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Once there was a little boy, a very happy little boy

Who lived in Italy with his mom and dad

He was very happy and seldom sad

Then one day the Nazis came

And for most people, the happy days began to end

Leaving a life of fear, grief and pain

The Nazis came and leaving destruction and death in their wake

A father made ultimate sacrifices for his young son's sake

When they were sent to a concentration camp on his son's birthday

This father tried to protect him from the reality of Hitler's evil ways

"Since its your birthday, we're going on a trip" the father said to his son

When they arrived at the dank, dreary camp, he still tried to come up with something fun

"It's all a game, that we will play, and there will be a prize at the end – someday"

"The person with the most points wins a real tank"

The father said, trying to inspire his son, hiding him from the evil truth that stank

"Very little food, all the yelling. All the bad things are the point of the game"

So bravely this father shielded his son, amidst so much horror, and death, this little boy was protected

Insulated in the belief that it was all for fun

Only later would he learn how bravely his father died, of all the sacrifices that he made

To save his life

While to his wife and son, "Farewell" he bade.