The best marriage :

Finally, I have done it, there is no turning back now. Jane thought to herself, feeling as happy as she could be. It was the day right after she got married to her beloved Kevin. She lay in bed. What else could she do after that perfect night? What else was there? She had been looking forward to doing one thing, and one thing only. She sat up with a sigh and a toothy smile on her face. She walked out of her room, suddenly realizing that Kevin was not next to her.

"Kevin? Kevin are you here?" she shouted, but no answer came. She sat down on her chair, tears forming in her eyes. She should have known this would happen, men are only after one thing. A tear rolled down her cheek.

"Knock, knock" said someone and there was Kevin, peeking his head through the door. Jane quickly wiped the tear away.

" I just went for a little walk, I would have taken you, but you were asleep."

" Oh, really? I- I didn't even… notice you were gone." Said Jane casually, feeling a little embarrassed.

" Uh… OK, would you like some coffee?" Kevin asked, in a slow way.

"Oh, yes please." Kevin handed her the coffee and looked at her. He could just stare at her all day with his loving eyes.

"What? What are you staring at?" said Jane with a smile, feeling very admired.

"Oh, nothing, only the beauty that is sitting in front of me." Nothing could have made Kevin happier. Jane smiled in a shy sort of way.

"Kevin, there is something I've been wanting to do ever since we got married yesterday"

"Yes? What is it?" Kevin looked a little worried, thinking it might be something she had wanted to buy, or take, or something like that.

"It's not a small request, it is definitely big!" Kevin looked even more worried.

"A-and what is this huge request of yours?"

" Just to have… the best marriage of my life" Kevin laughed and leaned forward to kiss his wife.

"I would give you nothing but that" he said, and gave her another light kiss on her forehead.