I was secretly in love and I never knew that I would fall this hard. Fall for someone I knew or thought didn't love me. The mystery in his eyes and the smile he gave me as he walks by, I wished I could understand him like he could understand me. It seemed his eyes would never lie. Though, I kept running from him, but he found his way back to me again and again. I wondered why. He left me wondering if he did have feelings for me. Why should words be spoken? Words didn't have to be spoken. The words I spoke to him were so cruel, yet he ended up staying for a while. With every touch that I feel, confused and dazed. I couldn't even breathe. Could it be that I am madly in love?

Whatever it is, I never wanted it to go away. I wanted him to hold me, kiss me, and love me. I knew he was the one, I felt it in my heart. For just one moment at least one moment, I needed him to be mine. Every night I dreamed of him. I didn't need perfection. I needed pure and honest love. He would make my needs and wants come true. I didn't have any doubt. I knew he wouldn't hurt me. Life has so much meaning now, all because of him. Anything was possible when I would be around him. One night was all I asked for. Just stay with me tonight. Watching the moon, with the moonlight, its brightness softened in the haze covered sky, lit the night where we stood. His eyes shining like the stars above.

Smiling down at me, he wrapped me in his arms. I can feel his heart beat against mine. I can feel his breathing. My heart cried out for him. I put up a wall whenever I was near him. I feared that I would be hurt by him. But he saw right through that wall and somehow he knew the truth. Then I heard his pleading voice. Slowly my heart started to open up for him. My heart whispered his name a thousand times.

Not giving up, his arms around me again. Already I feel the tears in my eyes. But he wouldn't let go. I turned and face him once again. He knew I was scared, but I didn't have to be. His hand gently cupped my chin. We kissed under the moonlight. A kiss filled with of strong love. Tears would fall down my cheeks, though he kissed my tears away. Then a kiss with much more love and passion than before, he whispered words that I've always wanted him to say, "I love you and I am here to stay."