"Return to your home, a curfew is in effect," the monotonous voices of the NS-5s said in sync. They marched perfectly in line with each other. Humans began to run away with fear screaming across their faces.

"Hey, what do you mean a curfew? There's no curfew, this is America, the land of do whatever the hell you want," one brave soul said. Either the robot was having a bad day or he just didn't like the dude, because he struck his hand out and connected with the man's chest. The robots hand went right through the man's chest and as the robot retracted his arm he pulled out the man's heart, he then squished it in his hand and continued to walk with his fellow robots.

"Dude, we have to do something about this," Farber said to his friend.

"Yeah definitely, I'll go get my dad's guns. He was saving up for a time just like this. He had a fifty cal with tons of ammo, shotguns, rifles, pistols, and ammo for all. He even had a bazooka," James said back to Farber.

"Okay, let's go back to your house," Farber said. They turned around and were met with an NS-5.

"You have been deemed hazardous, your termination is authorized," the robot said. Farber didn't even let it react. He struck out his hand and grabbed the robots throat. He tugged with all his strength and ripped out some cords. Lubricant and oil shot everywhere as the robot fell to the ground. The boys looked at each other then bolted to James' house.