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"If you want see something funny? You go see John Bender in 5 years' time." I don't know why that sentence made me flinch; maybe it could be the fact that it was a member of the staff whom we were supposed to look up to. I looked at everyone's face when he said that, the weird girl at the back who I later discovered was called Allison scowled at Vernon. Claire the princess didn't seem affected in the slightest at his words. Andrew just like Claire didn't care. When I looked over at Bender and I saw his reaction he looked quite shocked at what had left the principals mouth. We all knew what he meant by what he said and now I can look back and feel quite smug that Vernon was wrong.

I was the dweeby one of the group; classified the Nerd. I think back to why I was in detention and shake my head in absolute stupidity that I was willing to end my life because of a stupid 'F' I was so rash and I now am so grateful that the gun went off in the lockers instead of my head. I had landed in detention and there I met 2 people who I know are what you could class as friends for life. John and Allison had more in common than John and Claire did as well as Andrew and Allison. I didn't leave school with straight A's across the board unfortunately but I did only fail Shop. After meeting John he helped me improve my grade in Shop and I finished the school year with a C, which I myself am happy with. My parents on the other hand were not.

Now 5 years later things are very different, I now work in the extra-terrestrial life form area in NASA here I am working on the biggest question that has still not been answered. Do aliens exist? And are there any aliens on planet Mars? So far we can say yes and no, we do believe there are aliens on Mars however we still need to find evidence to back up our thoughts. We will be launching our latest launch to Mars in the next couple of days and it will be a week expedition to see if the astronauts can find any evidence of life form.

My life changed drastically when I learnt something that shocked even me. I had never actually had a girlfriend throughout my life and strangely I had never been attracted to one. So when Bender jokingly called me Gay it made me think. Now 4 years later I can happily and confidently announce that I am gay and I'm proud of my sexuality. I perfectly well understand that not everyone will accept this but you know that's okay with me now. I totally understand and if people don't like it then they can fuck off. I must admit when I first realised this I was terrified and now sadly I'll admit I was disgusted at myself. I was also afraid to tell Allison and John as well as my parents. Thankfully all took it well even my parents.

I joined NASA not long after leaving University I was lucky in that way. However while at University I met an amazing guy called Mark, he was studying to become a marine biologist. We have been together now for approximately 3 years and I have never been happier. We have recently been trying to adopt a young boy from Indonesia. We're so far in the paper work stage but hopefully in a few years' time we could have our own child. At the moment he is 2 and a half so by the time we get him he'd just have turned 3.

I still see both Allison and John occasionally but not as much as I'd like too. I live miles away from them so I only see them once a month. I've heard from them of course, we keep in touch and they are both happy for me.

My parents on the other hand I don't speak to very often we kinda lost contact once I moved away. It saddens me and doesn't, I am free and I don't feel as stressed as I used to however I do miss them they are my mum and dad after all.

Andy and Claire I wish I had stayed in contact with them after the detention but they didn't seem to care all that much for us; well of course Andy did at the start he did after all date Allison for a couple of months but broke her heart when he dumped her for someone else. I wonder what they'd be doing now, I also wonder if they remember what happened 5 years ago to this day. I wonder if they even remember me. I guess I'll not find out but I do have more important things to worry about then a superficial princess and a big headed jock.

So Principal Vernon this is Brian Johnson saying if you do want us to see John Bender in 5 years' time I'm sure I can say what it'd be like. If you'd like to come and visit find out where I live from both Allison and John or whatever method you'd like to use. Bu right now I must go as my dinner at work is over and I need to get back into the lab.

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