Farber covered his head as glass began to shower down on him. A robot landed directly in front of him. He grabbed his gun and fired into the torso of the robot. The force of the bullets impacting the robot's chest made the robot fly four feet backwards. He landed with a thud as another robot fell on top of him. That robot didn't last long either.

Now that they were attacking; not only did they fall from the top they came in from the sides. They completely encircled the group. They fired at the advancing robots but it seemed to do nothing. They kept coming.

"Everyone fire at the back. Maybe we can make an exit," Farber said. They all turned and fired together. Within a couple of minutes they were able to create a slight opening out the back. Just in time too; the robots in the front were right at their doorstep.

"Run for it!" James yelled. They all ran for the line of clarity. Those in the back weren't as lucky. About halfway through the robots realized what was goin on and stopped a few.

They continued to run but the robots were running faster.

"Dude, we have to do this know," James said.

"Are you insane? We're still in this building you idiot," Farber yelled.

"But if we don't do this then more people will die," James said, "you run. I'll cover you. You've got about ten seconds before this place blows." He hit the switch and the countdown began.

"I'm not leaving you," Farber screamed.






Farber and James fired their guns at the advancing robots, but it was no use. The clock was ticking and then it would all be over.






Boom! The blast ran through the building. Things began to collapse and the building began to tilt towards the robot carriers, just like they had planned. Farber and James tried to escape, but were crushed by a giant piece of glass. V.I.K.I.'s mainframe was crushed instantly after smashing to the ground. The robots instantly reverted back to their three laws format. Farber, James, and all those whose lives were lost for the protection of others, will be remembered forever by the people of earth.