This story started with Ben and Meg and so it ends with them at the end of the day.

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Chapter 19

Realising she was starting to enjoy her new found peace and quiet Meg slipped on her favourite light blue satin robe and got ready to leave the small bathroom off their hotel bedroom. Paused and smiled remembering her father's earlier comment not expect a quiet evening; her sister's new found bouncy energy and excitement, along with their family catch up session here and phone calls as well emails back home had seen to that. And it had only just ended because her father had shooed her and Ben off to bed exclaiming. "He didn't want to deal with two tired grumpy parents and a young whirlwind first thing tomorrow " then had finished it off by eyeing her sister and ordering her to collect a mug of hot coco from her mother and sleep!" .

She quietly chuckled remembering her sister's huff with rolling eyes before uncomplaining complied with her father's order. They both … all knew the reputation of their mother's hot drink as a cure for all moods and ills. Though Meg seriously doubted sleep would come quickly for her sister as she was still buoyed up with ideas for the future. And felt again that ripple of delight at seeing her sister give Ben a warm and happy nigh hug and loving thank you for bring them here before she went over to her mother. And with thoughts of their new situation flickering across her mind she reckoned it would take a while before it became 'old' or second nature, then instantly realised in some ways they'd already got used to it. Had already tagged the twins as their's or Maria's Ben when needed in family conversations on the phone or in their own group here, and sometimes knew which one they were talking about without having to explain that out loud. Not only that, when with them that afternoon she'd felt as though they'd known each other for a long time rather than the newness of a short time … that morning…

Less than a day … Feeling another a not too gentle prod this time of a sharp elbow, knee or something solid from her daughter-to-be Meg came out her thoughts, rubbed her stomach and shifted her position. While wishing wholeheartedly her little one would stop twisting and turning in there. And felt a flutter of anxiety wondering if Ben was right to worry. Though he'd not actually voiced or shown any to her or anyone else and wanted to be with him even if it meant disturbing the first moments of solitude he'd had since this morning. Switching off the light and opening the door she walked into their bedroom expecting him to be in bed resting or asleep even, though she was sure she'd not been that long washing etc….

She'd let him change etc first knowing he was tired and would be quicker than she was and had used those few moments to sneak a quick look at Benjy … But just as she poked her head round the door of his room she'd got a quiet but forceful reprimand from her mother who'd sneaked up behind her … 'Benjy was on sleepover with them so leave him be and sleep!' She had nearly huffed back that she would if her daughter-to-be would let her, and couldn't help wondering if her parents would feel the same when that sleeping angel woke at the crack of dawn totally and utterly convinced it was time to get up and see Cuzzy Simon…

But hadn't because she knew her mother understood her second reason for being slow to follow Ben into their bedroom. She knew Meg had seen the hugs and quiet words her parents gave Ben as soon as he came into the lounge area after seeing the hoteliers. Knew they were loving reassurances not only from them but also surrogate ones on behalf of the adopted parents he'd so recently lost, as well as giving him a moment to readjust and reinforce his emotional shields before facing the excitement of the evening. He'd heard Sara's shrieks as she spotted another house she thought her parents would definitely like. And those goodnight hugs and quiet words just now from them, were from themselves as loved parents-in-law and him saying thank you for their support before doing as Hank ordered … turning in for the night. … Not only to sleep but to have some quiet time together before facing tomorrow which was not going to be a quiet day either by the looks of things.

Liking this large homely bedroom she breathed in the scent of the red and white roses that were in vases on the table and dressing table. Was really glad her sister or parents hadn't bagged it for themselves and saw Ben standing by the window looking out into the darkness of the night sky and bay. Couldn't help wondering if he was concentrating on the part of his twin's house they could see even though it was several streets away, or was miles away adjusting to the amazing day and new life. Walking soundlessly towards her goal she felt that rush of love she had for him ripple through her and breathed out softly. "Ben" totally ignoring her thoughts of whether she should or not disturb him. …. He looked so handsome and peaceful standing there.

Hearing his name, Ben turned slowly coming back from his deep musings and smiled at his wife and soulmate. Took in her beauty and lifted his arms so she would walk into his loving embrace, and knew by her tone and aura their daughter-to-be was still on the move and she needed reassurance.

Feeling her heart flip at his smile Meg couldn't help her heartfelt exclamation of "She's Kicker Evans if she comes tonight and no mistake!" as she walked into his welcoming invitation.

Feeling his gentle but strong hands rub her back, then ease her round so his other one could lovingly rub and check her restless baby bump she relaxed against him and heard his soft chuckle and gentle tease. "That's going to be useful to call in the garden or playground … Hey Kick..her!"

Meg laughed knowing he was right, it wasn't a good name but she more than deserved it at the moment. And relaxed into him as he carried on his good work and she breathed in the scent and commented softly. "Roses are nice. Our favourites. When did you managed to order them." she knew he could almost do the impossible when it came to surprises…

Ben laughed softly, wishing he had, then admitted. "Not me. Mr and Mrs Smith thought it would be a nice touch as the rooms hadn't been used recently. They cancelled the decorators as soon as Hank booked the rooms and ordered various flowers for each room, ours just happens to be roses…. Unless, your parents changed them when they unpacked our things." he added slowly as that possibility struck him and fell silent as he carried on his doctor/husband gentle massage…..

Then feeling his daughter-to-be start to settle, knew she wasn't likely to cause a dramatic scene that night, he softly voiced the thought that was coming clearer his mind. "Think she's found her name, and it's not kicker or one we've thought of before."

Puzzled Meg shifted slightly in his welcoming relaxing embrace, then feeling a rather obvious name click into her mind moved again so she could see him and said softly. "Do you think so?"

Seeing the loving twinkle in his eyes she knew they were thinking in their unique joined up way … Had been unique to them, till she'd seen he and his twin do it that morning….

And heard his soft voice confirm the reasons for the name. "We both love their beauty and scent. I can't remember one in either of our families so we'll avoid that minefield and she settles down when they are around us or I've just given you a bouquet. Just didn't think of it till now. But, she'll never be plain because she'll have your beauty and as you said just now she's spiky… that will protect her just as the thorns protect the bud or flower on the stem."

Loving his words Meg softly introduced their daughter's name. "Rose Sandra Evans." Feeling her daughter-to-be move again though gentler this time, she added. "Could she come tonight, she feels as though she's turning. Pointy bits all over the place and Benjy did that be fore he came."

Also feeling that gentle movement under his hand still resting on Meg tummy Ben said softly. "No and she feels fine, reckon that one was just her welcoming her name. The others were her stretching or taking a peak at the way out rather than actually making a bolt for the outdoor life tonight." Seeing her relax and smile he couldn't resist adding. "Even if she did you'll be in good hands as your father will do another grand job."

"What about you?" Meg couldn't help asking after all he'd be with her all night

With a totally innocent expression and eyes twinkling he immediately answered. "Oh I'll be the swooning father of course…." and gasped from Meg's none too gentle poke in his side then added softly as he regained his breath. "Know where Rose gets those pointed elbows from." before asking in a more normal but gentle tone. "Have you forgiven me for making that appointment with Dr Robinson." and kissed her gently on her head just in case she hadn't.

Trying to stop her giggles at his reaction knowing full well he wasn't the swooning type, had delivered several emergency babies in the past so knew exactly what to do. But, also knew she'd bridled when told of the appointment with Dr Robinson the next day. She liked to make her own appointments, know more about new doctors and chose her own. But when calmer had been reassured by Maria that Tyus was not only nice but the best so the most sort after, and she'd realised it was too good an opportunity to be missed.

Looking at him, knowing she could never stay cross with him for long she reached up and returned his kiss lovingly, then answered honestly. "Yes I have." then knowing him so well she added seriously. "You're not to jump at any offer he gives you. I want to have you around and resting."

"He might not want me after you and my twin have ganged up on me and said one session a week only at most. And, I don't think finding a house and contents is exactly restful either."

Meg gave a loving snort of a laugh knowing he was probably right about the later bit, then added softly. "The daughters-to-be will and have a lot in common."

Hoping for a lead into the jump Meg's mind had just made Ben questioned softly.

"Not Rose I hope?" realising that daughters names had not come up in any earlier conversations.

Meg laughed again, loving that slightly anxious questioning look of his and reassured him saying. "No. Like us they wanted their baby to find her own first name because they didn't want one connected with either families, being less in number they have more choice than we have. Her second one will be Sandra just as Simon's and Benjy's is Derek. And like ours she doesn't settle well either day or night. They were visiting some friends for an evening meal at the beginning of last week and they had Jazz as background music."

Reading his expression she instantly answered his unasked question. "They never used to listen to it either, found it to hyped up to relax to but this was soulful, quiet Jazz with saxophone or trumpet as a lead and their daughter-to-be settled all evening. So now they have it as background music in the evenings or when Maria wants to paint and enjoy it. Found they started to call her Jazz when talking or thinking about her and knew it suited her. So that will be her family name, but both wanted a softer, female name for her official name so chose Maria's second favourite flower Jasmine for it. Her favourite's Camellia which was no help at all." then added softly. "Where were you when I came in?" and tucked herself back into his embrace knowing it would help him if he wanted to talk about his own personal feelings or just the view.

Thinking of the similarities and now that his soul mate had moved, the view across the dark moon lite bay Ben said softly "Jazz and Rose I like that." then as his mind flicked back to earlier he gave a sigh then a chuckle before adding truthfully. "That this is real and not the place I go to in boring meetings or family do's when your not there with me because some twit in my adopted family had double booked us.…."

Meg chuckled knowing his feelings on that 'old chestnut', as couldn't refuse to go but would mutter about it, and before he had a chance to move on she couldn't resist asking. "Where?"

He knew he'd been caught, couldn't get out of it so answered. "Your parent's farm and their family Christmas or new year parties. I knock on the farmhouse door and you answer…."

"Surprised you're not all ready there and we are sitting in a cosy chair in front of the fire." Meg butted in knowing how much he enjoyed their dos to some of his clan ones as well as the peace of the old farmhouse lounge.

Ben gave an even softer chuckle and explained. "No, that would mean we knew each other though that is nice. It would be dark, probably snowing and I'm always a stranger who's lost his way, or broken down at the top of the track and needs your help. We look at each other…" and couldn't stop his sigh which said more than his words would, or stop his mind immediately jumping to his other thoughts and saying. "This is not the new independent start we'd planned..."

"No, its better." Meg said softly hearing the undertone of sadness in the last bit, knew that was for the loss of his adopted parents and their exit rather than actually being here and added truthfully. "We don't have to worry about who's going to look after Benjy or Rose when Mum and Dad can't. Or when we find a house whether it's in a good part of town or not, your twin will tell us that. We will have our freedom and new friends though and best of all you'll get to know your own family."

"I know and that's good." he answered softly knowing it really was and drifting back into his earlier thoughts and added. "Ben and I said goodnight to all our parents on the beach. He wondered if they were watching from a cloud that drifted by, think we both wished they could have been with us. But both know it's not possible. I understand why they didn't look, reckon if it had come to light somehow mine would have pulled us all together. Adopted parents and any relations of theirs who wanted to come and started an Evans clan in the town. But then Ted wouldn't have found his wife and Ben his soulmate because that is what she is, as you are mine, and I might have had to fight for you." And over Meg's soft gentle chuckle at that bit he finished. "They did it for the Petersons when Silvia married Ben and wanted her family close, and it worked out very well."

"That was only a couple of towns away and their business could be packed up and moved." Meg said gently, knowing these were only natural thoughts he wasn't angry with anyone and couldn't help asking. "And if Ted and the others can't or don't want to come over?"

Ben chuckled and said. "We'd be at the airport in seconds with a private plane at the ready because of you and Maria's condition."

"And your twin didn't want to join us?" she teased knowing that scenario would be impossible.

Without a moment's hesitation Ben answered. "Simple. Kidnap the lot, your parents and Sara included. They'd all wake up in a nice hotel in the UK, both mums still expecting daughters … all done and dusted. … We are not going to be parted now."

Meg laughed knowing it was just fancy thinking but also knew by the hint of steel in his voice he would or could do it. And not wanting to go to other dark thoughts of what might have happened commented softly. "The sea and stars look good. Reminds me of the dark fields around the farm and those lights on the horizon there could be the next town too many for just a farmhouse."

Seeing her point knowing it was her way of coming to terms with the vast amount of water out there Ben answered gently. "Think those are oil rigs and people live on them, the moving ones must be container or cruise ships. Thank you for doing this."

"I will be fine and wouldn't leave you. Thank you for allowing Dad to keep in contact with Tim."

"He's part of your family but he's not coming here to see Hank or you, Benjy's too fragile for that, today's reactions proved that so it will be phone calls to Connie. Hank will need a flight back home soon anyway probably via the big airports as I doubt Charter Ben or Airport Ben will agree to make life easy for them or anyone else."

As Meg's gently chuckle turned into a yawn Ben immediate commented. "We should move over to the bed you need to rest. Lean against each other as we did on our wedding night and plan things or sleep. At least I won't be called out as I was then." and sighed because his phone on the beside table rang out.

With Meg's gentle laughter as she walked over to the bed at how typical that phone ringing was; Ben walked over to answer it and thinking it could be his twin asked. "I know you don't want to live by the beach but how do you feel about staying at Ocean Drive for a night or two. …" then recognising the number added "Not mine." so she knew it wasn't his twin and answered the call saying in a serious tone. "How can I help you Ben. You do know I'm too far away to come out on call don't you?"

As he listened to the man realising his mistake and explaing his predicament Ben answered with more than a hint of relief in his voice. "You forgot. And, didn't look on the list anyway. Well, try Joseph or Paul and then ring Mandy, she'll fill you in on things." then gave a chuckle at the man's reply before adding. "Oh no, not going to spoil her fun. We are all fine though and I'll try to ring tomorrow night some time. Bye." then immediately rang off and put the phone back on the bedside table and got into bed.

As they got comfortable in bed with Meg tucking herself up against Ben she asked. "Nothing too serious I hope." she'd realised it was his ex-boss at the hospital and hoped a tragedy hadn't happened..

"A couple of doctors have gone down with a bug and he's just come out of a long but successfully surgery session. Got told about it and automatically assumed he could play the family card on me, totally forgetting I'm not working for him anymore. Joseph or Paul promised to fill the hole for him by adding their names to the rota."

"Well that's one obligation I shan't miss." Meg said truthfully, the man was always turning to Ben to fill-in at short notice knowing he would do it, and wanting to pull her husband's thought back to before the call said. "A night would be okay, but we've got our hotel room for as long as we want it."

With his arm around her loving the feel of her body against his and pulling his thoughts back to where they'd been before the call said softly. "Yes but I was wondering if tomorrow after we've seen Dr Robinson and providing Ben and Maria haven't had too much of us, we could have them here for the evening meal. Could leave it at that or let Simon stay for a sleepover and we go to Ocean Drive for a quiet foursome for the evening or overnight. Your parents are fine with the idea, and the garden is a children's paradise with climbing frames, swings, bushes and paths so both kids will love it especially if Simon hasn't got much of one. Your Mum said the food was good so that won't be a problem and it would save Ben and Maria having to cook or order from The Deep. We get the menu at breakfast time and call Ben see what they want and deal with it then. From what I saw of the party they are good with kids and do other parties if asked so might have Benjy's fourth here and he'll have new friends as well."

Meg laughed totally blown away by both ideas and then taking a breath said softly. "Love you and the idea. Sara will love playing with both boys as well. Do you think Mum and Dad will go for her suggestion for their new home?"

"Better than Surfing Wave Café and if they want peace and quiet, yes." than added over Meg's chuckles. "It's got an extra room downstairs that she can use as a private area for new friends as well as a guest room upstairs for ones from back home. A large garden with vegetable plot for your Dad and a gazebo for any of them. With Danny as an agent I reckon they'll have a look at it tomorrow afternoon and could be in it within a couple days or weeks so we'll have all of this here and we'll probably take longer as we are buying and don't have a clue what we want yet."

And sighed again as his phone rang out. Reaching over to get it he said softly. "Can't turn it off in case it's twin Ben." seeing the number felt anticipation rise and added. "No it's not. It's embassy Ben " then answered asking. "Any news?" and listened.

In the short silence that followed Meg could feel the tension rack up in the room then smiled at Ben's chuckles and then his exclamation. "That's great Ben! I owe you one." then pause as he listened again before adding. "Get in touch with 'travel Ben' he and Sara have set up an idea tonight but we don't know about airports or the exact date the house will be empty. And, don't forget we've still got to get a house so no free holiday yet … .. ….. Yeah I know …. … Love to the family, bye." and rang off.

Meg shifted so she could see him better and could tell his was bursting with news so waited.

Full of excitement and torn between checking if he'd missed any calls Ben took a breath and started. "We've got to find long let hotel rooms. They could come back with Ricardo." then was promptly interrupted by it ringing out nearly causing him to drop it on the bed.

He was going to swear as he sorted it and himself out but realising the caller id he answered it cheerfully. "Hi, was going to call you to see if you've been trying to get me just now." and switched the phone onto speaker so they both could hear it.

Meg didn't need telling it was his twin … …. She could see that special smile and hear that special tone that came when they talked to each other.

There was aloud huff. "Oh, don't say you've been trying each time I've tried or Maria will keel over laughing." before a bright hopeful. "I assume Meg's with you?" came over the speaker of the phone.

"Yes I am, and you're safe. You're the third Ben. First it was his ex hospital boss forgetting we were here and then 'embassy Ben' just now." Meg said with a wicked smile and stifling her giggles.

Both Meg and Ben smiled as they heard the twin groan and mutter loudly. "Way too many Bens and I'm not going to ask how many you've contacted earlier. Hang on you said embassy does that mean he knows what's going on?" having caught on to Meg's deliberate drop of information.

"Sort of. We need to make sure there's accommodation for both families… " Ben started before Meg could but cut off by his twin's excited butt in.

"That's easy, if you agree one is good idea. I was trying to ring you about it. If you don't like it we'll ring round the hotels and find rooms or rent a house or two. Have you got a definite date or something." then added. "Oh Maria sends love, we are tucked up in bed together. Thought you'd be fast asleep by the way."

Ben snorted a laugh then answering his twin starting with the greeting. "Hi Maria, we are tucked up too but only just. Meg's sister has been having fun organising things I'll come to those later. Embassy Ben said Ricardo's flying over the Atlantic and now has letters and documents needed to allow both families to come back with him providing he's happy with the history and they've not broken any law that will restrict normal entry. They will be under his supervision and any other official papers can catch up with them when they are here. So, they could be coming back with him which means Sally and George could collect our parents ashes."

"Bring them all home together." his twin butted in flawlessly with the same excitement as the other and naturally went on to explain about the possible accommodation which Ben agreed was a good idea. And Doc feeling his twin's changing mood as they'd talked about Jackie, gently teased out of his twin what Simon's and Clare's might have done. He'd remained silent for only a moment and then gently reminded his twin it hadn't happened and they'd all been all right and not to let any what if's spoil an exciting future. Then added gently if he'd been lost to them and they'd known about him he would not have been forgotten and they might have even been all ready reunited.

Hearing his twin's quiet and still a little haunted "How?" Ben knew he had to travel down one of his own 'what if' stories and with genuine warmth coming through his voice he answered his twin's quite natural curiosity. "Benjy and Isabella didn't go looking for our family either but if contact had been made they would have wanted all of us to be together with them in the US obviously. In our own family groups and be independent as each family group wanted to be and have helped Sally and George adjust to a completely new way of life.

Don't forget my adopted clan and their extended families don't just cover the police force, we've had State media connections through out the years and in all its forms, from the bottom to the top and now it includes computer technology which seems to be making the world small. Like I said earlier a hand in every job imaginable through out the years. So an up to date photo, because we are identical along with an article inviting your adopted parents to come and join us or just contact us would have appeared every year on the anniversary of the crash and our supposed birthday in one form or other in every country our lot could reach. Reckon they might have been worn down by it or you might have found out when you got old enough to be independent and from what you said about Jackie and Dee I reckon they would have joined forces with our side as well.

We were lucky twin, we were loved and found love and Ricardo seems a good man so let him decide what to tell Sally and George. We both want them to know we want to get to know them and love them. And I for one am glad I didn't have to fight you for Meg."

Hearing his twin's chuckles over the speaker he knew his brother was out of the weird place what ifs could send you and jumped thoughts by adding. "Talking of changing homes, Sara's linked yours up with 'travel' Ben so it's on his list and we just need to firm up details tomorrow so she can sort the rest out. We've got a small airport just outside town and a charter company that will deal with the millionaires so we just need a more affordable charter plane for everyone else possibly coming from your end as ours can't afford a new plane at the moment. That's assuming you've got a suitable company, airport and air routes available of course. Otherwise I think Hank's going to have a complicated journey back home when he hops back for us. Our house is going to be a wedding present to an extended family Ben and a niece on their side hopefully next month and Sara's not only sorted out the café but got her eye on a house through our hotelier for Hank and Joan to rent. Do you think Casey's going to cope with her now she's back on song?"

It wasn't only Meg who was laughing at his comment. At the other end of the phone Maria was as well and now Ben was back to his happier self answered easily and loudly. "The challenge will do him and Liberty Corp. good!" and over his twin's chuckles the other end added. "Don't know about air routes but we've got a possible charter plane available, run by twins Pam and James probably see at least one tomorrow at The Deep … …"

So their conversation about the evening news went on in the lighter vein with laughter and chuckles till a knock on the bedroom door brought Ben and Meg back to where they were ... A hotel suite not their home, and a short "Hang on." into the phone. Warning the others something was going on. And so Ben and Maria stayed quiet and listened.

Hank had heard the phone ring out several times and from the noise after the last one knew he wasn't going to embarrass them or himself so opened the door, came in and closed it behind him. Was going take charge of the damn phone so the couple could get some sleep and gave a gentle shake of his head and tried very hard to stop his smile as he looked at them and they looked back at him.

They looked so damn guilty and yet so very happy and in truth he couldn't blame them and with a huffing sigh growlled. "I expected trouble from Benjy but not you two as well." and then realising who would have brought Ben such glee raised his voice adding. "You twins say goodnight to each other unless one is in trouble and then lights out in five. I've no doubt you'll be up at day break with yours and Ben here will being doing that kiddy run here and not me if he doesn't do as I say."

There came a clear "Opps, got caught hands in cookie jar." from the phone speaker from one twin before it was joined by Maria's voice as they both added. "Goodnight Hank and thanks for tomorrow night by the way." Both hoping tomorrow night was still on…..

Hank couldn't help smiling at that and his Ben's expression's or Meg trying hard not to laugh. Didn't know if it was what was said or that unique voice that was identical even if they'd been brought up States apart and called out. "Goodnight you two and it will be a pleasure. There are two single beds in the room so they will be fine." then as he turned towards the door he added firmly but softly to his two. "I mean it. If not for your sake Ben then Meg and her baby." then huffed as he realised what these two had forgotten and walking over to the window adding. "It helps to pull the curtains."

Watching him Meg said softly. "Her name is Rose after the flower and theirs is Jasmine with the nickname Jazz after the music she likes."

He stopped as he walked towards the door job done, and looked at Ben and Meg and said softly. "Joan will love that." then a bit louder so the others could hear. "Really good names for both of them. Sweet with a boisterous side and definitely a reason to rest now."

As Hank put his hand on the door handle Ben commented softly. "The other phone call was embassy Ben, Ricardo has the papers that means they are all very likely to back with him."

Hank turned as he opened the door and knowing the others would hear him and though he was smiling he sighed and added with feeling. "An airport meeting. Heaven helps us all if they are anything like you two and your sons."

With a chorus of gentle chuckles and "Night Dad, and Night Hank" he left the room and shut the door…. Walking across to his room he seriously wondered if he a) could go to sleep now, or b) cope over the next day or so as the meeting time got closer with four mischievous boys even if two were meant to be adults. Hadn't he just spent well over five minutes trying to convince a sleepy excited Benjy it was still night and his parents were going to sleep. And, it wasn't time to find a new toy to take to Cuzzy Simon or hear all about his exciting day …. And that meeting would happen he'd seen it in the detective's eyes when he left them and knew the might of the Smith clan when it got rolling…and that clan had a debt to pay.


Once the bedroom door was closed Meg and Ben looked at each other knowing they had to obey that loving order and wondering who should say goodnight first, when Maria's voice came over the speaker clear but soft. "Night you two. See you down here in the morning."

Smiling Meg answered "Night, We'll ring just before we leave. Dad's right Benjy will up very early."

"So will Simon and we've not got Hank to deal with him for us. Night Meg." From Ben who knew he would do it so Maria would rest and or be able to take her time getting up.

Smiling at Meg Ben spoke as soon as his twin finished saying. "Guess its our turn now. Thanks for an interesting day, twin."

His twins' gentle laugh came over the speaker with the addition of. "Back at you and more to come tomorrow and the next day if things go right. I'll contact Ricardo first thing and bring him up to date. You turn yours off otherwise you won't get any peace and get Meg to do the same, we'll ring the hotel if needs be."

Ben smiled and knew his twin had a point and said. "Okay."

Then they both stayed silent, till they did what came naturally to them and said it together. "Night Ben." and disconnected the phone call which made both wives smile. It wasn't only the action of each twin it was the gentle caring tone in their voices, each was looking out for the other. And as Ben turned his phone of Meg turned hers off and then they switched the light off. In Ocean Drive Maria and Ben made sure their phone was on silent answer machine only and turned their light off as well.

The two couples might have been streets apart but their next moves of course were identical, they kissed their wives and then snuggled down as best they could considering baby bumps. Then with the odd whispered comments they calmed down and gradually drifted off to sleep. Happy and contented as well as looking forward to the next interesting day … … …

The End

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