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Soldier by Destiny's Child
Never Let You Go by Justin Bieber
Broken-Hearted Girl by Beyoncé

Disappear by Beyoncé

We'll Find You

Alex POV

As soon as I saw the Strigoi burst through the door, I got into Guardian mode, whipping out my stake and standing in front of the Moroi. I felt Aqua start to try to burn them all, and then I couldn't feel anything. I looked at her. She was lying on the floor, a Strigoi behind her and already beginning to pick up her limp body. I could feel her, she was unconscious. I lunged at the Strigoi, knowing I could never win this fight. There were 12 of them, and only one of me. Suddenly, the Strigoi burst into flames, not even touching Aqua. He was a pile of ashes in seconds.

"I couldn't let them take her," Christian said.

"You shouldn't use so much. Just enough to distract them," I said. He nodded as a Strigoi jumped on my back. I grabbed his head and flipped him over my shoulder. Well, tried. I ended up decapitating him. When I saw the head in my hand, I let go and jumped back. The Strigoi fell limply off my back as two more jumped me. I wasn't able to get them both.

"Christian! Tasha!" I called. Nothing happened. I looked back. They were gone, along with Lissa, Annabelle, the twins, Frankie, and Adrian. Damnit. That distraction cost me. The Strigoi grabbed me and held me down. I struggled and struggled, but their grip never loosened. One gave another one both of my hands to hold behind my back while he gagged me. I tried to scream for help, but nothing came out. It was just a faint sound when it hit the cloth. Like wind. Then the Strigoi that had gagged me hit me in the head. I passed out. When I woke back up, it was dark, but my eyes adjusted and I looked around. It looked like the trunk of a bank truck or a moving van. I spotted Aqua and wiggled over to her. The gag was gone. My legs were tied together and my hands were handcuffed together in the front. I lifted my hands and caressed her face. She was so adorable. I shook her softly.

"Aqua, honey, wake up," I said softly. She groaned and rolled over her back to me. "Come on, you have to wake up." She sighed and turned back around. She looked around and she gasped.

"Alex?" she called. It echoed. The events before she was knocked out came back to her and her big blue eyes got wider. "Alex, where are we?" There was so much fear in those 4 words that I just wanted to hug her and comfort her so nothing could ever hurt her again. She looked around frantically. "A moving van? Chris!" I followed her gaze to see Christian laying a couple feet away. Aqua wiggled her way over to him. I spotted the twins and went to them and woke them up.

"Wha, huh?" Annie slurred.

"An and An, wake up!" I said. They woke up completely and looked around.

"Where are we?" Angel asked, sitting up. She took in her surroundings. "We're in a moving van?"

"I guess," I said.

"Holy hell. We got abducted by Strigoi," Annie said. "I would rather it be aliens." I chuckled.

"Well, we're not just going to sit around, are we?" Angel said. I shook my head.

"Hey, what gives?" Aqua yelled from a couple yards over. I looked at her to see her with a frustrated look on her face, a little wrinkle on her nose. She was trying to burn the ropes, to no avail. "The bastards drugged us!"

"Hey, shut up back there," someone yelled from the front seat. Strigoi.

"Great, so magic is out," Annie said. "There's nothing we can do."

"Don't give up. We taught you better than that," I said. She smiled.

"Wonder if they drugged us," Annie mused. Her face went blank. She was having a vision. When she came back to, she frowned.

"I can't get anything on how we get out, but we get out," she said. "Damn. What about you, Wings?" She used Angel's nickname.

"Wait." Angel looked at me. I lifted off the ground.

"Wow, are Strigoi stupid," she said. "Always drug everyone, not just Moroi."

"Well, your powers will come in handy, so that'll work. But I don't think it's enough," I said. "Plus, none of us have a stake."

I do, Aqua said through the bond.


These Strigoi aren't very observant. I had an extra in my shoe. And Lissa has one. Her necklace has a hidden stake in it. She already had it charmed. It won't kill one, because it's so small, but it can distract, she said.

Okay, so we have one stake, one distraction stake, and 2 powers, plus your strength and speed. Is it enough? I asked.

I don't know, she said. It might be. Or maybe we'll get lucky and Roza and Dimka will come busting in and save the day like they always do.


"Lissa, Alex needs to talk to you for a second," Aqua said. She whispered something to her. She nodded and crawled the best she could over to me. She held her necklace, a dragon with a curled in tale, and pulled out the tail. There was a knife on the end.

"Wow, talk about secret," I said. She laughed and put the knife back.

"It's a family heirloom. We were always strong, so we liked to have some kind of protection with us," she said.

"That's what she said," I said. Lissa burst out laughing. Everyone stared at her, questioning her mental health.

"Tone it down, Liss," I whispered. She worked to stop laughing.

"O...kay. She's lost it," Adrian said.

"Shut up, Ivashkov," I said.

"Make me," he challenged.

"I said shut up!" the Strigoi in the front seat yelled at us. Aqua stuck her tongue out in the direction of his voice.

"Okay, so, what's up?" Annabelle asked. "I'm scared silly."

"Aren't we all?" Lissa agreed.

Please, guys. Please just come and save us, I prayed to whoever was out there listening.

Rose POV

I pushed Dimitri into the empty back room.

"Roza, forgive me?" he pleaded. Dimitri Belikov, pleading? Never.

"You expect me to just run back into your arms after all you've put me through?" I asked him. The look in his eyes told me he had. "That's what I thought. Dimitri, you left me out of thin air for Tasha and you expect me to just take you back. I don't think I can ever trust you again." He bowed his head sadly.

"I know. I man can hope."

"But what I really don't get," I continued, "is why the hell you left?"

"I left because I thought-"

"It'd be good for me? That it'd be better if you weren't in my life? Well, you were wrong. I broke down, Dimitri. If not for Aqua, Alex, and Alberta, I might have dropped down lower than Lissa had been." He flinched. "When'd you come back?"

"Four years after I left," he mumbled. "I told Tasha and she let me go because we both thought you were with Lissa. I got reassigned to Lissa and when I got there, you were gone." I frowned, but refused to forgive him completely.

"You shouldn't have left at all," I said. "Did you even once think about how you leaving affected me?"

"No, I guess not. I didn't think you really needed me. You were already trained well enough to take on a whole coven of Strigoi."

"I'm talking about training, Guardian Belikov," I said. He flinched at the formality. "I still loved you. I guess I still do. When you left me, it was like you completely ripped my heart out and tore it in two in front of my face. I needed you, Dimitri." He looked at me in surprise.

"I-I didn't know that. I didn't know I meant that much to you," he said.

"Yeah, you did." He kissed me, making me freeze. I soon found my body again and punched him. "What the hell, Dimitri?" I stormed out and slammed the door in his face. He followed after me. I stomped back to where everyone else was supposed to be, but when I got there, they were nowhere to be see. There was a not on the ground I picked it up. It read:

Dear Rose and Dimitri,
If you're wondering where your precious friends are, they're with us. No need to worry, they're in good hands. They will make excellent additions to our coven. Especially the Ozera Princess. I might keep her to myself, right after I get rid of the tall guy. I bet she's fun. As for the children, they will make for easy snacks. Goodbye, and have an excellent eternity.

Best Wishes,

I growled as my fist scrunched up the paper.

"Damnit!" I cursed loudly.

"What?" I heard Dimitri from behind me.

"Read." I gave him the note. He read it over and his face grew more and more angry as he read more. "We have to look for them."

"Not by ourselves," he said.

"As much as I hate to, I have to agree."

Stay strong, guys. Stay strong.

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