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Leonidas: Vegeta

Xerxes: Frieza

Gorgo: Bulma Briefs

Leonidas's son: Trunks

Dilios: Hatake Kakashi

Theron: Madara Uchiha

Captain: Wolverine

Astinos: Yusuke Urameshi

Ephialates: Undecided

Stelios: Naruto Uzumaki

Daxos: Spike Spiegel

Persian Messenger: Zarbon

Uber Immortal: Killer Croc

Other characters: Various heroes and villains

The setting is night and thunder and lightning clashes and rumbles across the cloudy sky. An elderly man stands on top of a cliff overlooking a pile of bones…infant bones. The old man has surprisingly a tail, that of a monkey signifying his race. In his arms he holds a child wrapped in a blanket. The child has black hair and like him also has a monkey tail as the infant is examined by him looking over him checking for any flaws, any deform in the child.

"In the city of Vegeta which lies in the southern part of land known as Terra when babies are born they are examined by an elder." A voice says suddenly speaking from an unknown source.

As the old man examines the child he raises him up to the torch light and slowly a smile breaks out on his face as the baby was perfect.

"If he had been born sickely or misshapen in anyway, he would have been discarded." The voice says continuing his tale.

We now see the baby growing into a young child at the age of five wearing light clothing wielding a sword.

"From the time he could stand he would be baptized in battle and the fire of combat."

The child lashes out with his sword only for it to be blocked and meet with a slug in the jaw by his larger and more experienced opponent who orders him to get back up. Wiping the blood off of his lip he stares at the man before him as his mother watches. His opponent goes to stab him but the boy then rolls across the ground and retrieves his sword.

"Taught never to retreat, never to surrender, Taught that death in the battlefield in service to Vegeta was the greatest glory he could achieve in his life."

The boy with his father a man with brown hair and a beard and similar hairstyle shows him the shield. The boy touches it feeling its strength. His father pounds on it with his fist showing him that he must be as strong as the shield. The boy nods in response learning all he could from his father.

The child is now shown being lead out of the city by two men as he is lead his mother tries to ran and stop this and cries out as she restrained by her hand maidens. The boy looks at his wailing mother but is forced to keep moving forward by the other men who led him out of the city.

"At age 7, as is customary in Vegeta, the boy was taken from his mother and plunged into a world of violence."

He was now with similar aged boys each of them having a monkey tail just like he did. He was engaged in hand to hand combat as fights where going on.

"Cast into a world of violence taught to kill," The voice continued emphasizing all the details that would go on into a child's life and if he was strong enough would continue going through.

The child knocks down an older boy and slugs him repeatedly across the face drawing blood from his foe's mouth.

More years have passed and the boy stands against a pillar. His bare back to all the on lookers. A wooden club suddenly slams against his back. Again, and once more repeatedly pounding into his back which would cause a normal man to scream in pain. But no screams, no yells, no cries comes from him as he grits his teeth and narrows his black eyes in determination.

"Taught to not fear nor show no pain, he endures agonizing and horrific torture." The voice says once more the speaker also remembering his own experiences. "By Rod and Lash the boy was punished, taught to show no pain, no mercy

In the cold winter the boy now a teenager is shown wearing only light shorts and bare footed as he carries in his hands a spear. Now having to deal with Winter's chilling touch and scrounging up whatever food and shelter he could find.

"Cast out into the wilds, forced to prove his metal, left to pit his will and wits against the merciless winter." the voice continued. "He endures hardship: starvation, the cold, the solidarity. For if he survived his initiation he would return to his people a Saiyan or not at all"

The young man stops as his ears detect suddenly a low growling noise. He turns around and sees a giant fox with nine tails growling at him. The Kyuubi fox which was nearly four times as big as an average fox had preyed on travelers for years in this part of the land growled and stalked towards him menacingly.

"The Kyuubi's fur is as red as fire, fangs as sharp as knives, eyes burning with the depths of hell in them."

Slowly the young man brings his spear up before him as the two circle one another. The warrior's eyes scanning his surroundings knowing that only one of them will be alive come the morning sun.

The fox's growls with its belly, savoring the scent of the meal to come," the voice continued. "Its not fear that grips him however, only a heightened sense of things."

The warrior then smirks as he stops as both are pausing facing one another.

"The kiss of the cold air against his flesh, windswept pines moving as the night continues, and the cold steel of the spear in his hands."

Glancing backwards the young man begins to back away, towards a narrow path in the cliffs his eyes fully on the Kyuubi.

"Brute force alone is not enough, To defeat the Demon Fox cunning is required."

With a great roar, the Kyuubi lunges at him and the young man falls back into the path. The Kyuubi tries to get him but it is much too big to fit through as it is wedged in between them. The nine tailed fox can only roar and snarl in fury at this trick.

Taking his weapon up the young man gets into a ready stance with his spear.

"He stays his breathe, his hands are steady, and his form..."

He then lunges his spear into Kyuubi's mouth sticking it into the beast going right through the demon's head.

"Perfect," the voice finished.

Sometime later a bronze helmet kisses the snow stained ground in the city of Vegeta. Dozens of helmets also do so as well as full grown men also with monkey tails bow before their returning king. His spear in hand, he wears around him as a cape the hide of the Kyuubi who he had slain, and across his neck he wears a necklace with the fox's largest fang around his neck.

"And thus the boy, cast out into the wilds, given up for dead," The voice proclaimed growing with volume and strength. "Returns home to his people, to sacred Vegeta a king!" He says as he finishes his tale to his listeners.

The scene changes and we see a great camp fire and a camp of war. About it are hundreds of thousands of men, warriors wearing bronze helmets and armor across their bodies, flowing red capes, spears in their hands and swords strapped to their sides as well as a mighty shield which could cover an entire man's body across their arms as well. These men where fully trained and well built and among the greatest fighters in the world each of them worth over ten warriors and they all had tails that symbolized who they where.


In the center of the group was a Saiyan with grey white hair with the experience of many battles and the scars to show it and wearing a mask that he had cover his lower mouth and wearing an eye patch covering his left eye which had a scar on it speaking of an injury he suffered long ago.

"Our King, Vegeta!" He proclaimed as he told all of them the tale of their King's childhood and becoming the warrior he became to be. The Saiyans around him the finest warriors and fighters in the land banged their spears against their shields.

"HOOAH! HOOAH! HOOAH!" They roared as one the battle cry of the warrior culture.

Kakashi paused and spoke again. "That was over thirty years ago my comrades and brothers, since he meet the Demon Fox in the Winter Cold" He said as he walked around the camp looking at all the Saiyans that had been gathered. "But now, like when the Demon fox did years ago another demon has come and approaches us!"

As Kakashi continues his tale he goes into detail about the demon that was on their borders threatening them. "Patient and Confident of its victory and savoring the meal to come." He says as he looks at them all and sees the grim and determined features on his allies ready to fight this demon. "This demon is made of man and horses, swords and spears. An army of slaves and murderers and butchers vast beyond anything normal men could imagine lead by their self proclaimed God Emperor! Its fearsome fangs and claws are spears and swords! Its hide thick shields and armor! And it lumbers menacing just now out of our sight, threatening to kill and devour us as well and snuff out our tiny homeland of Vegeta, the world's one last hope for reason and justice!"

He turns and stares into the great fire with his one eye as he remembers the events back in the abyss that lead to the events that brought them all here today.

"The Demon approaches. And it was King Vegeta himself, who provoked it…"

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