He sees her playing in the snow; he thinks she's beautiful.

To be completely truthful, he's never thought that much about Hannah Abbott because he's Zacharias Smith and they're just two people whose fates can't possibly be intertwined because they don't have the kind of chemistry other destined to-be's have, such as Weasley and Granger.

They'd make an unlikely couple if they did get together though because they're not completely opposite, but they're not completely the same, so what would even make them contemplate fancying each other?

As he stands in the corridor, leaning against a wall, he sees her running towards him and before he can stop her, she's grabbing his hand and pulling him out into the snow despite his protests. With her free hand, she reaches down to scoop up some snow before she unceremoniously tips it on his head. She then runs for it, laughter echoing in the wind.

"Oh, you're done for, Abbott!" he yells as he takes a handful of snow himself, then grimaces. He sprints after her, chasing her around the trees and following her laughter.

He doesn't particularly like the snow but an hour later when they're both laying on the ground and panting from pure exhaustion, she leans over to look at him with the brightest smile he's ever seen, and that's the moment he decides that the snow really isn't that bad. Especially when she's there.

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