Jennifer's Dreams by planet p

Disclaimer I don't own The Lost Room or any of its characters.

Joe and Anna are sleeping, but Jennifer, despite Joe's arms around her, cannot find sleep. Late into the night hours, it alludes her still. Likely, she thinks, it is her worry; worry that this is not over, that the whole terrible business will come back to haunt them, will come back for them.

She'd never wanted this life, she'd wanted normal, safe; happy, but instead she'd gotten what she had, she'd gotten her brother put away, unable to look after himself, lost… like the room itself, like the woman who'd been pulled into it, out of her life, perhaps even out of reality itself.

So many times, so often, she'd felt like she was the one being tortured, too, not just her brother, and now that feeling had returned. She only wanted to be with Joe and Anna, to live a normal life with them, to be happy, and to see them happy, to make them happy, too. But old anxieties told her in insistent voices that that could not happen, that that could never happen.

She couldn't sleep. Not with it all. She wished it would stop, just for a moment, one little moment of peace in Joe's arms, but even that was too much to ask, it seemed. Please let it be okay, please let it be over, she thought to herself, or to no one, or to the whole damn world, the whole damn universe, all of it.

Please let the Room stay lost, please let the Key stay lost.