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Prologue: Dear Lawrence

Dear Lawrence,

No, that's not right.


There should be some sort of endearment in that first line, he knows that. But Lawrence and him didn't really have the sweet-talking kind of relationship, and "dear" just sounds stupid.

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry about this. But it's for your sake, too. You didn't need me, anyway.

That's true. He is sorry, and Lawrence doesn't need him. There was a time when Adam thought he did, but not anymore.

I know you'll be sad, and I know you'll blame yourself, because that's just who you are. But I want you to know

Adam deletes that sentence before it's finished. He's not going to lie in this note.

Even though it's your fault that I

He deletes that, too. That sentence was absolutely truthful, but he can't write that. Lawrence is going to blame himself enough as it is. Adam sighs and pauses for a bit before he slowly puts his fingers on the keyboard again.

But I know all the happiness in my life to you.

Adam stares at that sentence for a little while. Then he deletes the whole document and closes the computer.

He wasn't going to do it, anyway. But if he in the future ever finds himself in a situation where he has to write a suicide note, he's going to have to remember to not include the one thing he still loves about the person the note is meant for. It sort of kills the mood, apparently.

Maybe he should've written that he owes the majority of pain in his life to Lawrence, too. He'll think about that until next time.

And I also love angst, did I forget to say that? ;) This is just the prologue, so the next chapter will be longer. I hope you liked it!