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Sparks of the Sun

She watched as the pictures changed and realized how much she had enjoyed spending time with an almost perfect stranger. She had no idea what Flint's plan was only that it had a long ridiculous title and that during it's course she would get her money back. She turned off her camera and walked over to the window. A perfect view of the ocean, she loved how the morning sun made the ocean sparkle.

"Just like home but different…so much more different." she sighed. Her forest brown eyes drifted around the room and finally they stopped and gazed heavily at her pokegear. "It's been days since I last talked to Flint and Volkner. Today's my last day in Sunnyshore, I honestly wouldn't mind staying longer."

Her pokegear started to ring and she couldn't help but feel happy. She picked up. "Pack up and get outside." was all Flint said.

She packed her bag and was glad that she had decided to travel like a real trainer and walked outside picking up her pokemon and handing her key to Nurse Joy. She placed her pokemon in her grey shoulder bag and waited for Flint to show up. The black car pulled up to her and Flint who sat behind the wheel motioned for her to get inside. She got in the back and Flint drove away from the pokemon center.

"Morning." Jasmine said cheerfully.

"Morning." Flint said excitedly.

"Morning." Volkner grunted.

"Jeez you could be a little nicer." Flint said putting on a pair of aviator sunglasses. "After all we're headed on a road trip." he sang turning up the volume. "Goodbye Sunnyshore, hello world!" he yelled out of the window.

"Focus on the road if you don't you're going to kill us." Volkner snapped. Flint shrugged and fiddled around with the radio trying to find a station that played the right amount of rock. "Why would anyone in their right mind give you a license? More importantly why am I letting you drive my car?" the blond asked but Flint only raised the volume.

Jasmine did her best to tune out the loud music by focusing on the scenery. She noticed that Flint was going well above the speed limit and the way the road twisted she couldn't help but worry. If she survived this trip she was never going to ride in a car with Flint again. When Flint stopped she almost jumped out of the car and kissed the ground but she refrained from doing that. Flint practically dragged Volkner out of the car.

"Welcome to the Lake Valor Resort!" Flint announced. Several people that were passing by gave him a look as if he was crazy. "Now lets get to seeing. After all this is the first time you guys are seeing the beautiful Sinnoh region, well besides Sunnyshore."

"Volkner you've never seen your own region?" Jasmine asked.

"No not in a sense where I got to really see it." he answered simply. "As much as I like Sunnyshore it is my prison. I can never leave the city for too long because there is so much that has to be done."

"Well screw that thought and lets go enjoy the lake!" Flint said flashing Jasmine as sly smile.

'Oh so this trip is part of his plan.' she thought.

They toured the area, taking pictures as they did. It was a little before lunch and Jasmine, Volkner, and their pokemon were sitting by the lake. Jasmine took a picture of their pokemon playing together and then one of Volkner and Raichu that she really liked. He asked for the camera and she handed it to him. He took a picture of her and then handed it back. She looked at it and smiled, her brown eyes were wide and she wore a sincere smile.

"I like it." she said.

"Me too." he sighed his blue eyes were focused on the lake.

"Hey guys a little help would be nice." Flint said as he walked back to them with a table, chairs, and food.

"We should help." Jasmine said.

"Let him suffer after all this was his idea." Volkner said his blue eyes never leaving the lake. Jasmine couldn't help but think that the reason he didn't want to help was because he was expecting something to show up on the lake's surface. "You can help, if you want."

She turned around and walked over to the red head and took the picnic basket from him. Together they set up the table and the pokemon food. Slowly Volkner made his way to the table with a disappointed look on his face. Flint handed Jasmine a drink and Volkner took it before she could Flint looked at him angrily.

"You could have waited for yours." Flint said sounding annoyed.

"She's nineteen." he said and Flint's face turned from angry to apologetic. "I don't want any after all one of us has to be able to get behind the wheel."

"Oh so you're being Mr. Responsible." Flint laughed.

"Someone has too."

"Uh guys where exactly are we going?" Jasmine asked the two best friends.

"Well we're going to see all of Sinnoh of course. The three of us hitting the road exploring new places, well you two are I saw every part of the region while I traveled. So we better hurry up and eat our lunch because time is of the essence." Flint said and Volkner rolled his ocean blue eyes and directed his gaze to the lake.


Jasmine stared out the window she couldn't believe that they were heading up to Snowpoint City first. Slowly she turned around and looked at the blond haired man who was driving. He was mumbling something that she assumed had to do with Flint who was passed out in the back. Her gaze fell from his face to his hands that were clutching the steering wheel so hard his knuckles were white. They weren't allowed to go back to Sunnyshore until they had seen every nook and cranny of Sinnoh and she knew that being away from his beloved city for so long irritated the gym leader.

He felt her eyes on his hands and decided to address her but the moment he uttered a sound her gaze returned to the scenery outside. He let out a frustrated sigh as he heard Flint's loud snore over the radio. Jasmine let out a soft giggle and the sound of her laugh caused him to loosen the death grip he had on the steering wheel.

"So…" he started not really knowing where to go with a conversation.

"Huh?" she asked tearing her gaze away from the outside.

"How's life?" he asked lamely.

"Life has recently taken an interesting turn and honestly I like where it's going. How's life going for you?" she asked.

"It's abnormal now, I never thought that meeting one specific person could alter my life in such a way. Never did I think that someone I hardly know would make me want to…" he caught himself before he finished what his mind was thinking. He fumbled around in his mind for some way to finish his sentence.

"Explore new horizons." she said not looking at him because she felt strangely touched by his mistake of words.

"In a way yes." he sighed.

"I guess you could say I feel the same way." she said knowing that she was exploring new horizons as in places but there were new horizons in her heart she was exploring too.

"Well I'm glad we're exploring them together." he said smiling on the inside. He was happy that Jasmine was with him because he wasn't sure he could handle being with Flint all by himself yet at the same time he wished that he had more alone time with her because there was something about her that made him want to know more about who she was.

To be continued...

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