This is the sequel to Wrong Place, Wrong Time by KelseyCena. She is working on this with me but we are posting it on my profile. Hope you like it.

Co-Written by KelseyCena

Emily Cena looked out of her kitchen at the area where the pool was. John was out there with her father, Randy, Evan and a few other people. They had invited everyone over to tell them some great news. Emily was shocked sometimes at how much her life had changed in two years since she and John got married in Las Vegas.

It had been her dad's idea to get her away from her abusive relationship with Drew. Drew had been sentenced to five years in jail for what he did to her and Natalya. Emily was relieved that he was in jail but knew he wouldn't stay there forever. He would be paroled in a few months. She worried everyday that when he got out, he would come to get her. It terrified her everyday and more so now that she and John were expecting a baby. She had only found out a few days earlier.

"Emily, are you okay?" Bret asked his daughter walking into the kitchen.

"Yeah, I was just thinking." She smiled and finished what she was doing. "I'm fine."

"Are you sure?" Bret could always tell when something was bothering her.

"I was just thinking about the last two years and the fact that Drew will be getting out of jail soon. That terrifies me, dad."

"Baby, it will be okay. You have me, John and everyone to protect you. You will be fine." Bret hugged his daughter. He knew what Drew had done caused her damage. She had been in therapy for the last two years. She and John had had therapy together to deal with things also.

"I just am more terrified now. Especially if Drew comes back and tries to kidnap me again. I can't let him hurt me or the baby."

"Baby?" Bret was shocked when she said that.

Emily couldn't believe she had let it slip. "Oh, we wanted to wait and tell everyone together. But I'm pregnant."

"That's wonderful." He hugged his daughter. "I'm going to be a grandfather. So, when?"

"I'm about four weeks so, I'm due in March."

"This wonderful."

"What's wonderful?" John asked walking in with Evan and Randy.

"Emily told me about the baby." Bret said telling everyone else too.

"What? Emmy and a baby." Evan said hugging his best friend.

"Can't breathe." Emily said kiddingly.

"Sorry. I didn't hurt the baby did I?" Evan looked worried.

"No, it's fine." Emily laughed before looking at John.

"You just couldn't wait huh?" He smiled at her.

"Sorry. I just let it slip."

"That's okay." He hugged her. "So, what made it slip out?"

"Emily is worried about Drew getting out soon and she said he didn't want him to hurt her or the baby."

"Emily, everything is fine and it's going to be fine. If Drew knows what's good for him, he will stay away." John knew that she was worried more now than before.

"I know. Well, enough of this, let's head outside and see everyone else. I'm ready for food." Emily walked toward the backyard.

"And it's starts. The cravings are coming." Randy said with a laugh as he followed John and everyone.

"Believe me, they have been there for weeks." John laughed back.

Soon everyone was seated around the table outside by the pool. Emily looked at her family that was there and her friends. Everyone who had been there with her as she healed from what happened with Drew. She was finally happy and moving on.

"Well, since a few people already know, we should tell the rest of you." Emily said as they were all there. "John and I are having a baby."

"Emily, that's great." Natalya said hugging her.

"Emily, John, congratulations." Kofi said to them.

"Thanks, man." John replied as everyone congratulated them.

Once everyone had said their congratulations, they headed out leaving John, Emily, Randy and Bret. Randy and Bret were staying over at the house.

"So, John, how do you feel about the baby?" Randy asked as they were hanging out in the theatre room watching some TV. Emily and Bret were in the kitchen.

"I'm happy but scared. Being a father is a big deal." John replied. "Plus Emily is afraid since Drew will be getting out. What if he does come and try to take her? I'm on the road a lot and she is here alone."

"Do you think Drew will come back?" Randy honestly couldn't believe that Drew would risk it knowing how much everyone hated him.

"I don't know. All I know is I have to protect my family and I'm wondering how I can do that while being on the road."

"Maybe have Emily come with you until she can't travel anymore."

"I'm not sure Emily wants to travel that much. I guess I will talk to her and see what she wants to do."

"John, I'm sure you and Emily will find a way to make sure everything is fine."

"I hope so. The only thing I know to do is talk to Emily and see what she wants to do."

"Good idea."

They turned their attention back to the TV. Randy knew that John was worried just like Emily about Drew. Drew had hurt Emily so much and caused her so much pain. But Randy knew that John would protect Emily.

"So, are you going to go on the road with John for a little while?" Bret asked his daughter as they were in the kitchen.

"I'm not sure. I wanted to travel with him but can I do that while pregnant?"

"Yes, you can until the doctor says you can't travel anymore. I think you should go with John."

"I know. But what if Vince hires Drew back and I'm on the road with John and Drew is there."

"Emily, you can't live your life with the what ifs. You are happy now. You are married and having a baby. Drew can't take that away unless you let him."

"I know. I'm going to try to put it out of my mind. Who would have thought John kidnapping me would lead to being married to him and having a baby." Emily laughed.

"Well, John was in love with you for awhile. And when he kidnapped you, you fell in love with him. And I couldn't be happier. John is a great guy and exactly what you deserve." Bret hugged her as John and Randy walked in.

"Are we interrupting a father/daughter moment?" Randy said.

"No. We were just talking about Emily going on the road with John for a little while. I think she should." Bret replied.

"Em, do you want to go on the road?" John hoped she would. Then he would know she was safe.

"Yeah, I do. If that's okay with you and Vince. I don't want to get you in trouble or anything."

"Hey, it's fine. I want you to travel with me for a little while." John hugged his wife.

"Great. I'm exhausted so, I'm heading to bed. Don't stay up too late." She kissed John and hugged her dad. She then headed upstairs.

"I'm going to join my wife. Later guys." John followed Emily upstairs.

Randy and Bret soon went to the guest rooms. Bret called Vince and explained things and he said Emily could go on the road with John. That made things easier for Bret although Vince didn't answer if Drew would be back as an employee of the WWE.

"Emily, don't worry so much about things. I'm going to make sure Drew doesn't hurt you or the baby. I will always protect you." John said as they were in bed.

"I know. I told my dad that I was going to put it out of mind. I'm happy and I will not let Drew ruin it."

"Good." He kissed her and they were soon asleep.

Drew McIntyre laid in his cell counting the days until he would be released. He had spent the last two years in jail and was finally getting out. Once he was, he would get his life back starting with his job at the WWE. Then he would work on getting back what was his, mainly Emily Hart. He refused to call her Emily Cena. She wasn't meant to be with Cena and once he was out, he would make it his mission to make sure she didn't stay with Cena.

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