I will apologise again for discontinuing 'Consequences', but to make up for it, here's a brand new fic. :]

Summary: Selena is a regular girl in high school, seventeen years old with no real problems, not really. Ms. Lovato is the new English teacher, who more than catches Selena's eye.

Selena's POV

I woke up apparently even more tired than when I fell asleep four hours ago. Note-to-self; staying up all night on the phone to Meg is not an advisable thing to do when school will be demanding my presence the following day.

It was the first day back after the summer holidays and I was both excited and annoyed at having to go back to school; annoyed that the nights of staying out late, parties and drinking were ending and becoming restricted to weekends, and excited to go back to see how our last year of high-school would go and see the friend who lived too far away to see every day like I usually did at school.

After two hours of getting ready, I grabbed a slice of toast from the plate which my mom had prepared for me and kissed her cheek goodbye. I grabbed my black Chanel handbag which had my school things in it and left the house to go and get Meg to walk to school with. Today I'd chose to wear my pair of ripped pale blue Ted Baker skinny jeans and a plain white vest-top with white gladiator sandals to match. Although in all honestly I really don't like the way gladiators look, I wore them because they were the fashion and I had to keep up with the fashion.

We arrived at school twenty minutes before we were due to go to home-room. We went over to the tree outside the English block where my homeroom was situated. Kelly, Becky and Lottie were already there and when they saw Meg and I approaching they smiled and ran to hug us both. We had a huge group hug and started sharing stories from the holidays as we hadn't seen each other all together since the second week in. We were so concentrated on each other and each other's stories that we hadn't noticed the warning bell sound and the hundreds of pupils gradually disappear to their respective homerooms. It was Becky who noticed first.

"Shit girls, everyone's gone in. We're late on the first day back, that's gonna look great." She said, worrying slightly. I rolled my eyes at her and pulled my iPhone4 from my pocket. I saw that we were only 5 minutes late and put it back.

"Chill, it's only five minutes, it was gonna happen at some point today. We can all meet here at morning break time and compare schedules. See you guys in a bit. Love you." I said, blowing air kisses to the four of them and heading into the English block and down the corridor to E7 where my form room was.

"Sorry I'm late si… who are you?" I asked as I walked into the room noticing that my usual tutor wasn't there, instead he was replace by a young woman, no older than twenty five at the most, who was leaning over the computer but not sitting down on the swivel chair in front of it.

"You're late, wait outside please." The unknown woman instructed me, not looking up from her computer. I didn't see her face but I saw that she had long black hair and a damn nice ass. That's not a good thing really, if her face was as nice as her ass I'd be screwed because I'd have her as my tutor for a year and probably develop a major crush on her. I'd like to take this time to say that it's no secret that I'm a lesbian but unfortunately I can't because it's a huge secret; no one knows, it'd get out whoever I told and my social status would be crushed. I'd worked for years to get to where I was now, being popular and loved by most of the pupils in the school. To conceal my secret even more I had begun dating the 'hottie' of the school, Nick Jonas. We'd been dating for nearly three months now exclusively and everyone in the school respected that, despite the amount of girls that openly had huge crushes on him.

I'd been so lost in my thoughts I hadn't noticed the new woman walking out of the classroom to speak to me. I looked up at her; she was a few inches taller than me. Unfortunately my suspicions were proved and her face was in fact as hot as her ass. I knew straight away that I was screwed.

"Name please." She said looking at me strictly.

"Selena Gomez." I told her looking straight at her face, avoiding as much as possible looking at her chest where her cleavage was exposed from her undone top buttons on her checked blouse.

"Ah yes; the only one who didn't show up in time for roll-call. How silly of me. Why are you late on the first day? Not a very good start really is it?" She asked me as I quickly racked my brain for a believable excuse. Nothing.

"I didn't hear the bell, I'm sorry it won't happen again." I told her honestly… or partly honestly.

"Right well you can make up the time after school, ten minutes." She stated as she pushed her black thick-rimmed glasses up her nose from where they had gradually slipped.

"Ten? I was only five minutes late." I informed her as if she wasn't already aware.

"Plus the five minutes we've wasted out here. Now go in and take your seat in the back, you're schedule is on your desk, it's the only empty seat." She stated gesturing me into the brightly decorated classroom. I rolled my eyes as I walked to the back of the classroom and sat at the empty desk in the corner where my laminated schedule was resting. I looked at it quickly to see what lessons and teachers I had and groaned when I saw that I had English twice on a Monday and a Friday and once every other day in E7 which was this room, meaning that I obviously had whoever this woman was as my teacher.

"Something wrong, Miss. Gomez?" The new teacher asked without even looking up from the desk at the front where she was now sitting on the swivel chair.

"No, nothing at all Mrs…" I trailed off remembering that I didn't know what the teacher was actually called.

"Miss. Lovato. If you had bothered to show up on time you would have known that." She corrected me, stressing the 'miss'. I nodded and smiled politely.

"Gotcha. Nothing's wrong Miss. Lovato." I said, stressing the 'miss' just as much as she had previously. She nodded at me still without actually looking at me, and then looked at the computer screen in front of her.

The bell rang to signal first period and I left the classroom to head down to Science, my first lesson of the day. I quickly scanned the classroom and saw Elle sitting at the back. She wasn't in our close group of friends but she was still a good friend to me. I went up to her and she smiled at me.

"Hey Selena, did you have a good holiday?" She asked me kindly. I nodded in response.

"Yeah it wasn't too bad thanks, how was yours?" I asked her, still standing with my handbag over my shoulder and my iPhone4 sticking out of my pocket slightly.

"It was good… Did you want to sit?" She asked me. I nodded and occupied the seat next to hers, getting my pen out and putting it on the table. She and I talked rapidly about our holidays and compared schedules to see that science was the only lesson we actually had together. I was about to look at what lesson I had next period when Mr. Harding walked in holding in crop. He snapped it on the desk at the front and everyone looked up startled.

"Right you lot, line up at that back immediately with your things." He instructed. We all got up quickly and went to the back of the room where we lined up against the window. So far in this school I had been lucky enough not to get stuck with Mr. Harding for any subject. He was so strict that you get told off just for breathing too loudly.

"You're going to sit boy-girl in register order. When I call your name answer 'here' and start sitting at desks, front to back, left to right. If there are two girls or two boys names together in the register go and sit at the next table. Understood?" He asked us rhetorically. We all nodded silently and he started calling the register.

"Adams." He called out, using last names. Jennifer Adams, a girl with auburn hair walked to the front of the classroom shakily and too her seat. "Archer." He called, causing Matty to head to the front and sit next to Jennifer. He was a typical skater boy; baggy jeans and jacket with long her and a skateboard under his arm.

Mr. Harding carried on calling the register until he got to the end. I had been seated next to Nick, purely because he was the closest boy to me on the register. He kissed my cheek when he came and sat next to me and took my hand in his under the table. His sweaty fingers interlaced mine and I shivered slightly. I didn't like Nick as a boyfriend in the slightest, I like his as a friend, he's so sweet and caring and I have absolutely no reason to break up with him other than the fact that he's a boy but obviously that isn't a legit reason when everyone thinks I'm straight.

"Right you lot; my job is to make sure you pass your exams which you will. Any of you cause any trouble you'll be scraping chewing-gum from underneath the desks. Understood?" He asked rhetorically again. We all nodded and he pointed at Elle.

"You girl, hand out the text books on the back desk, one between two." He instructed her. She nodded and quickly started placing a text book on each desk.

The lesson went pretty quickly, he wasn't as bad as everyone made out and he seemed to be quite a kind man if you behave. I decided that it wouldn't be too bad being stuck in his lessons for a year as long as it meant I would pass my exams.

Once we got out of the classroom I pulled my iPhone out of my pocket and checked the text I had felt arrive for me when we were in the classroom.

1 new message: Lottie

Toilets at the end of the lesson. Love yas xx

I rolled my eyes and headed in the direction of the toilets where I found Lottie, Kelly, Becky and Meg already in there smoking. Meg got her packet out of her pocket and offered me one to which I declined.

"You know I don't smoke, it's really bad for you. You guys shouldn't do it." I told them all as I did every time they smoked around me.

"Don't start with the lectures again Sel. We get it, you don't like smoking. I only offered because it's polite. Anyway, what lessons you guys got next?" Meg asked us all before taking a long drag on her cigarette.

"French." Kelly said.

"French." Becky smiled at Kelly.

"Gym." Lottie and Meg both groaned together then realised they were together in their lesson and smiled slightly.

"Oh god, why do I have to be away from you guys again?" I moaned looking at my schedule to see I had one of my two English lessons for the day. Becky chuckled at me and hugged my sympathetically.

"That's because you're so much cleverer than us guys and get put in the higher classes, geek." She said with a smirk. I shook my head at her and put my schedule in my bag. They all finished their fags at around the same time and threw them into toilets and flushed them away. We headed off to our lessons and I realised I was going to be late for Miss. Lovato again.

I knocked the door when I arrived and without looking up from the register she called to me.

"Wait outside Gomez. You're late again." She stated simply before carrying on with calling the last few names. She walked outside to find me once again.

"How did I know it would be you who was late?" She asked smirking slightly. I chuckled nervously and shrugged my shoulders. "This isn't looking good is it Selena? First impressions are very important to me and you aren't making yours too good. I suggest you turn it around now whilst you can." She said looking me straight in the eye. I nodded under her stare and she got a surprised look on her face.

"You smell like cigarettes." She stated. I looked down, I knew I'd done nothing wrong but she didn't know that for sure.

"And what has that got to do with anything?" I asked her looking back up at her face.

"I'm your teacher, if you have been smoking on school premises that's a serious issue. I'm going to have to ask you to empty your bag." She stated. I looked at her shocked and she blinked, waiting for me to do as she had instructed.

"You can't make me empty my bag." I told her although I wasn't completely sure if she could or couldn't.

"Have you been smoking?" she asked me bluntly. I shook my head to tell her I hadn't. "Then you won't mind emptying your bag if you have nothing to hide." She said looking at my bag expectantly. I groaned and crouched down, emptying the contents of my bag onto the floor; a pen, my schedule, my headphones, my purse, and a pair of Gucci sunglasses in the case fell out.

"Very well then. I'm adding this ten minutes onto the ten minutes you owe me tonight." She told me sternly. This woman was obviously going to make it so hard to have a crush on her.

"That's not fair." I told her. She shook her head at me and gestured for me to go back into the classroom. I went to the back where the rest of the class was lined up; I saw Nick, Miley and Joe standing in the corner so I went and joined them.

"Right then guys, I'm Miss. Lovato as some of you in here already know, I'm replacing Mr. Spencer because when he was teaching pupils weren't getting the grades they should have been. My rules are simple; you respect me and I will respect you back, if you misbehave I will not hesitate to give you detention as Miss. Gomez is already aware. I'm very lenient with my rules, you are welcome to listen to music and use your phones in my lesson but they are off whilst I'm speaking. As long as you get your work done I pretty much don't care what you do. If you're late you'll make up the time after school. You'll all be sat in a seating plan so I can learn your names easier and if you move out of the seating plan without my permission you will go straight back to where you came from so don't even try it." She said. We all nodded in agreement; her rules were a hell of a lot more lenient than most teachers.

"Right, you're sitting boy-girl in register order so when I call your name go and take a seat wherever and the next person of the opposite sex can go and sit next to them." She stated. I groaned in my head because I knew I'd be next to Nick again.

Once we were all in the seating plan she handed us each a copy of Romeo and Juliet and we read between the class; looking deeply into the language and stage directions used in the book.

The rest of the day passed, thankfully the only lessons where I had to sit next to Nick were Science and English. It was 3.00 now and time for my thirty minute detention with Miss. Lovato. (Somehow I managed to be late to the last lesson we had her, which was the last lesson of the day.)

Miss. Lovato closed her book and put it down on her desk.

"Right class, you've worked very hard today and I'm pleased with the work you've done. You may all pack up and leave aside from you, Miss. Gomez, you need to stay." She stated. I rolled my eyes and pulled my iPhone out of my pocket, texting my mom to let her know I would be late back then texting Meg to let her know I wasn't walking back. After a few seconds Meg texted me back.

1 new message: Meg

Detention on the first day back? Burn Gomez, I'll speak to you later babe. Loveya xx

I smiled at the text and looked up to see Miss. Lovato standing over my desk.

"Phone away please, Selena. Your detention begins now." She told me. I resisted my strong urge to roll my eyes and out my phone back in my pocket.