Haay guys, I thought about this story already before 'Nami-sensei-I don't know how to spell love' and it's full with LuNa fluff (Not in the first chapter, it still have to come xD)

Summary: Luffy is terrible sick! He hallucinates and he can't walk...Nami is worried and she's going to take care of Luffy like he did for her...Or is it more this time?

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The ship is docked and it's almost night. Everyone does his own thing. Luffy sits on the Thousand Sunny's head, Zoro is sleeping while lifting halters, Nami is swimming, Sanji is cooking, Chopper is making medicines and Usopp is working with Franky on a new project.

"Sanji! I'm hungry!" yelled Luffy with a pout

"Yea, dinner's coming!" yelled Sanji "stop whining!" Luffy pouted but turned away, watching the town with all the nightlights again. Sanji walked to Luffy after 20 minutes.

"Do you know where Nami-swan is?" asked Sanji taking a drag from his cigarette

"No..I don't..." said Luffy turning to Sanji.

"Hmm...where could she be..." thought Sanji

"I'm gonna look for her" smiled Luffy

"But dinner's ready.." said Sanji with a frown.

"I know but dinner's not the same without Nami, isn't it?" Luffy jumped off and looked for Nami. Sanji frowned watching Luffy

'Is he sick or something...' He shrugged his shoulders and walked to the kitchen, serving the others.

'Where could she be?" thought Luffy. He looked in her room, the bathroom, the whole deck and the observation room, but he could find her. He looked over the railing, into the sea. 'We are on the shore, she could be swimming...' He was right. She's swimming. Luffy watched the orange-haired girl. She stood straight and shook her hair. Luffy's eyes widened and he blushed. 'What the heck...' thought Luffy confused 'What's wrong with me?'

"Nami! Dinner's ready!" yelled Luffy.

"Huh, Luffy?" said Nami looking at him confused 'Why is he here? Isn't he hungry?'

"Hurry up and put some clothes on, before Sanji sees you!" said Luffy with a grin. Nami smiled and nodded. She looked around and frowned

"But..." said Nami. Luffy cocked an eyebrow. "My clothes..." said Nami with a blush. Luffy saw her clothes lying next to him. He blushed again seeing her bra between it. (a/n: She's not naked btw, she wears a bikini)

'The hell is wrong with me!' yelled Luffy in his head and a pout.

"C...Could you bring it to me?" asked Nami insecure.

"Yea, I'm coming" He said with a big grin. Luffy jumped of the ship and landed on his feet. He walked to Nami via the shore and gave her her clothes


"Thank you"

Luffy turned and stood with his back towards Nami. Nami smiled and put her clothes on, trusting Luffy that he won't look. It's also dark so it was not really visible, and I didn't mean Nami's body but the huge red blush on Nami's and Luffy's cheeks. The only thing Nami needed to put on was her skirt but she heard Luffy murmur something. Nami turned a bit and saw Luffy trembling a bit.

"Luffy, are you ok?" asked Nami

"N..No..." said Luffy honest while landing on his knees.

"Luffy!" yelled Nami worried. Luffy landed flat on his back. "LUFFY!" yelled Nami harder. The crew heard Nami and they ran to the railing of the ship. They saw Nami and Luffy. Luffy lay with his head on her knees and Nami brushed his hair telling him to wake up. Sanji noticed that Nami didn't wore a skirt.

"Oi, Luffy! If you hurt my Nami-swan, I'm going to kill you!"

"SANJI! Shut up! There's something wrong with Luffy! Chopper, come quick!" Chopper looked worried and noticed something next to him. Luffy's sandals...He already suspected something. Chopper jumped down and walked to Nami and Luffy. He checked his temperature and his eyes widened.

"Zoro, bring Luffy to the infirmary!" said Chopper. Zoro jumped down and ran to Luffy. He lay Luffy over his shoulder and nodded. Chopper searched for something in the sand.

"Chopper! What are you doing, Luffy's sick, you have to help him!" said Nami worried and confused

"Help me, Luffy stood in a kind of sea animal with a poisoned needle, you have to help me!" said Chopper. Nami nodded and searched together with Chopper. "I have to find it for the cure"

"This one?" asked Nami after a few minutes

"Yes, exactly! Don't touch the needle!" Chopper walked to Nami and took it carefully

"Please find a cure..."Pleaded Nami

"I will" said Chopper with an uneasy smile.


Everyone had to come to the aquarium room. The half was worried and the other half already knew the result. Everyone waited for Chopper. Chopper came into the aquarium room after a few minutes.

"Ok, guys, I did some research and I can explain everything..." said Chopper with a smile. Everyone was relieved after seeing his smile, knowing it's getting better. "He's getting better and he's totally fine after a week, but he's stung by a rare animal, so he keeps hallucinating...you have to ignore everything stupid he has to say..."

"So nothing changed" smirked Zoro

"Zoro, not funny..." said Usopp

"Oh, and you have to stop him if he's gonna walk..." said Chopper "That could end bad..." Everyone frowned but nodded. "And could someone take care of him? I have to do a lot researches about the medicine so I don't have time for it..."

"I do it" said Nami standing up

"Nami-swan, are you sure?" asked Sanji worried

"Un, He took care of me when I was sick, so I'm gonna repay him..."


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