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Annabeth's phone beeped. We were still behind the bush watching Thalia and Nico and I do not feel like getting caught! "Turn it off!" I hissed. She glared at me and responded, "It's my alarm you Seaweed Brain! Time to go back to Aphrodite's. She should be heading back in about twenty minutes." I nodded and held up my index as if to say one minute. She looked at me with an expression that probably said, 'What are you planning to do' while I crawled out from behind the bush to behind where Thalia and Nico were sitting on the bench. I breathed in a lot of air and put my head at the back of them.

"Time to go back!" I bellowed and my dear female cousin fell off the bench. She gave me a death glare mightier than all others and stalked up to me.

"Perseus Jackson, prepare for revenge." She ran off with Nico following behind. I received the finger from him and I laughed. Annabeth started walking back to Aphrodite's home and I jogged to catch up with her. She looked at me smiling and took my hand. Deciding to be a rebel I let go of her hand and picked her up bridal style.

"Percy! Put me down!" She giggled.

"Nope!" I chuckled popping the 'p.' after a few minutes she stopped squirming and put her head on my chest. "I love you so much my Wise Girl." I whispered kissing her forehead.

"I love you too Seaweed Brain. Don't ever forget it. Also," She stopped talking and I looked at her questioningly. "It is because I love you that I'm doing this…." She twisted out of my arms ninja style and started sprinting up to the palace.

"Annabeth!" I called breathing heavily, "You are so in for it!" She stopped suddenly and I banged into her. "Jerk," I mumbled but then I looked at our creation. In one word, it looked absolutely beautiful. Toilet paper was stung everywhere and make up on the windows with shaved glorious pets peeping through the windows. I heard Aphrodite fawning over how good Clarisse and Travis looked and I pulled Annabeth into a bush. Funny how were in a lot of those today huh? Hopefully the rest of the camp was in position too.

"Sweethearts, you guys look beautiful! Now let's go inside my palace so I can teach you how to strut shall we?" She spoke in such a sweet voice I almost puked. They were over the hill now, one look and Aphrodite will see her definitely extreme home makeover. She's turning her head and: "Oh my Ares what the Hades happened to my palace?" She bellowed. I bet the mortals down in New York heard her. Oh Annabeth just got text I read over her shoulder.

From: Sally Jackson

Annabeth, I sense Aphrodite just saw her palace.

She needs to keep it down, all mortals just heard

That and are suspicious.

Yep, my suspicions are confirmed. The love goddess just went inside and I heard a loud, but thankfully a lot quieter shriek. Then I heard a sob, "My poor babies!" I expected it to be a dog but then as I looked through the window she was holding lipstick stubs. I laughed, how predictable.

Annabeth jabbed my side with her elbow and I had to stop from crying out in pain. "Percy, its time!" I nodded and with all the power I could muster I willed about well, a lot of water to come and flood her home. "Run!" My girlfriend screamed and everyone ran to the elevator. My vacation officially started.

Annabeth's POV

That was hilarious! Teach her to mess with my relationship, or anyone else's, again. Percy and I said our goodbyes and started walking back to where we were staying. It was about 6 pm and I asked Seaweed Brain what he wanted to do for dinner. "I don't know. You pick Annabeth, it doesn't really matter."

"Fine then I guesses we are going to the main restaurant here. It has many different kinds of food so everyone's happy!" I responded happily. "I mean it is a buffet with every kind of food you can imagine from every country." He nodded and I started planning what I wanted to eat. Spaghetti, sushi, egg rolls….

"Wise Girl we are here!" The large golden doors opened and a waitress greeted us.

"Welcome to 'Countries Unite!' Follow me right this way."

Dinner was really good. I had a little from every country while Percy had: wait for it….

Sushi, spaghetti, and tacos- How original right? Yeah I know but he's Percy. When we made it back to the house I grabbed my pj's and went to my bathroom to change. What I changed into was a gray silk pajama shirt (Tank top), and gray silk mini shorts. I know, I'm a tease but from the words of the Celibacy club on Glee: 'It's all about the teasing, and not about the pleasing.'

When I came into the room Percy was on his bed in SpongeBob pajama pants and no shirt. Humph, guess he watches Glee too. Anyway, Percy looked at me and his jaw dropped. Literally, I mean his mouth was hanging open.

"Close your mouth you'll catch flies." I smirked. I shook my hair on the way to my bed for effect and swung my hips. I wasn't paying attention and Percy grabbed me around my waist and pulled my down onto his bed.

"Come here you little tease!" He laughed. He threw me onto his bed and stared tickling me. I pulled him down and kissed him because, well who wouldn't? He kissed me back passionately and when I remembered that he was ticking me previously I pulled away.

"Say you're sorry for tickling me or I am going to go to bed." I pouted knowing he will give in sometime.

He did what I least expected. "Fine go to bed. I will never apologize!" He yelled jokingly and went under his covers laughing fake evilly. I went to my bed knowing that this will be the best vacation ever.

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