Criminal Love


No one's Pov

The crew were sitting in the conference room already. The whiteboard was filled with information about many of the murder victims from Seattle, they had received word that the murderers are possibly hiding in an abandon

factory in forks, Washington. JJ entered the room and handed out the files to everyone. "Okay..." she began and grabbed the remote, turning on the projector. The face of a woman covered the white screen. Her skin was pale

and her grey lifeless eyes stared out in space. "... we have an unknown number of deaths, approximately between 25 and 35 victims have been found so far..." She showed them the next photo, showing the entire

body and the empty parking space. Her purse lay next to her, in a large bin. "This women named Mary Jane Collins was found yesterday burned in a dumpster in Seattle drained of blood and from what we can determine was

raped and murdered by someone with cannibalistic tendencies " The blonde turned to look at the crew "Someone else?" Derek Morgan asked. JJ nodded and opened her case file. "Yes, that's the fifteenth bloodless body

they've found this month", "This is rather abnormal it's almost as if the UnSub's don't care if the bodies are found or maybe they just think what they are doing is normal, considering how poorly the bodies have been

concealed" Reid piped in. "Well then everyone get packed it's settled were going to that abandoned factory In Washington, we leave tonight" Hotch declared standing, everyone got up and went to get packed for tonight. "Woo were gonna party hard" Morgan shouted "right after we find this son of a bitch.

Later On In Forks {Emily's POV}

This just sucks I have travel half way across the world to find a psychopath rapist, who drinks peoples blood before he kills them, but pregnant, or not we've got to find whose doing this and stop them before more people are killed.

When They Arrive

Hotch kicked open the steal doors and a bunch of candles lit the giant factory, we all walked in I had a bad feeling about this I wrapped my arms around my stomach instinctively, I wonder If this is how JJ feels all the time

Wondering if she'll ever get to go home to little Henry. All of a sudden the doors slammed shut, the candles flickered, then went out, I suddenly felt exhausted, knockout gas I thought panicked, somebody's bone chillingly cruel laugh was the last thing I heard before we all passed out.