Hi there readers well i thought of this story while i was trying to fall asleep. realizing that sleep wouldn't come i decided to write it down. i absolutely love this pairing and have always wanted to write a story about them and since they're in my other story then i decided to explain how they got together in a story of their own. i hope you love it.

Sparks of the Sun

The day was bright and sunny, as it usually was in Sunnyshore City. The doors to the electric type gym slid open and the officer went in search of the city's Shining Shocking Star. She found him in the battle arena kneeling down next to his robotic judge fixing whatever was wrong with the little thing.

"Volkner!" she said. He turned around and stared at her with his ocean blue eyes didn't seem sparkle like she remembered they once had. He turned back to the robot and resumed fixing it. "Volkner!"

"Jenny." he sighed knowing that something needed fixing. "What is it that needs fixing?"

"Some of the solar panels aren't working." she said and he nodded. "From our reports we know that there's some gang vandalizing the city."

His ocean blue eyes turned dark, anger was visible on his normally unemotional face. The thought of someone defacing his city was enough to unleash all of his nasty emotions. He set the wrench down and patted the robot's head.

"I'll be back." he told it. He stood up and turned to the blue haired officer. His angry face made her step back. "Lets go, Jenny."

The two of them ran out of the gym. As they ran down the normally automated sidewalks of the city Volkner couldn't help but get even more angry. He had transformed Sunnyshore City with his own bare hands and now someone was destroying his hard work. He stopped suddenly when he saw a couple of guys in black jackets hitting several solar panels with bats. He turned to the officer and told her to leave. She looked at the guys and knew that they were going to wish she had dealt with them after Volkner was done with them..

"Hey!" Volkner yelled at them. They turned around and stared at the blond man. He wasn't wearing his blue jacket and the emotion on his face made him unrecognizable. "What are you doing?"

"What does it look like we're doing?" the biggest one asked sarcastically.

"Well it looks like you are begging for mercy." Volkner sighed. He grabbed the pokeball of his most trusted partner and threw it. Out of the ball came the orange electric mouse. "Use thunder."

With Jenny...

She looked up to see the yellow sparks. There's a reason Volkner is the city's gym leader and the intense electric attack she was watching was that reason. She and her men ran to the scene. When they got there their eyes widened as they saw every member of the gang on the ground twitching with pain and burned to a crisp.

"You're under arrest for defacing public property." Jenny said. She turned to the gym leader who had his hands in his pockets and a bored look on his face. "You could have gone easy on them."

"I did." he sighed. He had hoped that the group of people who tore down his hard work would have put up a fight but they hadn't. "I'm going to go to the tower and find the broken panels."


He was almost done fixing everything that had been damaged. All that was left was one of the panels at the harbor and once he finished it he could go back to the solitude of the gym. Raichu had gone off on a walk and the blond couldn't help but wonder why. He looked away from the broken mess and gazed at the ocean, the sight of the sun hitting the blue water was something to see.

"Um, excuse me the phone isn't working." he heard a female voice say.

"They were working this morning." a rough male voice said. Volkner slowly tore away from the beauty back to the mess. The sailor caught sight of the gym leader. "Ask him, he knows all about this technical stuff, I'm just a simple sea man."

She nodded and walked over to the blond haired man in the black shirt. She tapped his shoulder and he turned to look at her. His ocean blue eyes met her forest brown eyes. As she stared into his fathomless eyes she forgot why she had approached him.

"How may I help you?" he asked in a smooth velvet voice that made her forget her own name.

"Uh, Jasmine." she said dumbly. She flushed out of embarrassment when he quirked a blond eyebrow. "The phone isn't working." she said after she had composed herself. "The guy over there said you should be able to help me."

"Just stick around for a while, I'm almost done." he said. She nodded and he resumed working. "Volkner."

"Huh?" she asked.

"Your name is Jasmine and Volkner is my name." he said.

"Oh." she said. "Is this your job?"

"This is my life, my job is a complete and total bore." he sighed putting the finishing touch on the last broken solar panel. He stood up and turned to face her. "Well that should do it."

"Thank you." she said. She walked away from him and to the phone.

He stood there waiting for his partner to return from his walk. When he returned he understood why he had gone out on a walk...to pick up a nuisance. He let out a frustrated groan as the red haired Afro man walked over to him.

"Flint what are you doing here?" he groaned.

"Is that any way to greet your best friend?" the elite four member asked faking a hurt voice.

"Let me try that again. Hi, Flint please get out of my sight." Volkner said his voice sounding uncharacteristically nice.

"Ouch that really hurt. Anyway I'm here because Cynthia is worried about the way you're running things over here." he said. Volkner shrugged he could care less about what Cynthia thought. She had challenged his gym two times before she finally earned the Beacon Badge and now that she was champion she thought she could tell him what to do. "Oh can I crash at your place I really don't want to go home?"

"The couch is all yours." Volkner said. He kept his eyes focused on the familiar path home. He knew his friend wasn't okay with his sleeping arrangements.

"Why not the guest room where I usually crash?" Flint asked.

"Because you came here unannounced and only because the blond dictator told you to." Volkner said.

"Fine then." Flint said in a defeated voice.


The red head opened the refrigerator door, when he saw there was nothing good he closed it. A minute later he opened it again hoping that good food had magically replaced the spoiled food. Volkner shook his head as he watched his friend do that to every cabinet in his kitchen. Flint walked to the table and sat down opposite of his host.

"Why don't you have any food?"

"I don't spend a lot of time here and I usually eat at the diner or cafe. I'll go out and get something." he answered and the elite nodded. Volkner stood up and headed for the door grabbing his jacket as he passed the couch where he left it. "Clean the refrigerator for me."


"You see the robot that does the cleaning is broken which is part of the reason I haven't gone shopping. So clean the fridge and you'll get your food." Volkner said. He exited the gym and made a mental note to build a cleaning robot some time in the near future.

He took a look at his car and decided to walk after all he wasn't getting much food. The gym doors slid open and he waited for Raichu to catch up. The two of them walked down the dimly lit streets in silence. They came across a sight that made the electric type specialist's skin crawl, a man was hovering over a petite looking girl in a white dress. Normally something like that would only be passed off in his mind as something harmless but not this situation. The reason being the girl was whimpering.

"No please stop!" she shrieked at her attacker.

"Oh come on babe." he said in a low voice.

"I believe the lady said stop." Volkner said in a cold voice that chilled the man to the bones.

"This isn't any of your business Shock Boy." the man snarled.

"It is when it comes to how tourist see my city." Volkner said.

"This is my city now." He left the girl and advanced toward the blond. He threw a punch that never hit it's target. "What the hell?"

The electric mouse was laughing at him. Volkner shook his head as he draped his jacket over the shaking brunette.

"Looking for me?" Volkner asked in his normal voice. The man came at the gym leader again and wound up with his arms around his stomach. "You're as slow as you are stupid."

"You'll pay for that Star Boy." he growled.

She slipped her slender arms into the sleeves of the blue jacket, and rolled up the ends because they were too long. Through her brown eyes she watched the scene before her. The man would throw a punch and Volkner would take a couple of steps and avoid it. He punched the guy's nose and had Raichu finish it with the strongest thunder she had ever seen. The man fell to the ground and moments later Jenny arrived.

"You could have gotten hurt!" she yelled at the gym leader who shrugged.

"He didn't put up much of a fight. Really a waste of time." Volkner sighed. "Jenny what's happening to the city?"

"I don't know...yet." she said. Her eyes looked away from the bored gym leader to the shaking girl. "Are you okay Miss? Do you need any kind of medical attention?"

"I-I'm f-fine." she stuttered.

"Just to be sure, Volkner escort this young lady home." Jenny said and he nodded.

The two of them watched as the officer took the man away. When the sound of sirens faded he turned to look at the girl he had met earlier. She was still shaking from fright. He knew exactly what to do.

"Come on." he said. She walked up to him and let him lead the way. The stopped in front of a small cafe. He held the door open. "After you." she walked in and he walked in after her. "Go find us a table I'll order something."

She nodded and went to find a table. He walked up to the former poacher. Who looked from the blond to the brunette.

"It's not what it looks like. She was attacked and I helped her out and Jenny asked me to help her get home." he said and his friend nodded.

"So what can I get for you?" he asked

"I'll take the usual and for her I think a cup of your chamomile tea would be best." he said. He looked down at his partner who looked thirsty. "Raichu would like a cup of warm milk. Oh would you mind putting some sandwiches, a pie, juice, and milk in a to go box?"

"Sure." he said. Volkner took out his wallet. "No need it's on the house."

"I'm going to have to pay you sometime." Volkner sighed. He was handed his three drinks on a tray and walked over to the table where Jasmine was sitting staring out the window. Raichu had gone to grab a booster seat and when he returned he sat down next to Jasmine. "Here you go a cup of chamomile tea."

"Thanks." she said taking the cup he was offering. She took a sip and seemed to calm down thought he could see the tears forming in her brown eyes.

"Where are you from?" he asked deciding it was better to have her talk then remain silent.

"Olivine City." she said.

"Ah so you're a Johto girl." he said and she nodded. "What brings you all the way here to Sinnoh?"

"I just wanted to travel and have fun. Plus I hear super contests are fun." she said the tears in her eyes were gone. "Thanks for the tea."

"Don't mention it." he said. "How old are you Jasmine?"

"Nineteen and you?" she said curiosity had situated itself on her face.

"Twenty-one." he sighed. A bag was placed on the table he looked up and took out his wallet only to have it shoved away. "Every time I try to pay he refuses to accept my money."

"You're lucky that way." Jasmine said and Raichu laughed. "Who is this food for?"

"It's for the idiot that's staying at my place." he said getting up.


"So you built the entire solar energy system and the tower?" she asked as they made their way to the pokemon center.

"I had a lot of free time." he said. She noticed that his eyes seemed to sparkle just a little whenever he talked about the city other then that they looked cold and dead. "Well here we are."

"Thank you." she said shrugging off his jacket.

"Don't mention it." he said. He took his jacket. "Enjoy the city."

"I'll try." she said quietly. "Well see you."

"Jasmine, maybe sometime I could show you my Sunnyshore." he said not wanting her to get the wrong impression of his beloved city.

"Sure." she said shyly.

Okay so there's the story's beginning tell me if i should continue. Oh in the anime Volkner became the gym leader at twenty but in this story he's been the gym leader for a lot longer than that. Please review.