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Why is it so complicated?


by *Angelstars
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Ash –16 – Misty – 17 – Brock – 19



Chapter 4: Love is complicated at the best of times.

---What's happened so far…

Ash blinked a few times; the tears had blurred his vision slightly. He swallowed back the lump in his throat and stood up. The light from above lit the ditch up and he could see Misty clearly. 

"Ash… Misty…. Pikachu!!!!?!!!!" a voice echoed from above.

Pikachu ears shot up, *Pika pi* Ash looked up from Misty's form, "BROCK! Misty…Misty's hurt!! I need help" he called out in desperation. 

"Hold on Ash! I've got help" Brock's voice echoed from above.

Ash's attention was soon diverted back onto his wounded friend. He couldn't stop blaming himself for this… 'Misty please be ok…I'm so sorry…please stay with me…I can't lose you, not-not now…I need you, Mist…'

--the continuation…


They lay together in front of an open campfire, wrapped around each others sleeping bags; her arms wrapped firmly around him. She had found sleep a few hours ago, but he couldn't find it for himself.

Misty stirred slightly, and opened one of her eyes "You're still awake, Ash?"

Sighing he answered, "Yeah, I just haven't been able to fall asleep yet."

"Why?" she asked curiously, her body shifting up right so she could see him.

He told her how his mind seemed to be thinking or wondering about all the things that could have happened.

Lifting an eyebrow she chuckled slightly, "You think way too much."

"It isn't a question of thinking too much about things." Sighing, he looked down, but slightly away from her. "I could have lost you and that would have been everything."

A brief moment of silence passed. "Do you still want to leave?" he asked, still looking down.

"No," she replied in a calm, and loving voice.

Breathing a sigh of what one may call relief, he nestled down and faced her. "May I hold you close tonight, Mist?"

"Yes," she simply replied.

He wrapped his arms around her as her back nestled close against his chest. With that, her breath matched his as they both fell asleep.


Few days before:

It had been a seriously emotional turn around for both Ash and Misty. Misty was unconscious for over 4 days, Ash was beyond worry; Brock couldn't do a thing to motivate him. He hadn't eaten or slept hardly he was a mess. The night of the accident was like a nightmare for Ash, he was scared to sleep just in case something changed or if Misty was to wake.

Brock and Pikachu had tried almost everything to get Ash to leave Misty's side and get some rest himself, but they had failed miserably. Brock sighed and looked over to Ash, "Ash please get some rest, I'm here now I can look over Misty."

Ash continued to stare at Misty ignoring Brock's pleas.

Brock sighed once more and turned his attention back to his book. There was nothing he or Pikachu could do but wait.


Butch and Cassidy were taken in by officer Jenny only 2 days after Misty was found, they had floored a major mistake, by showing up at one of the local Pokémon centre's full of confidence. Big mistake on both their parts.  That was the only other good news Ash-tachi had received. With no word on Misty's comma like state the doctors were stumped they had done the best they could to help Misty her physical wounds had healed, but her mental wounds may take longer in this case was all one doctor announced to both boys.

Ash's thoughts were only focused on Misty. He didn't know what he'd do if she were to leave him, this was one of the biggest worries he had. He also blamed his self for all of this, if only things had gone different he may have prevented this from ever happening, and Misty would be all right. His eyes were getting heavy and his stomach begged him to eat, but he ignored all of these things and continued to wallow in self-pity and worry.


Four long days went by before Misty finally moved her hand. Her fingers moved first soon her whole hand moved and Ash was the first person she could hear calling her. Ash was there with her she was safe now. The nightmare of being able to hear but not move for 4 days only stalked her more so every time she would try to open her eyes the fear of where she was over took her fight so she gave in easily. Today was different, she heard Ash, she heard him cry over her, she felt his warmth on her hands, she felt his strength and he was the only reason she managed to wake that day.

Ash continued to talk to her soothingly he closed his eyes and reached for her hand taking it in to his own. "Misty, please wake up. I'm lost without you." He whispered lowering his head. Tears had threatened his eyes a few seconds before he spoke and were now falling onto Misty's arms. It was the first time Ash had spoken in over three days, let alone cried. He didn't care that Brock was there witnessing his weakness and hearing him cry over Misty, that wasn't even an issue. All he cared about was seeing Misty smile, hearing her voice once more knowing she was alive and safe with him.

Misty moved one of her fingers with a jerk and Ash was the first to react to this, "She moved!" he announced gaining Brock's attention.

Brock stood over Ash and told him to remove his hand from hers. There it was again, she flinched and Brock witnessed it also.  Ash sighed with relief and begged Misty to open her eyes. "Misty" was the only words he could get out as his tears and the lump in his throat stopped him for speaking any other words.

Misty's hand moved again, Brock had managed to grab a doctor who was now witnessing Misty's movements also.

For the first time in 4 days Ash was stronger and hopeful, he decided to help Misty and this was his only chance to make things right. "Mist, wake up. I know you're scared, but you're safe. You're here with me now."

Misty could hear Ash's pleas this was the only thing pulling her up from the black nothingness she was trapped in. Hearing Ash say he was with her pushed her to the limit and her eyes fluttered slightly opening and closing with confusion her vision was blurred but she could still sense Ash.

Ash held onto her tighter, "Mist, Misty"

Misty tried to call his name back, but put all her efforts in to opening her eyes to see him. Finally gaining all of her strength she managed to open her eyes, slowly her vision became clear and there he was, his smile was breath taking and his voice was music to her ears.



Ash opened his eyes revealing Misty looking up at him with her beautiful smile shinning in his direction. "Morning"

"Morning Ash" Misty greeted.

Ash smiled back and bent down slightly bringing his face closer to hers. Misty looked up into his eyes and smirked, "what?" she chuckled girlishly, which drove Ash's insides wild and made his heart beat faster than speeding rapidash. 

"Have I ever told you how much you make me wanna kiss you?" he asked her, staring back into her eyes.

Misty blushed at his question. "No" she replied nervously.

Ash smiled noting her squirming body up against his. "Can I kiss you?" he finally asked. 'I did it, I asked.' His thoughts cutting out when Misty moved forward and kissed him ever so gently.

After what seemed like forever they parted lips and blushed, Ash shifted slightly causing Misty to fall onto his chest. Which was embarrassing for the both cause that was a typical Ash & Misty stumble yet it seemed a little more uncomfortable or was it that now it was comfortable and they were embarrassed to admit that fact.

No words needed to be spoken cause the look in both their eyes told the other that answer they both wanted to ask one another for the past 4 years.


Brock and Pikachu smiled from their hiding places. "Phew, its about time." Brock sighed, Pikachu nodded in agreement.

So, Why is it so complicated? The answer in Ash and Misty's case was simple. Never look a gift horse in the face - no that's not it! Never take what you have for granted, no no no that's not it either - oh well, whatever…

"Love is complicated at the best of times".


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