Lost Then Found by planet p

Disclaimer I don't own The Lost Room or any of its characters.

I can honestly say

With these bare hands

I've never killed a man before today

But I've been lost

And now I'm found

I thought that I was losing

I've lost so much

But in amongst all of the loss

I found you

And you found me

In my heart, I was lost and alone

I can honestly say

With these bare thoughts

My feelings out there for anyone to see

Shining back at you through my eyes

That I've never been more lost before

But I don't mind being lost

If you'll come and find me

Come and find me

I want to find you, too

I won't break your heart

But don't you break mine

I'll put your heart back together again

If you'll put mine together too

Together we'll

Be lost then found

Together we'll

Find a way to be just us

To be together

To be lost no more.