Now Comes The Night

A TamakiXKyouya Song Fic

Tamaki was sitting at a piano, waiting for Kyouya to sit with him. Once the black haired man arrived and sat with him, the blond started to play. His fingers gracefully dancing on the black and white keys. It was slow, but beautiful. He began to sing softly to Kyouya as he continued to play the notes of the song.

And when the hour is upon us and our beauty surely gone
No, you will not be forgotten and you will not be alone
No, you will not be alone

Kyouya's eyes watched the others hands. His movements so flowing, almost like liquid. He listened to his half french boyfriend's voice, savoring every single word that came out of his mouth.

And when the day has all but ended and our echo starts to fade
No, you will not be alone then and you will not be afraid
No, you will not be afraid

The one playing the piano smiled lightly as he glanced up at the black haired, bespectacled male next to him. Kyouya's eyes had slid closed, letting the sounds coming from the piano and his lover fill his mind and soul. Tamaki's eyes looked back at the black and white keys, a contented smile gracing his beautiful face.

And when the fog has finally lifted from my cold and tired brow
No, I will not leave you crying, no I will not let you down
No, I will not you down and I will not let you down

In his mind, memories of Tamaki ran together, creating a movie of the one he loved. Kyouya's eyes opened and he watched the blond. He loved watching him play the piano. It was what had started their relationship. The first time Tamaki played for him, Kyouya was brought to tears.

Now comes the night, feel it fading away
And the soul underneath, is it all that remains?
So just slide over here, leave your fear in the fray
Let us hold to each other untill the end of our days

Tamaki again glanced at the pale man beside him. His lover moved closer to him, sliding on the black bench. Kyouya placed his hand gently on his boyfriend's leg, just enjoying being in the same room.

And when the hour is upon us and our beauty surely gone
No, you will not be forgotten and you will not be alone
No, you will not be alone.

As the song ended, the last note was held, and when the half french male lifted his fingers off of the keys, he turned to his boyfriend. Kyouya smiled and whispered "I love you," and he leaned it, gently kissing the blond man. The two shared a sweet, long kiss, and when it wound down and ended, the two smiled at each other.

"I love you too, Kyouya," whispered Tamaki, "I swear, I'll be here for the rest of my life, right where I belong... With you."

I know it's really short, and probably not very great, but I just wanted to do this. I've been listening to this song on repeat for three days and the idea just came to me to write this. The song is an absolutely beautiful song, with just a singer playing the piano. But anyway, though it's extremely short, I hope you've enjoyed this ^^

Btw, song was "Now Comes The Night" by Rob Thomas.