Lizzie had shown Alun round the rest of the guesthouse, pointing out various pieces of – in her eyes- old fashioned décor as they went. He strummed the guitar as he went, obviously happy with his newly discovered treasure. When her parents took the guesthouse over, Lizzie had had a short stint at working there before she returned to The Royal from her leave. She outlined her duties to Alun as they traversed the building. Her main job had been as a receptionist. At first she had enjoyed the slower pace, but soon she began to miss the variety at the hospital. Her parents were no good to gossip with, and the number of guests passing through were not near as many as the stream she had to deal with at The Royal. They completed the tour and ended up in the small hallway which doubled as the hotel's reception, just as the front door opened.

"Hello princess." Ken Hopkirk held out his arms, into which Lizzie ran, despite her high heels wobbling on the thick carpet.

"Oh Dad!" She sobbed into his chest.

"Hey, come on." He rubbed her back, pained at hearing his daughter so upset. "It's alright. I've just come from the hospital. The doctors said they're hopeful."

Alun, not entirely comfortable with being party to such an emotional reunion, retreated into the hotel's dining room. He could greet Ken later.

"Is she going to go blind?"

"It's still touch and go they said, but she seems to be getting better. She's tough is your Mum. She'll be back here bossing me around before we know it." As the sounds of stumming filtered through to them, Ken pulled back. "I hear Alun's found that guitar."

"I think he's fallen in love." Lizzie managed a laugh, wiping her eyes on her Dad's handkerchief and allowing him to lead him into the dining room.

"All this needs is an amp and it'll be perfect!" He exclaimed, strumming a few more chords, humming The Rolling Stones' 'Paint it Black'.

"Hey." Ken nudged his daughter. "I don't know how anyone can call this music though." He winked at Lizzie and laughed heartily when Alun scowled at him.