you handle Werewolves."

Dean snorted, "What's to talk about. You put a silver bullet into it's head and then burn the body."

Castiel could tell that was the wrong thing to say before Dean did. Before anyone could say anything Willow was holding out her hand and Dean was slammed up against the ceiling and seemed to be stuck, "Dean, I think that might have been the wrong thing to say." Castiel said with a smirk on his face

"Oh, you have no idea." said Xander as he scowled up at Dean, "Let me enlighten you mister big bad hunter man. We have a few supernatural people on the payroll around here. One happens to be a werewolf I went to high school with. Another is a Vampire with a soul. Then there's the non-hell variety demons that help us out from time to time. And if you try to kill a single one of then, well, there might no longer be a Dean Winchester." Xander finished by letting an evil smile slide across his lips

Castiel just smiled, having been filled in on some of this stuff by Faith earlier that morning before breakfast. Castiel didn't have a problem with it, knowing that one of his Father's chosen was keeping an eye on it all. He trusted Willow after all. But Dean, he was a bit to black and white for these people. He'd have to keep a close eye on him while they were here, "Willow, I know he's a jerk, but if you leave him up there for to long he'll get a nosebleed. Also, I think his brother is getting jumpy with all this."

They all looked over at Sam who was trying not to reach for his gun, knowing it would do no good.

The silence was broken by Gabriel who smiled, "I'll get him down." and held up one of his hands

Dean's eyes went wide and he said, "Wait."

Gabriel snapped his fingers and Dean fell 10 feet to the floor with a very loud thump. He groaned and turned onto his back, winded. He glared at Gabriel and choked out, "Thanks."

Gabriel ignored the sarcasm and said, "Your welcome." he then pulled Dean to his feet and as he dusted off his back he said, "Now, apologies to the nice all powerful Witch and promise not to hurt her little friends so we can get on with it."

Dean glared at Gabriel before holding out his hand to Willow, "I'm sorry I said that stuff." he didn't make eye contact

Willow huffed and left without a word. Castiel burst into laugher at the look on Dean's face when Xander said, "Hey, Dean, I think she likes you. She let you keep your manly bits."

Castiel smiled to himself as he later looked out the window and into the grounds. Xander was giving the Winchester brothers and Gabriel the tour he had given Castiel the day before. Castiel was standing in the old library and had taken some time out from looking at the books to look out the window. There were a few girls running around playing a game he recognized as basketball.

He was distracted a man he had never seen before came up and stood beside him. The man looked older, late 50's maybe. He wore glasses and held a book in his hand, "Hello, I don't think I've met you yet. My name is Castiel."

"I am well aware of who you are my boy. My name is Rupert Giles, I am head Watcher." Rupert held out his hand and Castiel shook it firmly, "So, I hear your Brother won't let you leave. Why do you think that is?"

Castiel sighed and said, "Because he thinks I'm somehow mentally unstable. He thinks that because I lost something very dear to me during the Apocalypse that I might do something stupid, like get myself killed. He hopes that by being around what he called Apocalypse experts that I might learn how to cope with it."

"Is he right, are you taking more risk then you should?" Rupert asked

Castiel gave Rupert and irritated look, "I feel I am only taking the risk necessary to do my job the right way. The only reason I was hurt in the first place the other night was because I was prevented from finishing what I was doing." Castiel looked back out at the girls and sighed, "But I guess I could take a break now and then. It's just that I feel so useless when I'm not doing anything." Castiel paused and looked at Rupert with a confused face, "Why am I telling you all this?"

Rupert just smiled with a sort of wicked glint in his eyes, "I sort of have that effect on people. I think of it as one of my better aspects. Does it bother you?" He asked with a knowing smile

Castiel looked at him for a while and then gave a small smile, "Not as much as it probably should."

Rupert just smiled back, "Just know that if you want to talk about anything, most of us would be happy to listen. As for feeling useless when not doing anything, just remember. If you don't stop and rest every now and then, you won't be able to do your best when you need to."

Castiel thought about that for a few moments and nodded without saying a word. They both just stood there for a moment not saying anything. Nothing really needed to be said.


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