Crimson Sea

Chapter 1

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Madara coughed. He was completely exhausted, but that was not what filled him with a deep bitterness. No, what tasted so bitter was defeat. The stakes had been higher than ever before, and he had lost. The Kyuubi was tied down half a mile from here, unable to break through the restraints Hashirama had bound it, with the sinking sun coloring the entire battlefield crimson.

Said man was standing in front of him, his broken ribs making breathing a chore, his left arm covered in blood from the deep cut in his shoulder. Madara's sickle had done it's job well.

However, while Hashirama was the one who had spilled more blood, Madara was the one who would inevitably lose. Hashirama had coated his weapons with a paralyzing agent, an dishonorable tactic he would have never used had he not known that the only ones who would witness this battle would be the two of them, and Madara had used chakra to move his body for the majority of the fight, which had been a tremendous strain on his reserves.

The Kyuubi had fought bravely, but eventually it was overwhelmed by the roots. Madara had given it one last order before the battle, to struggle as much as it could, and when Hashirama used his control-technique on it, to vanish before his eyes. Madara's Eternal Sharingan's power of the bijuu was greater than Hashirama's, although said man could suppress them, something that Madara was incapable of, so if he truly should lose, it would be a final revenge of sorts, to have the most powerful of the bijuu, and the only one Hashirama hadn't bargained away to other countries, knowing the Kyuubi would be victorious even if all other eight were the enemy, vanishing before his eyes, leaving the man who had 'tamed' the bijuu and his village as the only shinobi-village in the entire Elemental-continent without one.

Oh yes, Hashirama's mask of the benevolent, peace-loving ruler was so perfect that his own brother believed that it was the real Hashirama. Madara was the only one who knew better. Hashirama was subtle. He had never shown the love of battle that rested in his heart in even the most brutal of battles before Madara had forced it out of him. Both Madara and Hashirama had known who they were facing the moment their blades clashed the first time. Geniuses, so far ahead of their peers that they could not be understood by lesser mortals, who had put on masks to fit into their circumstances, now facing the only one who could rip those masks from their faces. Madara had seen Hashirama's crazed smile too often to believe the man desired peace more than power, though even he had been surprised at Hashirama's offer of cooperation. He had seen through it the moment Hashirama had proposed it, but in the ears of his battle-weary clan, the hidden meaning had not rang. He had been outvoted, and been forced to agree, Hashirama giving him, and only him, a superior smirk, knowing the Uchiha had fallen into his trap, and that Madara knew it, yet was helpless to stop it.

When the heads of the Hyuuga, the Inuzuka, the Akimichi, the Yamanaka and, grudgingly as he too had seen through it, yet was unwilling to abandon the two clans that he had always fought with, the Nara lowered, together with the heads of an entire population, Hashirama had allowed his true, wicked smile to show to Madara, his only equal and the only one who stood beside him, not below him. Hashirama had done it. He had conquered the entire Hi no Kuni, and he had done it in a way that made him look the hero.

Madara's warnings had fallen on deaf ears, and while he held the charisma, his own clan had planted rumors claiming that he was a warmonger, to help Hashirama win the election to the Hokage. Following this betrayal, Madara as clan-head had called a meeting, where he laid down the Uchiha's sacred scroll, that only the current clan-head was allowed to read, and knowledge of which was destroyed by seals once the head stepped down, and burned it in front of the entire clan, following the law that the entire clan knew, that the scroll had to be destroyed by the last Uchiha so that those unworthy could never gain knowledge not meant for them. He had then walked out of the gate, declaring:

"The Uchiha-clan is dead. It just doesn't know it yet."

There had been outrage, but the user of the Eternal Mangekyo had been gone long before anyone gathered enough courage to try and attack the strongest Uchiha in the history of their clan.

With Madara's absence, Hashirama had free hand in ruling the village he had founded, and indeed the entire country, the daimyo being little more than his puppet, respecting the Senju too much to doubt any word he spoke. Other villages had formed, not because of Hashirama's example, but to be able to counter his strength, Madara had warned all who had been willing to listen. Hashirama had been furious when he heard that his plan of eventual absolute rule had been thwarted. He had destroyed a mountain close to Konoha in his anger, his face eventually being carved into its remains. However, by that time, five other villages had formed, Madara having a hand in the creation of all five, three of them, Kumo, Kiri and Iwa, he had co-founded himself, not that he allowed that to become public knowledge, while Suna and Taki were formed by charismatic rulers, Madara merely smoothing the details out with the local sovereign, a genjutsu of Izuna's that he could use with his transplanted eyes working miracles in getting approval.

Hashirama, attempting to gain political alliances which would allow him at least indirect rule until he could form rebellions that would overthrow the villages' rulers and install puppet-rulers for himself, had offered the villages, officially as a show of good faith, the most powerful weapons in existence, the bijuu, so that they could secure their rule. It was also a show of power, saying 'Look here. These monsters far beyond your control, their power is so insignificant that I can easily afford to give them away, even to a small, insignificant village like Taki.', since he would keep the one that would beat all others for himself. However, just to be one the safe side, he had instilled a command to go berserk a few months after they were handed out to the villages into the naturally docile creatures, making it seem that without Hashirama's calming presence, the beasts were returning to their violent nature, as Hashirama never failed to mention that these beasts were highly aggressive and that he had nearly died gathering them, while in reality the bijuu were gentle giants that required a lot of effort to anger.

He had done so hoping that the beasts would destroy the hindrances, but Madara, not present but in possession of means of communication, had used the knowledge of the now destroyed Uchiha-scroll that resided in his photographic memory, which entailed the true history of the Sage of the Six Path and his sons, to teach the villages how to seal the beasts before they could lay waste to all that they had built.

The true history had given Madara an odd sense of familiarity.


The older brother, who had not been declared heir of the Sage, had been the only one of the two brothers that ever gathered knowledge of what their father had done, and had worked restlessly to ensure that his work would not be in vain. He had been a prodigy, if not the true inventor, of sealing, and had developed dozens of seals to hold the demon, both in a human host or in an object. He had been the one who came up with a method to split the Juubi into pieces and merge those pieces with animals to ensure that it could never be reunited, a method that he prepared together with the most gentle animals he could find, in some cases he took two, just to be safe, for his father on the man's deathbed, together with more seals to keep those new beasts.

His younger brother, who had been born with his father's abnormal chakra-density and reserves, had been a goof, or less friendly, a lazy bum. Never seeing the horror of war, he believed that understanding could solve everything, yet he was completely incapable of understanding why the fathers and brothers of the girls he played with tried to butcher him. He had used his chakra to get more in sync with the elements, and had used those in helpful ways, yet with the goal of showing off. You have a drought? Watch this, I can make it rain on command! A calm prevents you from fishing? Watch this, I'll call a nice breeze to help you. You're worried about that thunderstorm? Watch this, I can make sure the lightning hits far away from you. A fire? I rule fire, just watch! Am I great or am I great?

On his deathbed, the Sage had declared the younger brother, who had helped many people, his heir, and charged the older brother with making sure that his brother would become a good leader, since he was a bit lacking when it came to understanding the seriousness of a situation. The first Uchiha had ground his teeth, but he had agreed, not wanting the father to leave the world with the sorrow of knowing that his sons declared a feud.

However, teaching the first Senju was a pain. The boy had first tried to boss his brother around as the head of their family, until the Uchiha pointed out that their father had tasked him with teaching the head of the family how to be serious, which meant that until he thought his little brother was ready, it was the Uchiha who gave the Senju orders, not the other way around. Their disputes had become more and more vicious, until the older brother hid the bijuu away, releasing the indeed peaceful beasts into remote areas where they would not be easily found, feeling that their power was too great to be in the hands of one human. The younger brother was furious, as he had planned to show his power with the beasts, and had the nerve to proclaim that his brother had stolen them, intending to use them to overthrow him, and declared a feud that lasted to this day.


Madara could see similarities between the siblings and himself and Hashirama, only that their situation was a bit nastier.

Still, when the bijuus started their rampage, the villages were prepared and sealed them away, although it did not work without casualties. Still Hashirama's plans were again thwarted, and Madara had decided that now was the perfect time to strike. Which had led to his defeat here.

Hashirama gasped, looking at Madara. "You always were the greatest thorn in my side, Madara. However, today I am finally pulling out that thorn." He grabbed his only intact weapon, a large Zweihänder, and slowly moved towards Madara. Madara Uchiha. The man Hashirama Senju respected more than anyone else, and the man he hated more than anyone else. He hated Madara for all the problems he had caused, but even more for being able to see the real him, something that even he himself at times could not see. He hated that man, for looking into the depths of his soul. For being so like him, yet so different. For caring about the insignificant rest of humanity, for caring about someone for such a simple reason as blood. For caring for his brother, while Hashirama secretly looked down on his sibling who tried to reach the same level as his brother, a level that should be reserved for only him yet also being occupied by Madara, and for actually getting more power for caring about his brother. Today it would finally end, and Hashirama would have peace, knowing that Madara was finally dead.

Madara had accepted death as a real possibility when fighting someone the level of Hashirama, but suddenly, he didn't want to grant Hashirama the pleasure of ending his life. He closed his eyes. "So this is how it ends."

Hashirama considered keeping up his persona, but decided that it would be wasted effort, as neither of them would fall for it. "Yes. This is how you die. Alone, abandoned by your clan, who will soon be little more than the lapdogs of the Senju, my lapdogs."

Madara sighed. "Indeed, a fate befitting of traitors. However, you shall not be the one who tastes the sweet taste of complete victory. I curse you Hashirama, you and your entire clan. I curse you with the grudge of all those who lost their lives to your machinations, from all countries, from all clans. Your clan shall fall to ruins. You however I curse with death, that you will die without seeing your dreams come to fruition, with the knowledge that without you, the driving force and only conspirator, your dreams will never come to fruition."

Hashirama laughed. "Your curse I bear, and I will shake it off like everything else you have thrown my way. With the Kyuubi, I can regain the other bijuu and crush all when the time is right. Now that you have returned the Kyuubi, I can even in times of peace visit the bijuu, siphon their chakra, unite it with my own and become immortal. A plan that my ancestor described, but yours prevented. Yes, I found the diary of my ancestor, the first Senju, something that nobody else has ever accomplished, and I will succeed where even he failed. The ones who always stopped men like me, men like you, will be no more. Now, with my own hands, I will end the meddling of your blood, once and for all." He was only fifteen feet away by now, shifting his sword, clutched in both hands, to the right, preparing to decapitate his opponent with a single swing.

Madara laughed. "I may have lost, but the taste of victory I can deny you. My life is not for your taking. Kamui!"Madara's eyes snapped open, the Eternal Mangekyo spinning in them once more.

Hashirama was too surprised to even attempt to dodge, as he felt his right arm lodged into place, just above the elbow. Knowing he had only seconds, he let go of the sword with his right arm, lifted it with the left, and slammed the blade down, separating the arm at the shoulder. He himself had taken the antidote to the paralyzing agent, so he didn't have to worry about knocking himself out. He jumped to the left just in time to avoid the vortex that had already absorbed his arm. Suddenly he noticed a blur from the corner of his vision. Madara!

The man had, knowing his chakra would last only seconds, forced his body to move one more time, throwing himself into the vortex before it closed.

Hashirama growled, being denied his ultimate victory, but it was alright. He cauterized the wound using one of the few katon he knew, and walked over to the Kyuubi, the restraints slowly receding until its body was visible. He smiled.

"After all these years, you are finally mine. I can control you, so you cannot resist me any more than the other bijuu. Finally, immortality is at my fingertips. Madara, the only obstacle, is no more. Now, OBEY ME!" He activated his power, but what happened next surprised him.

The Kyuubi grinned at him, gave a roar that threw Hashirama ten feet back, and evaporated into thin air. Hashirama jumped up, running to the spot where the beast once laid, clawing the air. It was gone. How? His control was absolute! No, not absolute. There was one person whose control over bijuu exceeded his. One person who could have done this. His body flooded with ungodly rage.



Hashirama Senju returned to Konoha, proclaiming that the threat was over and the warmonger Madara dead. He retired to treat his injuries, but only an hour after returning, he started coughing blood. Medical examinations showed that his body was filled with the Kyuubi's youki, which was destroying his body from the inside out.

Hashirama immediately focused, attempting to gain control over the youki, to force it to stop its attack and perhaps even use it as a substitute for the Kyuubi in his ceremony. However, he had just used his control on the youki, when he felt a burning pain in his remaining left arm. He looked down, and realized that the youki inside of him was, even in death, under Madara's control. There on his arm, branded from the inside by the youki, were three words:


Before he could utter a sound, the youki's attack intensified tenfold, Hashirama's world fading to black as the youki attacked his brain, lungs and heart. Hashirama Senju died before sunrise, Madara Uchiha's curse in the end fulfilling itself, as the Senju-clan too fell into ruins soon after.


As for Madara? He found himself being pulled through darkness. 'How?' He wondered. He should have been torn apart into his smallest particles, yet he was unharmed. Then he noticed it was not completely dark, as he wouldn't be able to see his hands otherwise. He looked around and his eyes widened. "Susanoo" He whispered.

Indeed, he was inside of what could be considered the Sharingan's ultimate move. He had no idea how it had happened, as neither had he activated the jutsu, nor did he have the chakra to. The Kamui had left him practically drained dry. Well, he was exhausted enough for it to be true. His vision blurred, but suddenly there was light. Madara noticed white clouds, a glimpse of what looked like massive mountains to his right, the sound of breaking waves, bright blue water that was quickly coming closer. Then, nothing.

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