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Getting Into the Game

Chapter 19: Bus Ride

The girls and guys all walked to the bus, all ready and packed. The morning was rough and sucked like hell, since apparently Neji decided to have an early practice session at four a.m. till seven a.m. After that, they quickly took a shower, checked to see if they forgot anything, ate breakfast and are now in their current positions.

"I'm going to kill you one day for all this torture you put me through… you do know that, right…?" TenTen stated tiredly as Neji just raised a brow at her.

"You can try, and you brought this upon yourself Tristan. Coming to an all-guys school just to play soccer, I mean, who the hell in their right mind would do that…?" Neji stated as TenTen sighed annoyingly at him.

"You're still not over that?" TenTen countered as the guys laughed at him. They arrived at the bus to see that everyone had already arrived, and it's precisely eight a.m. at the moment. The girls saw that even though they were all wearing casual clothes, the Akatsuki were wearing a black band around their forearms with a red cloud on it.

"What's that?" Sakura asked Naruto, pointing at the band.

"It's the Akatsuki logo; it shows that that person is a member of Akatsuki. Isn't it cool?" Naruto asked as Sakura just shrugged.

"Lets' go already-un!" Deidara stated impatiently as he jumped into the bus with everyone following suit. Sitting in front in pairs were Aoi and Gen, Kakashi and Obito, Asuma and Alex. Afterwards were Pain and Zetsu, Itachi and Kisame, Deidara and Sasori, Kakazu and Hidan. As for the second years accompanying them there were Juugo and Suigetsu, and Sora (that guy in Naruto that had some on the Kyuubi chakra in him) who was sitting quietly next to Gaara.

"Hello, little brother…" Itachi stated as Sasuke just glared at the bored looking Itachi.

"Screw you Itachi…" Sasuke replied.

"What ever happened to calling me Onii-Chan…?"

"Go die, murderer…"

"You seriously have to let things go, Sasuke…" Itachi stated with a roll of his eyes. He flicked Sasuke's forehead with his finger before going back to minding his own business.

"Ass…" Sasuke stated before turning on his IPod.

"You actually called your brother Onii-Chan?" Temari asked from beside him as he just glared at her.

"Shut up…"

"What with your pink streaks?" Zetsu asked, as Sakura just gave him a weird look.

'The guy has a back side to his face and then a white one. What, is he trying not to be racist? Or is he deformed? Or did he paint it on? This guy is weird…' Sakura thought. "I was born with it, Zetsu-Senpai…"

"Can I eat you…?" Zetsu stated out of nowhere. A few moments later, he was wincing in pain next to Pain with a few bumps on his head.

"So Pain-Senpai, how is Konan-Senpai doing?" Kiba asked as Pain just have him a weird look. "You guys are still dating, right?"

"Of course…" Pain simply stated.

"That's cool…" Kiba stated awkwardly, as you could tell he was trying to be friendly with his Senpai, but failing.

"Art is a blast!" Deidara stated as Sasori just shook his head at him.

"Art is beautiful and should be preserved forever, keeping your precious possessions close to you…" Sasori argued.

"Art is only beautiful for a second and then it explodes- UN! That's art- yeah!" Deidara shouted.

"I-is he r-really the head of the a-art club d-department…?" Hinata asked Kiba as he just smirked and shrugged at her question.

"Why the fucking hell are you even coming on this trip Kakazu?" Hidan asked.

"It doesn't cost anything, that's why, you ass…" Kakazu stated, only giving him a sideways glance. "You? Even though I don't give a rat's ass for your reasons…"

"My lord told me too, that why you little fucker…" Hidan stated.

"You and you're fucking twisted ass religion…" Kakazu remarked back.

"If we schedule for everyone to practice in the morning, later the day when school is over for the grass kids and they go back to their dorm up until right before dinner, I think we can have enough time for practice then right before the game…" Neji stated as TenTen fumed on the side.

"Are you planning to kill us? You prick! Cut down a notch on the freaking practices already! We aren't robots like some people!" TenTen argued as Neji and she went on a glaring/blinking contest to determine the outcome of their practice schedule.

"Dude… why do you look like a fish…?" Ino asked as Kisame just smiled at her.

"Jealous?" he asked.

"Hell no! Fishes are slimy and weird and gross!"

"Careful or else you'll insult his family…" Temari stated as the two girls cracked up.

"I'm a shark-man; mind your manners, damn Kohai…" Kisame stated roughly as he displayed his sharp shark-like teeth, making the two look away and sit quietly in their seats.

"Was one of his parents a shark and the other human, or was one of them already half-shark?" Temari whispered as Ino just shrugged, trying to divert her attention elsewhere.

After half an hour of the trip, it was obvious there was a tense and eerie silence engulfing the bus. The teachers sighed, needing to erase this as soon as possible.

"Who wants to sing travel songs?" Aoi asked cheerily, trying to spread his positive attitude around the bus. A chorus of grunts arose as Aoi just smiled at them spiritedly. "Come on; don't knock it till you try it! I'll go first! Camp town ladies sing this song!"

"We're men, not ladies…" Suigetsu stated as Kisame gave his Kohai a high-five.

"Ok fine, no camp town ladies… How about…? Let's sit around the campfire and sing out campfire songs. Our C. A. M. P. F. I. R. E. S. O. N. G song and if you don't think we can sing it faster than your wrong, but it'll help if you sing along!" Aoi sang. (Yes, SpongeBob)

"Next…" Temari, TenTen and Ino stated in unison as Aoi tried to think.

"Where goes the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man? Where goes the muffin man, because I am hungry!" Aoi sang and clapped happily as everyone stared at him weirdly.

"That's not the song, Aoi-Sensei…" Pain pointed out as Aoi just smiled at the puppet master.

"That's because I forgot the original one, so I just made one up!" Aoi answered as everyone sighed at him. "Um… Bah, bah black sheep!"

"What are we, four?" Neji asked as the bus erupted in laughter.

"Why don't you think of something better then, Mr. Soccer Club Captain…?" Aoi countered as Neji looked around in the bus.

"Does it look like I'm a person who would ever sing in my entire life, Aoi-Sensei…?" Neji asked as Aoi just shook his head.

"Boring kids, I swear. I love singing…" Aoi stated with a roll of his eyes. "One potato, two potatoes, three potatoes, Gen! Sing!" As Aoi looked down at his partner in crime, he saw that Gen was fake sleeping so he can get out of singing. "I know you're awake, Gen…" Gen snored in an indication that he was asleep, even though it was obvious he wasn't. "Ginger…"

"I said don't call me that stupid nickname!" Gen yelled out and strangled a laughing Aoi.

"The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round. The wheels on the bus go round and round, all the way home!" Aoi sang.

"It's not all through or around town? Yeah…" Deidara asked as everyone started laughing.

"Stupid Gaki… Ok then… Alex! Why don't you sing?" Aoi asked as Alex death glared him, making everyone shiver in fear and lean away from the man, but not Aoi as he just smiled amusingly at him. "Oh come on, try it!"

"Fuck off, douche bag!" Alex shouted at Aoi.

"Please~! Please, please, please, please, please, please~!" Aoi pleaded and whined at the same time, making three large anime ticks form on the top of Alex's head.

"Fine, I'll sing you your goddamn fucking song!" Alex yelled as everyone leaned in to hear it. "Fucking fucking congratulations, fucking congratulations, for cramming into our bus!" Alex sang as Aoi clapped for him. Alex death glared everyone and they all ended up clapping for his wonderful song (but he does have a nice voice, if he really wanted to use it). "Now shut your goddamn mouth already! Do us all a favor, and shut the fuck up!"

"Whatever…" Aoi stated with a sigh with a shrug, sitting back down in his seat quietly.

"Car… Car… Car… Tree… Cow… Grass… Sun… Cloud…" Naruto started stating the obvious things he could see out of sheer boredom. "Person… Goat… Horse… Dog…"

"Are you that bored? Shut the fuck up goddamn it!" Sasuke shouted as Naruto sat quietly in his seat, smirking victoriously. Suddenly, there was a barking noise coming from somewhere. Everyone looked around, and landed their gazes on the panicked looking Kiba. Everyone stared at him intently, waiting for an explanation.

"Ok! Fine, I couldn't leave without him!" Kiba admitted as he unzipped his bag completely and then took out a little white dog. (It's small Akamaru, since I thought he was cuter and the bigger one wouldn't even be able to fit in the bus). "His name is Akamaru, my best friend!"

"Aw~!" Hinata, Ino, Temari, Obito and Aoi cooed as everyone else rolled their eyes.

"He can stay if you promise to keep him out of trouble…" Asuma stated as Kiba nodded eagerly.

"And also since we're too lazy to turn the bus around and start the fucking journey all over again. It's bad enough as it is…" Alex stated as the teachers sweat-dropped at his bluntness.

"I'm hungry Sensei!" Naruto whined. "I want Ramen!"

"I ran out of water! I'm thirsty!" Suigetsu started whining as well.

"It would be so funny if Choji was here right now and ran out of snacks…" Ino stated as Shikamaru smiled in his nap.

"You have to wait until we get there kids…" Kakashi stated, not even looking up from his book.

"Demo!" Naruto and Suigetsu whined

"Shut up, I'm trying to sleep here…" Shikamaru stated.

"Go eat Kisame-Senpai, fish looks quite appetizing…" Temari joked as Kisame glared at her.

"Itachi, the stupid Kohai is being mean! Do something!" Kisame whined as Ino, Temari, TenTen, Suigetsu, Hidan, Deidara and Aoi laughed at him. "Fish you all…"

"Hey guys, if we play 'Go Fish', would Kisame win?" Kiba joked as more roars of laughter erupted.

"Enough with the damn annoying fish jokes!" Kisame shouted out.

"Kisame-Senpai!" Sasuke called out as everyone went silent, watching intently as Sasuke and Kisame stare off. "… Go fish…" Waves of laughter filled the bus as a tint of pink shaded Kisame's blue cheeks.

"Shut up…" Itachi stated menacingly as everyone stayed silent.

"Itachi, you do care!" Kisame stated, touched as he smiled happily at Itachi.

"You shut up too; you're all so annoying…" Itachi stated as Kisame stayed in the depressed corner of the bus.

"In the back of the car, on your way to the bar, I got you on my lips; I got you on my lips. With your foot up the stairs, with my fingers through your hair, baby this is it…" Ino sang 'My First Kiss' as everyone stared awkwardly at her.

"So we're back to singing again?" Pain asked annoyingly with a low sigh as Aoi clapped happily for Ino.

"Don't sing something so gay in a car full of guys…" Sora stated as Ino pouted at him.

"Sasori-Senpai, can you give us a puppet show?" Naruto asked as Gaara sighed on the side.

"I've had enough of puppets, having a brother like Kankuro is enough…" Gaara stated as Temari sighed as well.

"Just for that, I'm going to do an extra special performance dedicated just for you…" Sasori stated as Gaara scowled at him and everyone laughed. Sasori walked up to the front of the bus and took out two puppets. They looked life-sized as one was a little girl with blonde hair in a dress and beady blue eyes. The other was a little boy with black hair wearing formal clothing and had beady blue eyes as well.

"Where did those come from?" TenTen asked as Sakura just shrugged.

"Do you remember what today is?" Sasori asked in a girlie voice, motioning the girl with her hands on her hip.

"Uh… Saturday…?" the boy asked in a confused tone as he tilted his head to the side.

"Try again!" she stated in an angry voice.

"Uh… shake-your-booty day?" the boy asked.

"No! Ugh, how could you forget today of all days?"

"How do you expect me to know it if I don't even know what the hell you're talking about, woman…?"

"It's our three month anniversary, that's what I'm talking about!" the girl stated, voice shaking as she was close to tears.

"So…? Your point…?" the boy asked as she gasped at him.

"We're supposed to celebrate our time together and cherish every moment we can get! Doesn't that mean anything to you…?"

"There are only a few days in a year when a guy has to celebrate anything, and a three month together anniversary isn't one f them…"

"You-you-you monster! I never want to see you again! We're through!" the girl shouted out as she ran away. The guy sighed.

"Five… four… three… two… one…" he counted and suddenly the girl came running back to him.

"I can't stand being separated from you so long! Please take me back!" the girl pleaded as the boy sighed.

"Whatever…" he stated as she hugged him merrily and he looked as bored as ever. Sasori bowed and then went back to his seat.

"So emotional, like a live drama!" Ino stated as she blew her nose in a tissue.

"Was that one of your past experiences being portrait to us?" Sakura asked as Sasori just stared at his blankly like the question itself was retarded.

"That was so dumb, go back to ventriloquist school…" Sasuke stated as Deidara glared at him.

"That was fine Sasori- UN! He just doesn't know art when he sees it- yeah!" Deidara stated as Sasori just shrugged at him.

"So Katana, you're in the soccer club, but what does your family specialize in?" Kakazu asked in a bored manner. "Not like I care…"

"Right… my family specializes in weapons…" TenTen stated as he pulled out a shuriken from his pocket.

"Is there any money is that?" Kakazu asked as TenTen nodded with a smirk.

"Who said you could bring weapons to school?" Asuma scolded as TenTen hid it the shuriken behind her.

"I don't have any weapons…" TenTen stated innocently as Asuma just sighed annoyingly at her.

"Ok, since we're all so bored apparently, I guess we'll give you kids these now…" Obito stated with a sigh as he took out a box from under the chair.

"What are you talking about Obito-Sensei?" Temari asked as he took out a headband with the Konoha 'leaf' sign engraved on it.

"Everyone is going to wear this to show that they are from and belong to Konoha. Wear it at all times with pride and honor…" Obito stated, passing them from student to student with a large grin. "Of course, the teachers too…" Obito stated, giving them all one each and taking the last for himself and tying it around his forehead. "Konoha rocks!"

"Don't you mean blows…?" Shikamaru asked as Obito looked quizzically at him.

"No… we rock…"

"No, rocks rock and leaves blow in the wind…" Shikamaru explained as everyone laughed at him.

"Whatever we do, we are cool! So don't use that line in front of the grass kids!" Obito stated as he took his seat and everyone examined their head bands.

"Why do the Uchiha clan people wear shirts with large collars exposing their necks?" Naruto asked, purposely trying to be annoying, as he was referring to the shirts Itachi, Sasuke and Obito all were wearing.

"What do you want us to wear, fucking turtle neck shirts?" Sasuke asked with an anime tick on his temple.

"Annoying…" Itachi stated and then ignored the question.

"I don't know, we just do... it's our thing!" Obito stated with a smile as everyone looked dejectedly at him.

'That didn't answer the question at all, Obito-Sensei!' they all thought but shrugged the thought aside quickly enough.

"Sonic or Shadow?" TenTen asked Sakura. (Sonic the hedgehog)

"Shadow…" Sakura replied.

"Lelouch or Suzaku?" (Code Geass)


"Eddie or Jin?" (Tekkan)


"Pikachu or Raichu?" (Pokémon)


"Mort or King Julian?" (Madagascar)

"King Julian…"

"Garfield and Odie or Cat-Dog?" (Garfield and Cat-Dog)

"Garfield and Odie…"

"Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck?" (Looney Tunes)

"Bugs Bunny…"

"Vampires or the Grim Reaper?"

"The Grim Reaper…"

"Cloud Strife or Zack Fair?" (Final Fantasy VII)

"Zack Fair…"

"Dante or Vergil?" (Devil May Cry)


"SpongeBob or Patrick?" (SpongeBob)


"What the hell are you guys doing?" Sasuke asked annoyingly, voicing out everyone's thoughts.

"We're played 'which would you rather choose?' Duh…" TenTen stated obviously.

"Shouldn't it be much harder and different? Like would you rather eat a rat or your own leg?" Neji asked.

"Can I cook the rat?" Sakura asked as Naruto nodded. "Then yeah, the rat…"

"Can you guys get any more boring?" Sasori asked tiredly as a chorus of 'obviously' and 'yes' filled the bus.

"Kami-Sama, I'm going to fucking die before we even get there…" Alex stated annoyingly with a sigh as he massaged his temples in a relaxing gesture. Asuma took a drag of his cigarette and sighed, Kakashi's eyes stayed glued to his book, Obito was drawing something in a sketch book (art teacher, remember?), Aoi was listening to music as Gen actually went to sleep this time.

"Isn't that painful…?" Ino asked Pain, pointing at his piercings.

"No…" Pain stated simply.

"It looks painful…"

"It isn't though…"

"Are you sure?"


"Was it painful at first?"

"Why, are you thinking about getting them?"

"No way!"

"Then I suggest you mind your own business…" Pain concluded and then faced away from Ino to avoid further discussion.

"Geez, I was just curiously asking…"

"Curiosity kills the cat…" Itachi commented. All of a sudden, Akamaru started barking.

"Calm down Akamaru, there isn't a cat anywhere near here!" Kiba stated, trying to calm down the small canine.

"Even if there was, I'd have already eaten it then…" Zetsu stated as everyone looked awkwardly at him.

"Are you like, a cannibal or something…?" Sakura asked, a bit freaked out by the black, white and green Senpai.

"Yes." "No," he stated at the same time in two different- one the no gentler and the yes rougher- voices, freaking out the first and second year students even further, as the third years rolled their eyes at him.

"Are we there yet?" Naruto asked desperately as Alex gave him a look.

"Does it look like we're even anywhere remotely close to fucking being there?" Alex asked as Naruto gulped and sat back down in his seat. "How much fucking longer, bus driver dude…?"

"We'll be entering the grass village within the hour…" the driver stated as everyone groaned in annoyance.

"Fuck! Kill me now!" Alex shouted as he looked at Aoi and Gen.

"What?" they asked in unison. Out of nowhere, Alex pulled out a pistol and pointed at it the both of them as they sat there in their seats un-phased.

"Get ready to die, assholes…" Alex stated as everyone started panicking.

"Alex-San, calm down!" Obito stated, trying to hold him back.

"Bear with it!" Asuma shouted out, making Alex pissed off even more.

"Stay calm children!" Kakashi tried to soothe the agitated and nervous kids.

"Holy macaroni, that teacher has a gun! He's going to kill us all!" Sora yelled out. Everyone yelled and panicked, running around and shaking the bus wildly. All of a sudden, gun sounds were heard and everyone ducked and covered. After a few seconds, they all peeked seeing Alex, Gen and Aoi standing, while Aoi was holding his phone. Aoi pressed the play button on his phone and gun shots were heard through the speakers. Everyone got up and Alex pulled the trigger at Pain's head. Instead of a lead bullet coming out, bubbles came out and popped once made contact with Pain's piercings. Everyone stared quietly at Alex glaring at Pain.

"Aren't you supposed to be the leader? What are you going to do to save everyone if we were in a situation like this in reality? How are you going to protect your companions and all your Kohai? Learn to take charge, or get down your post as leader of Akatsuki, faggot…" Alex stated harshly as he gracefully and swiftly took his seat. Once calmed down, everyone slowly went back to their seats as Pain sat down, a bit dejectedly.

"We're passing through the gates of grass!" the bus driver stated as everyone sighed.

"Finally!" Gen breathed out harshly.

After a few minutes, they finally reached the gates to the grass village delinquent school, and everyone pushed each other to get off the bus. Naruto, Ino, Kiba, Hidan and TenTen all kissed the ground melodramatically as they happily thanked Kami-Sama for the end of the long journey. They stood there, taking in the earthly smell of the air and the gentle breeze that blew past them.

As they entered the gates, they were then greeted by chaos. The school looked like an ancient ruined mess, broken objects, blood and ruined environment surrounded the place and everywhere you looked the students were fighting or leisurely wasting their time without a book, learning material or anything in sight. Not one of them were wearing their uniform, and had weird accessories all over them like piercings, colored clothes, make-up, chains and weapons, and of the like.

A group of kids were talking and then suddenly bumped into Kakashi.

"Sorry…" Kakashi apologized with a sheepish smile under his mask.

"Ah~? What the hell is your problem, geezer? Don't you have eyes?" the guy asked, as he examined Kakashi further. "Oh wait, you have only one eye, so you're a Cyclops? Are you a freak?"

"Says the weirdo boy with a hairdo from the 70s and a piercing rode going through your cheek…" Kakashi retorted back as the guy looked taken aback.

"You damn old man, I'll teach you who's top dog!" the guy stated, about to punch Kakashi in the face. His fist stopped mid-air, as someone grabbed it. The guy looked confusingly at his fist, and saw that the demon grabbed his fist, protecting the one-eyed man. The demon looked like a smoky silhouette with red eyes, having sharp teeth and claws, horns atop his head with a devil's tail poking out from behind- this is the guy's vision, but it might as well be Alex since that's the picture everyone sees of him when he's in devil mode. The guy looked a bit scared, but tried to conceal it.

He tried to pull back his fist, but it wouldn't budge. The demon twisted the guy's fist suddenly as a huge spine tingling crack echoed all around. He guy yelled in pain as the demon kneed his gut, and then turned the guy upside down. The silhouette demon with glowing red eyes took the guy's leg and bent it forward, breaking his leg with a gut churning sound of bones breaking and meat shifting. The guy was wailing and crying out in pain, laying on the floor and shaking in pain and fear, but Alex glared at anyone who tried to go near him. He glared at all the kids of the school, already grabbing all their attentions as an audience, as all eyes were on him.

"Did you all see that, or shall I repeat it again on fresh meat?" Alex yelled out as everyone stayed quiet in their seats, just staring incredulously at him. "I thought so… Now we're from Konoha, and we're going to be staying here for a while, so deal with it! Things are going to be differently from now on! Now, I suggest you all file back to class before I hunt all you little fuckers down and kill you all with my bare hands. I swear to Kami-Sama, I will hurt you all if any of you dare to cross me…" Alex stated as everyone quickly got up and ran into the school building for safety. Everyone was scared shitless by Alex's little display, as Aoi clapped happily at the show and Gen made a simple 'Hn' sound of approval.

"Are you allowed to do that…?" Pain asked, one of the only ones not completely affected by Alex.

"I was given full permission by Chairman Madara and the Principal of this school to use force on the students if needed, and I swear to Kami-Sama, I will use that privilege to get my point across…" Alex stated as they all stared at him with fear in their eyes and gulped down spit to moisten their dried throats. "This is going to be one entertaining week, I guarantee it…"

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