First Step

The small amounts of sunlight streamed from the blinds as a boy of twelve woke up from his sleep. He rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand and yawned. "Mhm...morning already?" he mumbled as he turned to the window. Getting the blanket of his body, he reached for the string that unfolded the blinds and pulled it, making the lights a little more intense in the room.

Suddenly, a small grunt came from the edge of the bed, making the boy's view shift to it. "Oh Ace, did I wake you up?" the blonde asked with a small smile on his face. Another groan followed as the little blue dinosaur shot up into view, a little annoyed from the sudden movement. Ace was a Carnotaurus, a blue skinned one with yellow horns, and has a weird dislike to water. You may be wondering why he has a dinosaur in the first place, but that is another story.

"Rex? You awake?" a voice shouted from the door to his room. "Yeah, just give me a few minutes to change Max." he replied as he took a quick glance at his sky blue pajamas. Slipping his feet to his soft slippers he headed to his closet and grabbed the clothes he had. It was a weekend today, so he chose to have some casual clothing. He grabbed his white tee and wore his beige trousers, then got a short-sleeved light blue jacket and wore it over his shirt.

"'Kay, I'm done..." he muttered as he pushed the door open and stepped into the hallway. The boy was honestly surprised to see his friend dressed in his favorite outfit standing there, waiting for him; his clothes consisted of a red shirt with a yellow hood, matching gloves, orange pants and red and white shoes. "What's with you today?"

"Nothin'...we're going to help Zoe out."

"With what?" he asked.

"With Dr. Drake's work of course." he said it as if it was really obvious.

"So there aren't any new dinosaur cards or any sign of the Alpha Gang?" Rex questioned as Ace walked up behind him, staring at him blankly.

"Yup! It's a lucky break right?" the brown-haired boy beamed.

"So why are we working then..?"

"Stop asking questions Rex! C'mon, Zoe's waiting at the door!" he swiftly grabbed him by the wrist and started to pull him towards the stairs. "B-but I haven't eaten breakfast yet..!" he shouted as his slipper touched the first floor of Max's home. The other boy ignored him and led him to the door, turning the knob with his free hand. As he expected, the pink-haired girl was standing there with an impatient expression on her face. "What took you so long?" she asked with an irritated tone.

"Sorry." Max apologized. "Rex wasn't awake when you asked us to help you out."

"Max-!" the blond protested.

"Whatever, we have to hurry back. There seem to be more customers today than usual." she then took Max's hand the same fashion as he did to Rex and pulled the two along with her, running out of the yard and to the street. Rex sweat dropped as he was being dragged by his arm, he had a feeling he was going to skip breakfast today.

"Dad! I got Rex and Max to help us!" the girl shouted as she stepped in her own house and zipping past the line of people with their animals. "That's great Zoe..! We need all the help we could get!" the man replied as he was about to give an injection to a frightened Labrador. The next two hours were filled with the two boys running back and forth with supplies in their hands, trying to calm down different kinds of pets and assisting Dr. Drake whenever they were free. Apparently there's been a disease floating around that may actually kill animals, so most owners were worried and getting their pet's shots today. Even Chomp and Paris had theirs already...

"Rex?" his voice loud from all the commotion inside their home. "Where's Ace? He hasn't been injected with the vaccine yet!"

"A-ah...I left him at the house when Zoe and Max were dragging me here." for fun, the blond emphasized the word 'dragging'. That made the duo smile sheepishly because they were helping the vet out with another scared cat.

"Bring him after we're done with these customers okay?" he nodded and ran back to the other room to fetch some towels.

After a while, the noise died down a little; not much people were waiting anymore, but they were still busy..."Kids, one of you has to go to the store and buy some medicine for me." he told them all of a sudden after getting them together.

"I'll go." Rex piped up and said it the first, which made Max grumble in response. "Okay then, here's the list and some money." the man handed him a piece of paper and a couple of bucks and he placed them both in his pocket. "Hurry back alright?" the blond nodded in return and rushed out of the house, feeling glad that he finally got some fresh air. The sun was high up in the sky now, meaning it was close to lunch time, and Rex was really hungry...

He soon arrived at the convenient store and grabbed the items he needed, along with some crackers to keep him from complaining. Paying the cashier, he went pass through the automatic glass doors with a plastic bag in his right hand and some food on his left, which was currently in his mouth. He was contented, it wouldn't last him that long, but it would suffice...or so he hoped.

Rex was walking back to Zoe's house when he noticed two kids playing at the other side, close to the street. He smiled as they were playing with a reddish-ball, and their voices sounded so happy and filled with energy. "...I can't waste too much time..." he muttered to himself as a reminder, and focused on going back. Suddenly, Rex cringed when he heard the ball hitting something hard, like it was bouncing on cement. They were playing on the grass, so that means-!

Turning around, he was shocked to see the girl with braided pig-tails trying to pick up the ball that landed in the near center of the road. And not far from where she was, a speeding car was coming towards her. Even though the car would hit the brakes, it would still be too late.

A decision...

Dropping the plastic bag and the crackers, Rex ran as fast as he could to her. He just had to lunge himself far enough...

A single moment...

When his foot touched solid pavement, he exerted all his strength into one jump with his arms extended to push the little girl off harm's way. She was holding the ball and saw the car; at that point Rex had enough force to shove her aside, not caring that the car would hit him instead.

The last thing he heard before he blacked out was the screeching of the brakes and the girl's scream.

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