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Getting Into the Game

Chapter 1: Transform

"How can this be!" TenTen roared questionably. The five girls were looking at the recently added notice on the school's public board. It read:

Dear students of the soccer club,

Do to fundamental reasons; the school education board has decided to close down the soccer club. We are deeply sorry, but we advice you to take up a different and more respectable extra curricular activity to help with your future. Think of this as a way to open new paths and options for your life in a round about turn for the best. We appreciate your cooperation and hope for the best for your studies and school days.


The Board of Education

"Respectfully my ass! This is bull!" Temari exclaimed.

"Seriously! Fundamental reasons? What does that even mean!" Ino yelled.

"Well, I do know one thing. No more soccer here unless we either complain to the principal who isn't going to help at all, just give up or find a different way…" Sakura said matter-of-factly like how she does with mostly everything.

"L-like what…?" Hinata asked.

"We need a game plan!" TenTen replied as she firstly ripped the note off the board and then stormed off. The other four girls followed suit, as angry and aggressive feeling as she was.

"How about, we go hang out and think of something like that?" Sakura asked, hugging TenTen from behind to ease her temper that was rising.

"… Maybe that would be a good idea…" TenTen said with a sigh. Sakura was the only one who could ease her temper without inflicting physical pain toward the twin bun burette.

"D-don't we still h-have classes…?" Hinata asked, since there was still half the day left.

"Forget it Hinata, they took away our soccer club so we're on protest!" Temari said with enthusiasm.

"Yeah Hinata, live a little!" Ino added as they all went into Sakura's car and drove off. They decided to go to the mall to shop and go nuts for stress reasons. They already changed out of their school uniform as another sign of protest. On the way to the mall, they stopped at the street light and next to their car full of beautiful girls was a car full of hot guys.

In the front driving was a blonde man with blue eyes, tanned and looked to be nicely built with a confident yet carefree grin which made Sakura admit to herself that he was a very good-looking guy. Next to him was a boy with grey shallow eyes, long brown hair and pale skin that was making TenTen look at him weirdly. Behind him was a boy with black hair, black eyes and a pale emotionless face to match that had Temari thinking that he was emo-hot. Next to him was a brown haired, black slit eye, tanned skin and a free-spirited smile on his face that made Hinata blush. Lastly was a burette boy with his hair in a pineapple pony-tail, hazel eyes and was taking a nap that made Ino think that he was a lazy ass. At first glance at them, the girls couldn't take another glance because not only were they mad, but they couldn't care less about the guys. However, the boys couldn't stop looking after first glance.

"Hello, hello ladies! How's it going?" Kiba asked with a fun-loving grin making Hinata blush.

"It's was all going great until you said that…" Sakura shot to Kiba making Naruto grin slyly.

"Feisty, aren't you? The poor boy was just trying to be friendly with all good intentions," Naruto remarked making Sakura glare at him.

"What a crap day this ones turning out…" TenTen retorted.

"Wasn't really until you started talking…" Neji said mechanically, but still cracked a small smirk.

"Look guys, we don't mean this in a bad way-" Temari was about to say so they would leave them alone and TenTen would stop fuming even more then she was already until she was interrupted.

"When you say that you don't mean it in a bad way, it means you actually do mean it in a bad way…" Sasuke smirked as he gave a fist pound to Naruto.

"Ugh! Whatever! Light!" Ino yelled, waking Shikamaru up to see them for the first time.

"Want to race, Pinky…?" Naruto asked with a laugh toward the pink haired driver.

"I'll wipe the floor with you Blondie!" Sakura said.

"We'll see about that!"

"Are you really going to race these guys…?" TenTen asked in a whisper.

"Watch this," Sakura exclaimed as they raced ahead. As they started the race, the boy's car went straight and Sakura turned the car at the turn as they laughed away.

"Well that was fun…" Temari commented.

"Those guys deserved it!" Ino shouted. They laughed as they parked, got out the car and walked into the mall. They all started shopping until their hearts content; TenTen was dragged out crying from the sports equipment shop, Temari was trying on clothes, Hinata was looking at accessories, Ino was trying on shoes and Sakura was hauled in the book store. After a while of doing whatever they wanted and causing some havoc in the mall that made them get kicked out of some shops and chased by mall security, they ended up at a café, eating pastries and drinking different varieties of coffees.

"What the hell are we supposed to do now!" Ino shouted, earning some annoyed stares that she just brushed off and ignored.

"Damn those board of education bastards! When I get my hands on them, I'll rip their guts out and feed them to the lions at the zoo! I'll kill them!" TenTen stated darkly, using hand gestures and laughing a bit evilly.

"C-calm down, TenTen. It's going to be ok…" Hinata stuttered calmly, patting her hand on her back soothingly.

"Come on Sakura! You're supposed to be the brains here! What do you think!" That was true and she was thinking, she had been thinking since they saw the notice on the school board and had been putting her soul to thinking about a salvation since she sat down calmly with her caramel cold-coffee. In there group Sakura was the smart feisty one, Hinata was the shy cute one, TenTen was the short-tempered tomboy, Temari was our adult-like arm power and Ino was our gossip flirt girl. Since she was addressed to say something now, she started talking about what she came to think of so far.

"We live in Konoha and in Konoha there are two major schools and one crap one. The crap one is a co-education school with low level students who wouldn't even care about anything like school activities or the like of it, which was out of the question since we all agreed that it was a crap school. Then there are the two major schools. The first is our school which is an all-girls school that emphasis on studies and extra curricular activities for our future and such, but mostly to turn us into refined young proper ladies. The reason I think they actually took the soccer club away was maybe because they saw it as a rough manly sport and also a way to increase there funding lost, so it's like killing two birds with one stone. The second major school is the all-boys school in Konoha which was already out of the question being in term of the all-boys part…" Sakura explained wisely which they all awed at.

"So what can we do about this…?" Temari asked.

"We can write complains to the principal for taking away our soccer club, we can complain or even go as low as to beg the board of education," Sakura started listing the options.

"Or…?" Ino asked, needing more options, considerably speaking that it had to be anything other then those two.

"Or… we disguise ourselves as boys and enter the all-boys school in Konoha to be able to play soccer freely without any worries…" Sakura stated. They all stared at her incredibly thinking and imagining how they could do that.

"We can pull that off…" Hinata, unexpectedly, said. Everyone looked at her weirdly thinking both how could they do that and how unexpected that it was her of all people to say that. Yet, it only showed how serious she was about their combined passion.

"Yeah, that's right! We can do something like that! It's a piece of cake for the sake of soccer!" TenTen said encouragingly.

"Hey, hot guy paradise and playing soccer, I'm so in!" Ino remarked coolly.

"Like any guy can match up to my shots!" Temari commented.

"How do we get into the school…?" Hinata asked, destroying the enthusiasm in the atmosphere.

"No worries, I'll call my brother to get us in…" Sakura said taking out her phone and dialing her brother, Haruno Alex, phone number. (Think Alex from my other Fan Fiction "The Princess and the Ninja'. He's her older brother with red eyes, black hair, tall and lean and hot so that's all you really have to know.)

"Hello…?" Alex asked lazily from the other line of the phone call.

"Alex? Look, I'll explain everything later but get me and my friends into that all-boys school in Konoha ASAP! Got it?" Sakura said.

"… In a way… all I have to do is get you and you're four other friends in? Fine by me…" Alex said care-freely rummaging through a draw in his desk.

"Thank you Alex!" Sakura said with a broad smile and hanged the phone up while smirking to her slack jawed friends.

"Well, since we're at the mall, let transformation 'Boy-Girl' begin!" Ino exclaimed as they got up and ran around the shops for men's clothing. When people asked, they would just say they were either getting gifts for their brother, their cousin, their friend or their boyfriend even though they were all single. After a while, they walked out the changing room with their chests bind, wearing guy clothes and short haired guy wigs; TenTen had a brown wig, Hinata had a purple one, Temari had a dusty blonde wig, Ino had a light blonde wig and Sakura had her unique black wig with pink colored streaks. They all looked at Sakura saying where had she found that thing and why.

"Well, I like my pink hair and I'll just say I was born with it…" Sakura said a bit shyly. They all shrugged it away since it was her choice and walked to the car in their new style, into the car and drove toward Sakura's house. As they parked the car into the drive way, they got out and entered the big and wide, three stories, and much lavished house.

"New look? I'll never get fashion…" Alex said sarcastically as he sat on the couch watching television.

"Did you get us in…?" Sakura asked as they all sat on the other sofas and couches occupying the room.

"Yup, I used to go to that school. The second I said my name the chairman lightened up and said he'd do anything I requested without me even telling him anything. I asked him if my brother and his friends could enroll into the school tomorrow. He was more then willing to accept the offer. Make your fake applications and hand them in as you start tomorrow. I also got you guys to live there since it's also a boarding school since it's kind of far. I will want my thank you right about now…" Alex detailed his attained information.

"Thank you Alex!" Sakura squealed hugging him.

"Now an explanation would be appreciated…"

"They canceled our soccer club at school…" TenTen explained in rage.

"… So you decided to go to an all-boys school just to play soccer…?" Alex asked in confusion.

"… Yup, pretty much!" Ino concluded energetically.

"Oh well… who am I to stop you guys…? Anyways, you guys have to act like real guys now and change your names…" Alex stated.

"Haruno Shane…" Sakura said.

"Yamanaka Ian…" Ino said.

"Anoka Tyler…" Temari exclaimed.

"Hadaka Haden, I can't use Hyuuga since my cousin is also in the school and might recognize me…" Hinata exclaimed.

"Katana Tristan…" TenTen said.

"That's great to know, now go write that on your fake applications and make up a lot of stuff to look cool and impressive, I'm about to watch a movie…" Alex stated as he grabbed a bucket of popcorn and the remote control as he changed the channel.

"Ok!" the girls all said as they walked up to take the first step to their soccer filled future.

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