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Ugh, thought Sam as he heard his alarm go off, why do the mornings have to be so early? The seventeen year old threw off his covers and shut off the alarm. Well, he thought to himself, I suppose I better get ready for school. He walked down the stairs of his family's home, taking care not to wake his parents or his little sister, Molly. As he sat at the table in the kitchen, he turned on the morning news in case anything interesting occurred. The television program was filled with the same stories as always: economic crash, war, environment problems. It's the same thing every day, our stupid world has the same problems over and over, but nothing ever gets done to fix them. He sighed. Sometimes I wish I could just get away from all this crap, at least for a while. Looking at the clock, Sam realized he was running a bit late for school and knew his friend Cody would be at his house in a couple of minutes to pick him up. So he quickly finished his breakfast, got dressed, and waited for Cody to show up.

Five minutes later, Sam was sitting in the passenger seat of Cody's red truck on their way to their school on the outskirts of New York City. "Can you believe it?" Cody asked excitedly, "We just have to get through this one more day, then no more school for the whole summer!"

"Yup, just awesome," Sam responds with a bored tone in his voice. He never saw what the big deal about school was. Other kids seemed to hate it, but Sam actually found it kind of invigorating, hearing about all the marvelous places in the world. Sam was a pretty outdoors type of person, but there was not too much for that near New York, so listening in school was as close as he could get.

As the two pulled up to their school, a girl came running up to the truck. "Hi guys! How are you two doing today?"

"Good Becka," they replied automatically. Sam continued, "What's got you so happy today? Did the library get a new shipment of books or something?"

"Oh haha, very funny," she said, "Just because some of us can't live just reading the same book over and over…whatever. I'm so happy because we only have one day of school left before summer break! Isn't it awesome? I'm so excited, the three of us should hang out the whole time, it'll be so awesome!"

"You know," said Sam, ignoring her outburst, "I may only read one book, but you can't deny it's amazing. Watership Down has elements so many of these current books lack: companionship, cleverness, and all while keeping it at a real world level. How many of these authors nowadays could match that?" Just as he finished his tirade, the trio heard the school bell ring.

"Alright nerds, enough chitchat," said Cody cutting in, "we have to get to class. You know if we're late one more time we'll get detention for sure. I, for one, don't plan on starting my vacation with another hour and a half of school."

With a collective sigh, the three friends went along on their standard day of school. Since it was the day before the long vacation, none of the teachers did anything productive, instead using the time to give typical last day of school speeches. For Sam, the day went by dreadfully slow, since there was nothing to keep his active mind occupied. As the day wound to a close, the friends met again in the same place in the parking lot to make some plans for the coming break.

"Alright, first day the movies," Becka started with no preamble, forcing the other two to listen to her list of activities, "then we have the beach, maybe go see a Yankees game, and of course a picnic. Oh, I almost forgot, there's a performance of Sound of Music coming to our area soon, we absolutely must see it! Oh, doesn't this sound fun guys?"

"Oh yeah," they answered, reverting to their monotone voice from the morning. "Well Becka," Cody continued, cutting off another stream of planning, "we have to get going. My mom said that she wants me home right after school because I have chores or something, see ya later!" With that, he quickly pushed Sam towards his truck.

"Oh, well, alright. But I'll call you tonight and we can finish the planning then, sound good? Guys?" But they were already out of the parking lot.

(Line Break)

"Alright, Sam, here's your house," said Cody as they pulled in the driveway. "I'll talk to you later if I get done with those chores at a decent hour. We can make some real plans then."

Sam replied, "Sounds good buddy. Talk to you later." As he walked into the house, he noticed there wasn't anyone home. Well that's weird, usually my sister is home by now. As he continued to think, he remembered the rest of his family was out of town for the next couple of days. Something to do with his sister's dance group, they were doing a performance in another town. Oh well, he thought to himself, at least I won't have to worry about getting permission for a few days.

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful. Sam had a microwave pizza for dinner since he felt too lazy to make anything that actually required skill. After he got tired of flipping through the channels, he decided he might as well turn in for the night. After all, he reasoned, the sooner I get up in the morning, the sooner I can start having fun with this vacation.

He went up to his room and put on his pajamas, brushed his teeth, and shut off all the lights in the house. Just before he climbed into his bed, he opened his window. Wow, it's pretty hot in here tonight. Boy, I sure hope it doesn't rain, but that's a risk I'm willing to take. As he climbed into bed and slowly drifted off to sleep, he failed to see the sight that would have amazed anyone: a small rainbow, seemingly out of nowhere, fell from the sky right into his room.