I just love the Breakfast club but not the cannon pairings, my all time favourite has to be John Bender and Allison Reynolds. It's written in Bender's point of view, if people like it i may write Allisons point of view in a different chapter. If you do want to read that let me know. Bender might be out of character however im not totally sure. The story itself came from the movie itself were Principal Vernon aka Dick tells them to visit John in 5 years time. You could work out what he was implying. but this is how my outake of John's future becomes. This is for those Allison and John lovers. Unfortunetly I do not own any of the characters as they all belong to John Hughes and it's just for fun. Hope you all like it.

"…And these children

That you spit on

As they try to change their world

Are immune to your consolations.

They're quite aware

Of what they're going through…"

David Bowie

5 years later

"You want to see something funny? You go visit John Bender in five years." I mused at that one sentence - 5 years had past pretty quick since that fateful Saturday - where the breakfast club first formed. Never did I think, that one detention would change my life so dramatically. I met the girl of my dreams but on that day she was not the one I taunted. Oh no, I spent the majority of that day driving the prom queen to be into despair. I knew when that day ended there would be no Claire Standish and John Bender. My accusations were proven on the Monday when the bitch just stood there when her friends started insulting Big Bri, Allison and me. We were hurt but moved on.

Many things have changed since then. My old man finally got what he deserved and is locked up in prison for 25 years for murder. The fucking no good dirty basterd murdered my own mother sure she was a pathetic excuse of a mother. But out of the two she was the one that seemed to care for me most. I was good for one thing and that was brining a little extra cash into the house, they kicked me out when I turned 18, as I didn't bringing any money, as I wasn't classified as a child anymore. No good dick heads.

At the start Allison and me were just god buds, she dated the jockstrap for a while till that ended badly. After that she wasn't the same her feelings and hopes had been crushed as the dick met another girl not long after. It was left; Brian and me were to pick up the pieces. Sure we didn't mind we both would do anything for Ali. As she begun to heal Ali and me begun to act differently, we were more physical around each other - we would hug when greeting or departing she was ill once and I came round to hers I just sat on the bed holding her hand and stroking her hair, when it came to me leaving headin' back home I kissed the top of her head. As the weeks had passed I slowly became more protective of her. I never thought much of it till the Brain pulled me aside and asked if I liked her. There it was those three words made things so much more complicated, I liked her. I couldn't believe it, me the son of an alcoholic druggie had fallen head first for the Basketcase.

Feelings I had never felt before, like jealousy, jealousy was my biggest issue, and I hated her been around other males. I didn't mind her been around Brian as he and her were good buds but anyone else I did not like! I was on edge a lot. But Allison and me had gotten closer.

It took a painful and cruel beating from my father that made me run for the comfort of Ali. It was half two in the morning I was bloody, wet and in agony. My ribs had been cracked my nose and lip bust. I was slightly light headed from the pain in my hand. Her dainty hands on my face made me even more light headed than before. As she took care of my wounds I studied her face as she worked she bit the right-side of her bottom lip gently – tilted her head to the side, her coffee brown eyes focused on the task at hand. It was then that I realised I didn't just like her. Hell no, it was then I realised I loved her. When she finished she looked up and my vision was captured in her eyes. Neither of us knew what had happened but all I remember was her lips on mine, my lips on hers. Her hands weaved there way through my chopped locks. Mine were fisted in hers. The kiss wasn't passionate it wasn't rushed it was steady and slow. We pulled apart and I gazed into her eyes. Now I think about it, man was I the biggest fucking softy going. Gazing into her eyes. Sheesh. Her cheeks were flushed and the words she said to this day still surprise me. I love you John Bender. Well to say I was over the moon is a bit cheesy but something inside me swelled up. The Basketcase and the Crminal.

Now year's later im a married man with twin boys and a little girl on the way and a successful job that pays me plenty. Allison changed me for the better and opened my eyes to what really was important to me. So go on dick- 'you want to see something funny? You go visit John Bender in five years'. Because I bet you anything you'd be in total shock. All I got to say is John Bender _1, Dick _ 0.