Criminal Love

Forever Together 27

Isabella Volturi's POV

Spencer stared at me in shock, he looked so sad, it made me want to cry, I slowly let my hand drop from the trigger, I wasn't really considering killing myself until after he left, but I had Jenny and Jacky to take care of, they, of course don't let

me call them that in public any more, or near anyone who can see thoughts…the point is, JV (Jennifer Volturi, duh) has found her soul mate in JJ's two and a half year old son, and jack's about to find his mate, Hotch's son will end

up with Julia, but me? I have know one, my family, friends and my new team who I work as head detective for in a large police station, has my back, they treat me like a sister, I love them all but my spencer doesn't want me, no didn't want

me, he loves me and came to make it up to me. How though? How can he make up for breaking my heart? Saying he never want's to see me again and that were threw? How? How? He missed our babies growing up, jenny is cautious

and jack flat out hates him but….."I'll do it" I looked at Spence (wince) he had a defeated look, I shot him a confused one "I'll do it, I-I'll k-kill you" I felt sad but, at least I

won't hurt anymore, I nodded closing my eyes then I heard a click and…

Spencer Reid's POV

I tossed the gun on the ground clicking the safety on, I grabbed Bella's arm and pulled her towards me, and kissed her desperately hoping to show her how much I love her, I

could never kill her. Panting she pulled back after a few minutes, she took my face in her hands, soft yet firm. "never leave us again, jennifer and jack need a father, and I need

my mate" she commanded, and I nodded furiously, no more tears, I shoved her onto the bed, kissing her again ferociously, I held her tightly and she just the same, I'd never

hurt her again…...

?'s POV

I watched Isabel and Spence play in the garden, the sun shining on there pale faces, giving an ominous glow. Volterra was so beautiful this time of year. My great great great

grandmother Arabella danced in the sun with my children, my mom and dad, were on a second honey moon, now that me and Kayla are married, sometimes I think about how

great life is my mom and dad, Louis and Lila were 600 hundred years old, if we weren't immortal it would be scary that they still live with Henry and jennifer, I mean c'mon that

old and still living with your parents, lame. I was amazed at all the drama my family's been through. My aunt and uncle great aunt and uncle Jack and Lilly, are happy to have more

kids anytime, as we don't have enough multie breed brats running around. But I can't believe how everything worked out for my family hundreds of years ago… Isabella my

great great grandma and spencer got married just weeks after making up, hours after they stopped have se- whoops Lillis is reading my mind, Lillian stop reading my mind this

instant young lady I thought to her, she looked away.any way they got married had another son named Collin, and jennifer married Henry, and had mom who with my dad had

me and my sister, alexia who is on her honey moon, with Jake, and then I hade Isabel and spence, my mate Paul's idea after my great great great well you get it-grand

parents. Annabella's son found a nice girl who he is dating, and has a newborn daughter. After Isabella and Spencer's whole mess, she turned the whole BAU multi-breeds,

continued the Profiling from Volterra. Now it's all of us get ready for this….Aro, Marcus, Cauis, Arabella, Annabella, Jared, Kyle, Isaac, Didyme, Sulpicia, Jack. H,

Jack. V, Jake.V, me my mate and kids, my sister and her mate, Isabella, spencer, jennifer and Jack, Henry and Lilly, and Julia, the rest of the secret weapon team, Aaron, and his brother Sean and his wife and human daughter (for now)

Emily, Penelope, Derek, JJ, will, William and Diana (who is a vampire and cured of Schizophrenia) Derek's sisters and mother, Emily's mom and dad, Elle and her mom (Elle was in

coma from getting shot by fisher king) Jason and his son, daughter in-law and grand daughter, David and Mrs. Rossi (he stuck with wife 4) and there son, Kevin lynch, and

Strauss (who are dating, WTF!) all of my great great cousins, and everyone of us, (my characters from Shadow Eclipse) the La Push wolves, there imprints and children an

d grand children, the Cullens, who all had grand kids because of our powers, Volterra castle has been extended so much even I get lost, I just can't believe how lucky I am

that we're all together and that I get my family forever, and well keep on getting bigger.


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